EC Gods Garden Qualifier postpond TFN!



if you were to think who were the top 24 players in the east coast that is xbl, who would you like to see on that list? even though we do have east, mid and west, the best way to take careof that is by using the NBA chart ex Chicago is east coast etc.

so i will start by who would be the top 24 in the east coast. please feel free to comment with + and - to who should be in and out. i will then create a xbl name to all those top players in the east coast. i will get a top player to do the same thing for the west. the xbl name will be titled “top players of ssf4”. if you guys got a cooler name please feel free to add it here.

in addition to this i will also add notable players that are not in the east or west like alioune, gameorigina1, pr balrog (i saw his name online i will confirm if its him) and who knows maybe i would be able to get gamein, gamerbee etc. i think this would be a great reference

so my list would be like ( in no particular order)

group A (A does not need to qualify)

Henry cen
emp santhrax
ts sabin
0 rico suave o
tea boss legend (if that is dr. chaos)
big marcus

^ these guys are considered to be the top 10 of the east coast that has an xbl account

qualified in group B

Mac srk
geom Dc hustle

Other notable ppl: (again in no order)

k brad 2007
citiofbrass ***
chris hu nyc
lyzyjy (josh wong)
weaksauc3 srk
gaurdedbyangels (dieminion)
L7 zero cool
dmg inthul
mac srk ***
ski sonic
perfectsin11 (yes i know, but i heard he got better, they all said he did)
big 5
perfect legend
gb poeta
big 5
mr g5ive
liquid srk
Tph itachi
aulord ***
moosepanda ***

(this were just sguggestions in who should be in the 24)

out of country list just a reference they are not participating

GeoM MoDInside
gamma origina1
pr balrog ( if thats really him)

the enxt qualifier is postpond. these are the rules that you must abide by and it is REQUIRED

1A. We will be using MIRC (Google it) so if you don?t have that now please try to get familiar with it. if you guys cannot access the pc for other reasons then i will provide my phone number so I can tell you your matches.

the channel is #teampienyc on efnet

1B. alternete means of contact!! you can gimme your phone #, AOL Instant Messenger (aim) @citiofbrass, follow #citiofbrass and teampienyc

  1. I will be throwing this tourney for a total of 4 times, once every week (a different day of the week to accommodate). 2nd date will be on Postpond . the tourney set for this date will finish that day. it?s not like your normal online tourneys where you see who u have to play and your given a few days to play them. Know you have within those minutes and we will be playing in real time.

  2. I will be using and the sign ups will be onthe day or the tourney (but rigt now its postpond) enter your xbl tag. i realize that pre registering is just annoying cause no shows are classic…

SIGN up as your xbl name. ill say it again
Sign UP as your xbl name. ill say it again
Sign up AS your xbl name. ill say it again
Sign up as YOUR xbl name. ill say it again
Sign up as your XBL name. ill say it again
Sign up as your xbl NAME.

  1. Gaming rules:
    -Sets will be 2 out of 3 Matches
    -Loser’s and Winner’s finals will be 3 out of 5 matches
    -Grand Finals are 3 out of 5 matches with the guy coming out of the Loser’s bracket having to win 2 sets and the guy coming out of Winner’s only having to only win 1 set.
  • Singles
  • 2 out of 3 rounds
  • 99 seconds
  • Color 11 and 12 banned
  • Loser of the previous match may switch characters
  • Double blind select are available for both character selection and ultra selection, by request only
  • Winner of the previous match may switch Ultra’s but must select his Ultra before his opponent selects his Ultra
  • If a match ends in a double KO where both players have 2 rounds won, both players are credited for winning 0 matches and must restart that match with no one switching characters or Ultras. thx mikeg

******Thank you Jesus for matches auto recording

  1. point system is removed. top 4 of each of these events will be in the top 24… top 4x4 tourneys = 16 + 8 in group A is 24 thx SFGT

Disclaimer: imma keep it real, don?t piss me the fuck off! If you guys want a fair shot, then participate. I am not one of those guys that like to sit and type shit all day I promise you that. So I don?t want my time wasted by ppl that talk shit about wanting a fair shot and not showing up after signing up. I do shit like this for the community, and this is obviously time spent as free labor. I could have just as well picked the 24 and all the stream monsters would be happy of my picks.

Bottom line, if you say you are gonna show then show! If something comes up, im not your girlfriend, you can tell me something came up and I wont be mad. You will save my time an the person that?s waiting for the match.

Let me just remind you people why I am doing this:

An xbl tag that will reference the best xbl players for ssf4
An east coast version of gods garden to be streamed live (after the 24 is selected)
A prize will be given to the winner of the top 24 ( I won?t disclose that now but if you know me ull have an idea that it is not gonna be a shitty one)

This is brought to you by Team Professional Instigators Entertainment (PIE), Team Sp00ky and Street Fighter Grind Time (SFGT) BTW : )


i thought floe was midwest brass???

Nice list, i would like to see a tournament. An when the hell do you guys get on??


well i was thinking to of the nba and how they make up the east and west coast cause my geometry sux. i kno chicago for the nba is east coast i can make a 24 for the mid also if there is enough ppl for it.


So if this is an Xbox live list. I would Say add INERD and Lud if he has an xbox I am not sure.

  • big 5


went through my whole list and the only ppl I could find that you dont already have is GBPoeta, Liquid SRK, II MR G5ive II, Insaynne, and EMP Jago. Also, I think K Brad should be group B instead of group A imo.

  • L7 zerol cool


FOR REAL ANDY!?!?! FOR REAL!?!?! I’m better than a good amount of people on that list.


I got sabin on my friends list and I never play him lol


i dont think thos guys got xbl

i was thinking of him but i woould like to know who he can beat on the b list

well this list not only reflects performance online, it reflects offline as well. emp jago is a proxy imho cause there all the arc so it dont matter. they will all play under emp santhrax. jeron and dieminion plays at home. id like to know who mr g5ive, insaynne, and gbpoeta can beat on the A or B list

i forgot you man my bad… who have you beat in a set on that list? is there anyone that you think should get a -?


man i got something nice going down that i will implement to this when i get the 24 east coast

i love me!!!

and as usual you guys will love me !!!


IMO, I think they could beat any of those guys, but most of those guys could also beat all of these guys. That’s Street Fighter for you, its all situational. Today, i could get my ass handed to me by person B, but tomorrow, vice versa can happen.


well i think that A can be locked so i will send them the request first then work ouur way into it after. maybe ill get a hold of all of the 9 to see who they think should be in the rest?


What’s the ultimate goal of this list? Will random people like me looking to play some sets against solid players be able to use this as a contact point?


What i gotta do to make group B…10-0 somebody???

Andy lets do a first to 10

also cosign GBPOETA he has a nice Rog


I co-sign insayne and Big 5


Lol @ most of that list


aulord - I sent him to the losers bracket in guardcrush 4
damdai - I knocked him out of a tournament at Battlefield arcadia
Tph itachi - I knocked him out of Guardcrush 3

but yea whats the point of this anyways


one of the reasons yes

lol ok got you

this was a list that i made up cause those are the ppl that i have played and they were good imo. unfortunatly i have not played everyone online in the east coast. so i had to start from somewhere.

so lemme put it like this to you. if there was 24 ppl form the east coast that you would like to see play in a free tourney and will be entertaining matches with no scrubs who would they be? i need a solid 24 for the east and then we will move down to the west.


no one talking about A so i assume its locked?