EC vs WC

im sure you will do this again…but i thought id put in a bid for EC vs WC MvC2 again…that was insane.

also…EC vs WC GGXX or #R (whichever evo holds) would be cool too…i know we did it last year…but it wasnt really hyped…nor was it “official”

Duc was trying to get a non-sanctioned regional team tourney at the first evo. But they never really found a place to hold it. It would be dope to watch, but to get a sanctioned event this big would require a lot of time as well.

also, the thing about the EC vs. WC thing was that it was really built up over the years with almost 4 years of shit talking. Everyone wanted to see it go down. Divisions like the midwest or southwest never really got involved in that. :bluu:

I agree. It would be really bomb if they added like Japan(if they come), seperated Cali and Seattle(they both got enough to make there own teams) and seperate east coast. This would be HUGE, but then again I do realize something this huge would take hella time, so I don’t know if its possible? If we don’t have this big regional team tourny, then we should still have the WC vs EC for sure.:slight_smile:

I think that there should be like a try out for it becuase I know my boy FlashMetroid is defenitly good enough to be on the ec team

i think the way it was done last year was good.

captains are picked and then they choose thier team.

something tells me this would prevent flashmetriod from being on the team tho…not sure why…

Hell yea. Maybe by the forum divisions?

As for captains selecting teams, I agree and disagree with this. Most likely they’ll pick the right people, but from what I heard about GGXX (I don’t know if it’s true or not), that there was some dispute about who should be on the EC team.

Hopefully if this was the case, maybe the captains as a sign of goodwill could allow some sort of play off.

GGXX Teams!!! would be an awesome thing to see by the way…:lol:

Team qualifiers

in each region they should have a small tourny to decide whos gonna be on what team or something, that way anyone who thinks they should rightfully be on a team can test there skills and see who should be allowed on the team that way if any person who feels they should be on a team, will not feel bad if the dont make it in the qualifie, this might of been said or suggested in some way but i just wanted to restate it, by the way the southwest should definitly be included in this, (atleast for GGXX, #R) ecvswc thing so it should look like ecvswcvssw, some kind of round robin setup, and of course any other region that can come up with a team for whatever game, that way every region that wishes to participate can be equally represented, i mean comon what does it mean if EC or WC win? does it mean if EC wins they have the best GGXX team in the Nation, or the reversed? im just metioning Southwest cause we deffintly have enough top tier players to come up with a well rounded TEAM capable of competeing in GGXX, #R and possibly MVC2,

anyway just consider Southwest as a definite possiblity

Im wondering how exactly did they pick the teams from last year?

I believe last year they expected a 4on4 then they decided to do 5on5 and I think they had alittle tourney to let one more person be on the east coast team but they never informed anyone about it and I remember hearing so many people saying man I should of been on the team

The idea of captains still isnt fair IMO captians would mean that anybody that the captain doesnt like personally wouldnt be on the team becuase of personal problems but if they do decide to do it by captains who picks the captains?


Well I cant really think of someone that could be captain that wouldnt pick me even if im good enough except FinalShowDown but thats just what I think

Last year was not an official EC WC tourney, i wish people would stop complaining about it. There was alot of talk going on between team seroius and tragic, id, CB about who was better, so we settled that. There, simple as that. Non team seroius members were hardly considered, because they were not involved in the shit talk. Simple as that.

So it was Team Serious vs. WC?

It was always billed as an unofficial EC vs. WC.

Either way… I personally think regionals should DEFINITELY be done ahead of time. Send the top 3 from each game to a central location, it doesn’t matter if it’s friggin Kentucky, as long as it’s central to the region.

The reason I say central location, because the top 3 will have their trip paid for by the entry fees. Now somebody who got say, 7th, who thinks they can still make it, can drive just as far as the next guy to get there and play. He just has to pay his way.

I dunno, there will always be controversy. Blah.

This is FlashMetroid

Well maybe the reason people talk about it is becuase Evo announced it as the ec vs wc on the microphone

Ehe… last year I believe the captain was FinalShowdown ^^;
It did seem to be more team serious vs. WC but it WAS always called EC/MW… not team serious… oh well that was last year…

This year i think we should do regions if possible… the different apex regions seems like a good way to seperate them…

I’m running a tourney here around July… with team GGXX… maybe we could do ATL S regionals for Evo at the same time?

last year was basically team serious vs west coast. team seriosu is made up entirely of east coast ppl. so it kinda was EC vs WC. there was hella shit talk b/n us. and so then there was a little showdown. i dont think anyone took it too seriously…and WC shut us the fuck up. but as a result of us getting to play them all…i think wc and ec are cool in terms of XX.

last years captain was finalshowdown, cause he was behind a lot of the shit talking, and was regarded by team serious as the best one of us. he prolly still is. id say he sould be captain again this year if it happens. outside of cali and ruin(cause we havent seen anything from them since evo) id say hes the best in the nation [/nut swinging]

i like the idea of reigonals. that way flash metroid and atl crew can get on thier own team and not have to complain about how Team Serious excluded them. plus texas and chicago and NE can get in on it all.

so, northeast, southeast, central, northwest, and southwest reigons? like a 5 on 5 round robin? top two duke it out in finals?

Nah I really think iy should just be EC vs WC the way I think this should happen is like the practice day before evo hvae alittle tourney with the good players that are known not everyone who wants to join it becuase it will take too long that way who ever loses cant complain about not being in it even thuogh they were good

And thats more or less what we did last year. You werent invited to try out because no one knew who the hell you were at the time. Im sure next year if you really want to try out you can, but all im saying is that you sure did complain about that whole thing a lot before, and its really because you werent known to anyone really. Not to sound offensive or anything, just pointing something out.

I didnt really complain I was just stating the truth:D but I guess your right but then agian I bet there were known players that didnt get a chance either like Jeff(Heidern)

EC Vs WC xx was the fucking fun :slight_smile: got to meet all the ec players

I like the idea of NE, SE, NW, SW, and C regionals. Thing is, poor Texas and such get excluded from feuds because they’re not exactly on a coast. There could be a 5v5 round robin or something. Who knows.

Hopefully by that time I might be able to get on a team… I’m still just a Sol scrub :frowning: