--- ECC/Evo East 2007 pictures ---

I’ve posted a few pictures up from the weekend.


I definitely had a lot of fun (in that crazy/stressful/lively way) and hoped everyone had fun. It was great seeing the new faces and the old ones again! :lovin:

I will try to have some shout-outs up soon.
I’ll also have a few surprises up soon enough too! :wgrin:

:tup: Awesome photos Phi. Please send me the high quality version of the GTASF group shot on AIM :tup:

yo i thought i was crazy at drinking till i saw phi drinking out of the rum bottle like a champion… i thought i was the only person stupid enough to do that shit.

Anyone take a picture of my pantless match?

good shit phi:lovin:

Jet Phi, good to fianlly see how you looked like in person, good shit with runnin Evo.

pictures are dope. 43 + milk = phi special. i hope some of the surprises are what i think they are…

Thanks for the tv’s, and being the only one in the past 5-6 years to ever call me by my real name.


Phi, always a good time as usual and awesome pics! Love chillen with everyone!!!:looney:

Is it possible for me to impregnate you phi? <3

I like how this pic has the most views http://jetphi.no-ip.org/photo/displayimage.php?album=76&pos=166

what is this pic on the laptop:


JMar vs Rick Mears from ECC 9 I believe. Zach/Preppy would know for sure.

Here’s some more EVO East pictures off of the facebook.

No facebook account needed. It was nice meeting some more of the community this weekend!! See you all maybe at EVO world?

Lol, and Phi, that pic of us together, RANDOM!!! :looney:

I just uploaded all my pics from Evo East and many previous tournaments as well:

Good pics everyone. I forgot my camera so its nice to have all this. Props!


definitely! great seein you and philly again! i’ll probably see you guys again in a few months :wink:
next time also hope to see big eric and/or shorty =)

see below :wink:

hehe u said u like crazy :sweat:

a lil surprise- i’ve also posted some interesting vids: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=132730