Good idea? Bad idea?


yea let the ec players play for spots, I got money on wc tho :smiley:

Im in there

Maybe if you just pick exciting WC players, instead of the typical big 5.

5v5? 3v3?

let this shit go :d:

:tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:

who is on team wc???

I say bill/chunk/chris s./clock/mike rass

For CVS2? That’d be kinda cool to watch…

Dude, Andry…who are the “typical big 5,” and why wouldn’t they be exciting to watch?

is this even a match? I guess unless u consider ricky EC but the WC team would be stacked worse then the EC mvc2 team.

Ricky/Choi/Combo/Buktooth/leezy/Gene and others.

its a good idea because this is the last year from cvs2. might as well just play without worrying about losing.

EC cvs2 is kinda weak but its not “free” or anything. justin,sanford and steveH should definitely be in the team. then pick 2 more from all other good players. nestor probably doesnt even play anymore.

who are these “EXCITING” players anyway? thought good players are supposed to be “exciting” :confused:

Choi/Ricky/Combofiend/Buktooth are so cheap in cvs2:sad:

Yes! The rest of us aren’t cheap!

I honestly think the only “boring” matches are A-are matches 'cause we’ve seen so many of them in recent years. Even Justin’s C-groove I wouldn’t consider boring 'cause it’s always him being wall of defense against hopelessly attacking opponent…which is kinda fun to watch. As long as we don’t have matches that are boring mirrors or same playstyles, all the battles will be exciting and different to watch…and last I checked, Combo, Buk, Choi, Steve H., and Sanford haven’t ever really been “boring” to watch…and the way I see things, Justin against a non-turtler and Ricky against a non-A team (or if Ricky played anything but A, 'cause he’s crazy good with other teams as well) would be exciting matches too.

Off topic
I’ve played Justin once, back in '04 on my DC pad…and that’s it. I’ve never had the opportunity to play Steve H, Sanford, Nestor (I know you’re not going, I only mention your name 'cause I think you’re tops, and would’ve liked to play you if you still played)… I think my only EC experience, actually, is playing Justin once four years ago… and then that one night I played Omar, Nick T., and Jasmine.

So maybe having teams 5v5 is a bad idea…what about just having people rep their coast and play whoever from the other side? I would just like the experience of playing as many people as I can for this last year for our game… because, for as much experience I have playing this game, I’ve only really played against WC peeps.

So, even if teams don’t go down…or they do, and I’m not on the WC team…I would like anyone I have never played (or met even) to feel free to approach me and setup a game or set…or just talk, whatever. I won’t be going to Evo after this year, so this is really my last chance to meet non-WC peeps.

/classified ad.

Combo/Buktooth/Choi/Steve H are the most fun players to watch…and Leezy I play the KOF series so imma Kim fan:smile:

I’m with Leezy on this. If CvS2 is on it’s way out, I want to see people play.

I know from conversations I’ve had with Sanford and Steve, that niggas are hungry. There needs to be something set up for people to play CvS.

I know I haven’t established myself as a top player with a great rep, but I’m pretty sure I can beat some fools.

I just wanna see a whole lot of CvS in Vegas this year…

Play for spots.

Its whatever ya dig…I just wanna holla at the WC because I feel EC is underrated in cvs2.

I have been saying this for months. I feel like it’s talent over here too and thats not including myself. Sanford, Flash, Wall, Biggzy, Freddie and some others. We as in the EC may not have a big four or five but we can def compete. The west can be handled just like anyone else.

Over here on the EC it’s like survival of the fittest. We fighting for a lot just to say we in there. WC it isnt like that it’s like the top 4 is just the top 4 nobody else. But with our shit there’s no unity. That’s what the WC has over the EC and it’s been like that for a long time.

It’s not about unity as much as it’s just about the fact that we are spread out so much.

I know the whole “play for spots” thing is a joke… but niggas couldn’t even play for spots if we wanted to.

I lived in no-cvs2-land for four years, and I’m not going back.

Regardless of what’s gonna happen next year, I still want people to play.