EC TEAM spot open!


Sanford Kelly is off of team EC. He was not thrown off he removed himself. Thus we now have an open ec spot. We’ll probally have some kind of play a play off at evo now to see who can get this spot from EC. My money’s on Magneto X. Never played him but his vids are impressive. When people see this thread you should nominate some peeps so we can get an idea of who we might want to take this sanford’s spot. Holla BACK



If Mixup isn’t already on there, I vote him.

You and most of Team EC already know he ain’t shabby anyway. Can I ask why Sanford decided to leave?

In any case, I think the playoff idea is pretty good. magneto_x and Mixup would be a good match, I don’t think they’ve played one another in a while and both have gotten way better since they last played.


Isn’t Creecy supposed to be reppin SW?


Mixup is already on the team. He was one of our first picks.


i vote for myself (nestor) but i know NY thinks i suck so i think that play off would be a good idea. some others that come to mind are Spyro, maybe ORg i dont really know how good he is but i hear he is good. and who from PHILLY is going? cause if josh wong goes he should take that spot. and PHIL! jk :lol:




i want to see Nestor in EC. where the fuck is whiteknight?

Woman holds 2 men hostage for sex, and gets no jail time whatsoever

yep, sage should get it. I mean, cmon, he DID take 5th last year and also beat one of kali’s best, gheghis.

Yo Nestor, be sure to get some good footage of Daigo!!! then pass the tape to John the Greek so i could get it from him. :slight_smile:


I vote for Nestor.









the ne-stor is top tier
theres nothing like super turbo, street fighter, and mcdonalds


were neaster pryd?




ummmm spyro or nestor make them 2 play for it 4 out of 7 winner gets spot and why sanford take himself off???


He’s exactly where he should be: hitting the books for class, since his school starts earlier than most.

I would nominate myself, but I suck! But seriously, Spyro would be my best bet, since I’ve yet to see Ness play in a while. IMO, the playoff should be between him, Magneto_x and Nestor, up to now. And that’s only because Cano2k nor WK ain’t going. =/ And if Josh Wong is going, he should be in that playoff too.

I randomly tear shit up. Random being the best word. Ask Spyro :smiley:



the playoff is a good idea.

nestor ALWAYS gets top8 at majors so i think its a good idea for him on the team.

Lets see how this turns out…


i vote for madbooface… MW is close enuf to ec and he got 2nd at MWC =P


MWC had like 9 people, yo.




I " Black Knight " personally vote for Nasty Ness!!!:lol: