Ecc results

I’ll update this a lot

Team tourneys start soon no one is here what else is new

phi posted this

3rd strike
1- justin wong
2- ari “floe” weintraub
3- joe (reppin up long island)
4- sergio
5- kei chow
5- tinshi

1- justin wong
2- liston “gary” parasram
3- ari “floe” weintraub
4- arthur "chaosnightwolf"
5- vince velasquez
5- ed “the head” espino
7- amir
7- merdoc

1- justin wong
2- andy "cityofbrass"
3- rob sigley
4- ari “floe” weintraub
5- master chibi
5- zaelar
7- liston “gary” parasram
7- sean hengchua

1- justin wong
2- chris doyle
3- christian "capmaster"
4- mike turner
5- david doyle
5- trevor vanterpool
7- kei chow
7- ari “floe” weintraub

  1. Shock
  2. Joe
  3. Summoning
  4. DarkViru5
  5. Phi
  6. Rob
  7. BustaUppa
  8. Steve
  9. JusDave
  10. Guy
  11. Steve H

1- ari “floe” weintraub
2- joe (reppin up long island)
3- greg “sinistar”

-thanks to everyone who made it out, it was great seeing mah homies ;p
-special thanks to the usual suspects, rob sigley, ed the head, liston, henry cen, and of course justin fob
-joey crack is godlike
-thanks to joe for having ggxxac
-thanks to hevad for donating to new parts for this tourney
-long island’s too serious!
-henry cen finally found something he could beat justin wong in… :wink:
-jetphi realized that joey crack has to be chris rock’s brother or something

hey hows life sigley

whats up

theres a team tournament?

Cant wait to get there tommarow…

Hardly any teams showed up so there wasn’t Marvel teams. Phi threw a small singles tourney. I think top 3 were:

1st: Shawn Morgan
2nd: Liston
3rd: Megaman Steve

Oh yeah…Sigley where the hell did you go?

oh my mom got a flat and she called me to change it :\

then i was too tired to drive back

damn having a job sucks :frowning: but people need Verizon Fios

any updates? what time does marvel start? whos entering. whats happenin?

Decent amount of people third strike starting now rest soon

Any idea on numbers? I know Phi is big on pools but did any games even crack 64 entrants?

yea I’m not sure cvs starting now only nine people I think third strike And marvel got 50ish

I won.

i’m coming tomorrow for marvel. What time’s marvel start and what time’s registration.

cvs up to fifteen people winner finals me vs justin wong loser bracketnow st got thirty or so

police are looking for joey crack

Justin wins cvs citiofbrass second me third floe fourth

Mvc tomorrow

good shit with the updates

ST results?

dunno about st

joey crack evades cops, walks up to the break an hour later smoking a blunt

he recorded an hour long interview which will be up soon i hope

rough 3s
1st: justin wong or flow(floe?), left before they played (Chun)
2nd: loser of above (chun)
3rd: joe (ken)
4th: sergio (oro)
5th: tinshi (oro)

results were kind of random all around.

good games to all, hope to see you at ssn

shoutouts to joey crack for random hype, and everyone not caring the match afterwards

rsigley for not blocking

therapist for being a fag

plural for randomly getting really far (even though i sent him to losers >:()

gettin wong for my second match hells yeah