Ecc as it comes in batch

so far:
jmar loses money match to demon hyo for 30
I already knew this was gonna happen, why you may ask? Because my friend hyo is the motherfucking passion, not only is he the messiah, he ate 2 babies.

X loses to rick mears for 50
apparently X is sandbagging for the actual tournament, tactical genius.

Demon hyo vs starbury 3/5 for 100
2-2 at the moment. i will update once i find out, man i wish wc was down for money matches. ::sigh::

ECC UPDATES COMING STRAIGHT FROM THE BLOCK HIMSELF big|dave brought to you by young pazzle da pitcher and jappanakka

i heard demon hyo ate kuan’s nose too :eek: :eek:

toucan killa

who’s at the break as of this moment…

whats going on

rick mears beats row and kuan in money matches. (i forgot how much)

rahsaan beats demon hyo for 100

thas all i know ther than wha potter put up.

in conclusion: seattle has lost it, ec is overloards, sad day for wc, very sad day. Only hope now is singles, but this rick mears fellow who i have never heard of is serving seatle up, so i suggest not only do we quit marvel, we quit life.

my nigga demon hyo was holding it down for a min…cot damn $yndicate.:bluu: :stuck_out_tongue:

seems fruit loops aint shit anymore

wasn’t empire supposed to be doing live updates or something?

k ppl, don’t listen to any facts but mine, and infinite, because he apparently is there. So batches on wc: we need to quit this shit, or seattle is getting sucky. Only two options.
and banks > dipset. =D

bullshit. the passion can’t lose. what happened was hyo took a 1 dollar bill, tore it to 100 pieces, then gave it to ORG as $100. He’s the passion. He fed the starving ORG.

true. dunno whats up with that. i’m not at ecc9. everyone else in Empire on my aim list is gone except for one dude who also isn’t at ecc9. and x is away. the live updates might come tomorrow though.

jr writer = banks. :slight_smile: :cool:

i know because like banks says: ghost writing it hobby kid, cuz if a nigga’s shit sound like i wrote it, I PROLLY DID."

banks is saying to jr basically: “here’s a tech, shot yoself in the neck”

Just curious, did Phil play any of his money matches yet? If so, how’d he do?

@ picolo: hehe ok.

waits to hear about the Phil matches also

okay, i have word that Phil did play his money matches and did lose them all.

this can’t be life

<Pott> seattle is good
<Pott> but ec is better

seattle will beast in singles hopefully

yea how much did he lose

whole dipset > g-unit