ECC: Shrek's Report


ECC Report - composed over May 23rd to may 26th.

Friday, May 23rd

The time leading up to ECC8 for myself was somewhat hectic. In the week before work absolutely ran over me like a freight train, punctuated by a 30-hour shift from Wednesday morning to Thursday afternoon. The plan was for practice on Thursday night and needless to say I was a bit tired. Everyone ended up getting to sleep somewhere close to 5am…

I somehow wake up close to 3pm (doh) and after taking care of some errands around town we were on our way at approximately 6:30 pm after a somewhat large meal. The ride was unspectacular as usual, but there were a few things of note. I would highly recommend NOT stopping at Maryland house for Sbarro’s pizza. This particular dining experience welcomed me into the world of the medium-rare to rare spectrum of rest stop pizza. I, like my friends, am a virtual garbage disposal for pizza, regardless of its condition (minus the penicillin of course). This time we had met our match and promptly disposed of it. It was the best 8-dollar bottle of water and soda I’ve ever had.

We were able to get to the break after registering at the 5 star bungalow known as the motel 6. We became aware of the fact that there was no ST to be had and requested it be placed in a cabinet. After some catching up it was announced that ST had in fact been installed in a cabinet, causing the older crowd to flock and associate.

After meeting up with Seth and Cole (avec ed ma) we retired after a brief stint at Dunkin Donuts. Granted it was late, but none of our bagels or pastries could be toasted on account of the employee having recently cleaned the toaster. WTF…someone is going to have to toast something SOON… its not like you will not have to use it later! The night ends with retiring to two rooms, mine being the one with no air conditioning.

Saturday, May 24th:

Saturday started off with some bad news: The previous night signups were taken on a laptop and due to some miscommunication said laptop was taken home. As a result we got a late start on the ST and CVS2 brackets. The staying power of ST was realized with a 54-man bracket, while CVS2 drew approximately 80 players. CVS2 started first round of 4 brackets (each tournament was split into 4 regions, each with their own bracket) starting around 3:30 or so.

Earlier in the day everyone was treated to the event that a 985948-post thread was dedicated to: DSP vs. the Empire. I will withhold my judgment on the caliber of these matches out of respect for the combatants. I was not totally sure of the rules so a recap I’m sure is in another thread, but in the end DSP ended up taking the bet.

At this point CVS2 was probably still in the first round of winners…

ST was started at approximately 4:30pm, and played host to a very exciting tournament. There was a very good turnout of players and many of EC’s mainstays were in attendance. Some events to note:

Younger ST players had a very good showing, highlighted by Ricky Ortiz defeating one of the EC old skoolers Kris G.

The state of Virginia came out in force for this tournament, yielding 9 entries. I personally was jacked to see the older ST folks with my group of friends together in the same tournament. Thanks again to those guys for coming out.

Final 8 in winners included names such as Jason Cole, Pete Talley, Dave Spence, Mike Creque, Henry Cen, Kwesi (sorry I can’t remember your last name), Omar Delaney and yours truly. There was a ton of great matches that I’m sure will make the DVD, with a finals between Cole and Henry.

At this point CVS2 was almost through 1st round of losers (rofl)

3S started at some point that evening, I believe around 8:30pm. It finished later in the evening, with my only knowledge being that Ricky ended up winning. Look for a recap of this tournament in another thread composed by someone who actually watched it.

CVS2 had been running since earlier in the day and once we reached 16 players left in winners we adjourned for the time being. The tournament started back up at approximately 1pm the following day. Again, I did not catch more than maybe one or two matches in this tournament so for a recap, please look for the info in another thread. My limited knowledge is that Ricky won, with Justin coming in 2nd.

ST team tournament happened late that evening, with 11 teams of three players entering. It was run similar to the SBO event from earlier this year, with a single elimination, head to head format. I went on the assumption that people would use this time to mess around with some of their secondary characters, and I couldn’t be farther from the truth. The EX2 finals seemed to hold up just about every team at some point (how can 5 people be playing in ex finals???) but overall it finished rather quickly with the team of Seth, Cole, and Julian taking the cake. This was a very fun format and I plan on running a similar event in the future.

Not much else happened this evening, after a trip to the diner we retired to our rooms and I was again blessed with Dave’s demi-god like ability to shake the world with his snoring.

Sunday, May 25th:

Sunday morning started with Cole deciding to change cars in mid-trip while at a traffic light. I had visions of 911 occurring “There’s this guy with an Afro that just carjacked these guys!”. Rather amusing :slight_smile: After a trip to Dunellen bagel (who by the way has the most weird hours, along with the convenience store) we headed into the break.

Today was marked with Todd Dwyer’s only appearance at the tournament. It lasted as long as it takes to stop by the judges area, play a few games of st, and say bye.

Marvel signups completed and work began on finishing up the brackets. Again it was treated to 4 different regions and the main concern was spreading out the top 16 or 20 players. The first matches started approximately 3pm. The first two brackets reached our determined stopping point rather quickly, with the 3rd bracket almost bringing things to a grinding halt. It was over the course of these few hours that my stomach became less and less happy with me, which called for 3-hour break back to the hotel. In my time away I believe a machine broke and several players became unhappy with their matches.

Seth, Mike and I were all not feeling very well and we made our attempt to find some sort of medicine and water. A really pleasant individual notified us that we in fact made it to wal-mart with not enough time to spare. After jockeying around through the parking lot a Shop Rite served our purpose, where I picked up my best friend in a bottle of Tums and a large bottle of water.

I made it back to the arcade at approximately 11:30 pm, with the final 8 in Marvel being almost completed. The end of this tournament was treated as an 8 man double elimination finals, similar to evolution. This tournament yielded some of the weekends best matches. Josh Wigfall in an early match put Justin Wong into the losers bracket, with not many people paying attention to the other matches occurring on the other machines. In a classic that I am sure is being analyzed by hundreds as I type this article, Mixup and Justin Wong went down to the wire as I witnessed Justin SOMEHOW come back to stave off elimination.

The final matches were moved to the large cabinet, which included a rematch of ECC 6 of Justin vs. Ricky (sans drama). The grand finals between Justin and Josh went two sets, with Justin taking it 4-1, 4-0. I have to say as someone who can’t even come close to playing marvel, watching it at a high level is frickin amazing. The tournament came to close somewhere close to 2am. It was still late but it was definitely better than the marathons of the past.

Due to time constraints I had to motor almost immediately after the conclusion of the tournament (moving out so quick to almost forget our precious ST boards).

Monday, May 26th:

After a few hours of sleep Mike ushered Seth back to the Dunellen train station, and then the rest of us checked out around 12 noon. After our meal at the local Diner (which btw had a marvel super heroes machine) we took Cole back to the train station (yep, 2nd trip for mike). On our way we noticed two tournament go-ers WALKING from the motel 6. After dropping off Cole we found it in our hearts to go back and bring these two the rest of the way (saving them the majority of a 3.5 mile walk).

As I type this, we’ve just come out of the most terrible toll plaza ever created by mankind, with 2 lanes splitting out only around 1/4 of a mile before the plaza. I also was treated to the most average and un-inspiring hot fudge Sunday at a rest stop on the NJ turnpike.

I arrived home to find my Motorcycle lying on its side, having been knocked over by a group of kids sometime early Saturday morning. Police report and insurance stuff has already happened, and I am still w/out transportation because my car is in the shop. It was a very annoying end for an otherwise successful weekend.


Chris Li is the man.

Now of course, when you say you withhold your judgement on the grudge match, you mean to say that we all played like shit. I almost lost because I forgot how to play for a bit, but I got my groove bad mid-set with Flash. That was a close one, lol.

Yes, Flash should have beaten me that last game when he picked Honda vs my Blanka, but he had no idea how to play that match. Which I knew, the reason why I wasn’t afraid when he picked him. Reminds me of how Julien picked Ryu vs Seth’s Honda in the finals of ST last year, but had absolutely no idea what to do, and so got crushed.


top tier!!


actually, your periodic shouts of “DISQUALIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIED!” was top tier in its own right. I want that on .wav format. :lol:


It took alot to get me to go over there considering I spent the weekend studying my ass off for my Microsoft certification exam. I was debating it for awhile, then I said “what the hell” and showed up for a brief stint. Wish I could’ve been around for the Saturday tournaments.



…and thats the FUCKING truth!!!


Rock on Chris, rock on.

Also, Gametime represent!