EC VS WC Nominations/Challenges

Rules: CANT NOMINATE YOURSELF. nominate a person once. challenger may try and play a 3/5 for someones spot.

lets get this goin.

ill make this tourney this coming sunday the 21st, unless anyone cant make it.


1.Nataku - 1
2.Nica KO - 1

1.gootecks (?) - 1
2.knarxed (?) - 1

ill tally up the votes. and also, i wanna list some other people, but i dont know who else wants to do this. if ur a top player (looking at exodus smoothcat and macumazahn) online and wanna be nominated, post, ill put you on the spot.

Leave It To Me

Hmm for west coast people I’ll take care of that :wgrin: you just handle the godweapon section and I’ll post here wth updates. I’ll make a thread like this in West Wonderland forums. My 5 brackets tourney will be hosted on the 28th in West Wonderland seeing as how 6 day notice ain’t enough in my opinion =P. For the West Wonderland people I’ll try to get the best people I know to join then anyone else who feels like joining tourney can feel free to do so as long as if there is a spot left and if I haven’t reached a full 40 roster.

oh ok. well how about we p2p this tourney? most east coasters never played in west wonderland…dunno how it’ll work out :confused:

The tourney im hosting on the 28th is for West Wonderland people only. This tourney is to “decide” who gets to be on Team West Wonderland for the 5 on 5. When we got both teams ready then yes the 5 on 5 will be p2p. No voting system, a simple 5 sepreate brackets tourney with 8 people in each bracket. The winner of their bracket earns a spot to be on the team 5 on 5 :wink:

i get u. its just that the east coast players arent as consistent in attending, i wanna make sure they’re there so we dont forfeit or anything :tup:

I Vote Nataku Exodus DevilJin01 Smoothcat

And i’ll challenge Nica for his spot

playing across country on p2p is gonna be lag tasic…

It’s not actually. Playing on servers is where the shitty lag comes from.

Wait I must not understand how p2p works…

Isnt p2p based on your ping relative to the person your playing…right

So you see I dont know how a person can get a ping of 30 or lower across the nation unless they have some super connection that hasnt been released to the public…

Explain this to me some one …i want to be wrong…

All I know is this. I’ve played Kyokuji @ 140ms of delay on p2p and it calculated to 5 frames of delay once we synced and I’ve played on West Wonderland with both players having 0ms of delay and the delay still being 5 frames. On p2p when I’ve played like DGV, that were closer there was a mere 1 frame delay.

There’s a reason why people keep saying to use p2p and get off the servers. Across the country games can be played with less lag than 2 people playing on excellent/lan on a local server.

Yeah you can use the delay calculator on the P2P site to see the difference, P2P is almost always better even when there are grossly higher pings involved.

hah i take that challenge…3 out of 5 sounds good…w/e you want to play im up for it

im not even sure if exo smoothcar or dj even wanna play this 5 on 5 :looney:

All I know is the best player I’ve played is <^_^>

well then i guess before we get that match going between me vs frantastic…i guess we can wait on the decision from these guys

Depends really. I played TenRen the other day at about 94ms and the delay was noticeably bad to the point where I eventually told him forget it. It’s odd too since I’ve people at similar pings with less delay; there’s just usually more skipping.

4 frames is usually what you get coast to coast p2p (~100ms)…which is actually decent (considering what you’re doing…playing 3S online) – if it gets choppy, attribute it to your connections SPIKING, or your clients mismatching…but 4 frame delay is actually pretty good.

i wanna money match smoothcar:lol:

i have him here waiting for u, wanna challenge his spot? :rolleyes::wink::rofl:

I dunno what was up, but it felt like a lot more than 4 frames. I usually have 3-4 frame delay on LAN in GodWeapon and this felt noticeably worse like I had cement shoes on.