Ebaying a Custom Built Gaming PC

Sadly I built this guy only 2 months ago. Never really had a chance to really mess with it. It plays all the game like a charm and is very stable and solid. Check it out and if you have any questions contact me via Ebay or PM. I will answer all I can about the item. All I know I hate giving up my baby. :sad:

Though it is for a good cause so it is ok. :smile:


Looks kewl, good luck,

Thanks man. I worked hard on it too but I have to sell it. I never got to really get into it either. Though this thing was a beast when I did get to play it. :rofl:

I can imagine, I am a computer engineer, hardware is my specialty ;), I remember when they mentioned they were bringing back the Tulatin architecture, (Core Solo) and that thing is a beastie, that Core Duo, must be quite a monster, I am using Dual 4ghz Smithfields, they get the job done, but quite hot. :wink:

Sucks you got to sell it though heh.

Not a bad system by any means…

However, from what I’ve seen, you get more money from a 2-day auction on a computer. Just FYI. and shipping costed me $63 to ship my last tower (22lbs), but I also had a 19" high tower, which could have had something to do with it. Just don’t want you to lose profit from the shipping.