EC rape at evo

Ok I just got back to NY today and I havent read all the threads so I dont know if this has been mentionsed anywhere else but… East Coast got raped at evo. Must props to the west for holding shit down. Best evo ever inspite of minor BS here and there. I’ll make a shoutout thread soon. Good shit again to the west. I can give credit where credit is due.

Shout out thread done, feel free to post josh :slight_smile:

Yes, much respect to the WC. We shouldn’t have gone into evo with a mindset like that, but with killer intent instead.

Much respect to EC.

I’ve been hearing all of this shit about Sanford for years, and I really wasn’t belieivng the hype.

Sanford is the truth. He had a rough bracket (Row, Duc, Mike Ross), but I’ve no doubt he’s one of the best players in the world at Marvel, no doubt. The Sent is good, but the Storm is crazy.

Yo good shit to EC this year. You cats are still no joke. I enjoyed playing against u wigfall, smoothviper, sanford (especially).

Fuck the cats on the west coast saying we’d get raped though. No loyalty…dick riding faggots.

damnit mike, why you so sick? still my fucking fav marvel player of all time.

Yeah def. much respect to the WC mc2 players. Niggas stepped they game up big time!!

It’s almost like EC came in thinking shit was gonna be free, and WC came in thinking we have to hold that shit down. The combination of EC marvel pride and WC hard work showed. More WC peeps need to come to ECC and other EC marvel tourneys. Matter of fact all the mvc2 WC top dogs NEED to come to Digital Life in October to get at this 10K marvel money!!

Much Kudos to all you EC people as always~!!

see all Love here, That how it is supposed to be! :lovin:

I win the award for biggest EC F-up. Only game I was supposed to get anywhere in any ways was 3S and couldn’t even move on up 3S. That’s what you get when you don’t take your first tournament super seriously. Next year it’s on for the shinobi though. Definitely going out to ECC, Evo East, Evo Prep 101 and everything inbetween. I’ll even pull one of those “go to Japan to train and then come back and get raped again” things that people always do. :tup:

Much <3 to my EC Fam. Yall know who you are. I aint got to say much.

This Evo went up in SMOKE lol

Much <3 for the EC. You guys are FUCKING HYPE! Imma try to get at that tourney in October and NEC. The hunger is too much! =]

It’s always fun to chill with my EC homies and get hype in marvel. You guys are TRILLLLLLLLLL!!! I’ll let you guys know when imma be going to the EC. Peace!


I apologize for my shitty performance in AE.

I know a lot of EC peeps were counting on me to represent in the only old school game at EVO. I fucked up against Tokido and it’s my fault and I apologize.

That shit will not happen next year.

Madd props to the EC… but ya’ll know us Hawaii peeps are considered WC. All in all dope playin all around. Damn Phat Toi and his bro were hella chill. I got my favorite playaz to waatch on both coasts now.

Hey good to see you at EVO Phil, you got nothing to be ashamed of. You won Evo East and ran into some tough ass players at Evo Finals. The tournament was really deep this year and alot of big names got taken down early. Anyway, Props for being there, I’m sure I’ll see you next year.

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