ECC: Shrek's top 25 observations

Actually it’s 26, but who’s counting :slight_smile: Just some things I noticed this weekend:

Top observations :

Marvel is still fun to watch

CVS2 is not fun to watch

Like NEO, Justin sees the code

Navigating a car in NJ is like the lost woods in Zelda

Old fat people should not play DDR

A marvel tournament makes everyone no longer understand directions

Asking for the microphone will get you yelled at

Disqualifying people is fun

The younger ST crowd is up to 1997 skill level

People will always sit on the pool table

The tournament director should not drink

Arturo still owes me a pizza

Even during marvel finals, ST was still being played

2 3s boards are better than one

People will always want to see the bracket

Use Tums, don’t drink the water

If you are older than 18, do not speak to the girls near the DDR machine

You can enjoy a delicious break steak, fries, and a small drink for 3.98 (but still no ice)

Bring your own towels if you are staying at motel 6…don’t dare ask for more.

The NJ turnpike sucks

LEX makes UMK3 look more fun than CVS2

The states need more GGXX machines

There is little need for best friends / roommates to tape the exact same match when said match will be on the Internet in 8 hours time.

People act differently when they are on camera

Put snoring people in separate room (Dave)

They have always “Just” cleaned the toaster at dunkin donuts, negating your request.

when chris tells people to “shut the fuck up” they do it

when chris says “a bit” he means 6 hours

When Chris says “my drink smells funny,” prepare for drunken antics.

He’s a BEAST!!!
nuff said.
He actually made me want to start playing that game again.

some tourney directors would actually go as far as having a player called on his cellular phone, just to disqualify them :evil:

bawls owns all, especially justin wong, who wondered why he couldn’t sleep friday night… after having 6 bottles of it… :smiley:

a case of bawls, won from a tournament is seen for no more than 5 seconds

phil may actually win bets once a blue moon :stuck_out_tongue:

no one stays in retirement

st attracts about as many old men as the school-yard of an all-girl private school :wink:

  • SARS is going to be the death of us all.

Even though Todd says he won’t be at ECC, he manages to somehow go through the ropes and sneak in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on the upcoming wedding Chris.


LOL. calling ppl up on their cell? funny shit.

I wanted more Bawls, I have to call Chris to see about ordering some of that stuff and shipping it to my house. That stuff is TOO F’GOOD!

…no one stays in retirement? Hm…perhaps.


Here’s some more:

If you want a shot at the shower for more than 5 minutes, wake up at 7am.

If you want some Burger King, wake up at 7am. :lol:

Way too many people crashed at P-Lo’s.

I no longer want to sleep on the couch downstairs.

It’s official: Desmond Pinkney is indeed NOT of legal age to drink.

GBA comp is serious business.

How do 2-3 people completely stink up a car in the course of a 20-minute car ride?

Certain NY players should not leave cases of Bawls in my trunk and expect to see it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

cvs2 is in fact the devil.

Todd Dwyer lies.

I agree: The tournament director should not drink…

…I really should have gave him some more.

Marvel players don’t seem to understand the meaning of the words “Stay behind the ropes!” or “Back up!”

Wario Ware could just be the best game in existence.

Best atmosphere I’ve been around at an ECC so far. Everyone was mad friendly.


too good :lol: :lol: :lol:

this was the best ecc yet!

Is that ST OUTDOORS?! :eek:

yeah.some guy brought a tv and his dc.everyone was playing something,even when it was raining.

I have something to say about Bawls…ITS BAD FOR YOU!! I doubt Justin or anyone drank 6 or more bottles in one tournement day…I drank 4 in course 12 to 20 hours and I got FUKKED UP!, “hey, can you call an ambulance for me?” type of fukked up. Thank god Im so used to being fukked up that I didn’t have to call an ambulance…but seriously…that shit got me SOOOO fukked up…couldn’t even make fun of sanford or blaziniflo at LZJ’s like I planned…too busy trying not to die from bawls overdose…


that “guy” outside with the bronco is Scott “Vincent Delpino” from CT, and as long as ECC exists we will have the bronco outside for everyone to play on. Nothing says hardcore gaming like ST in the rain with umbrellas tucked into the back of your shirts screaming “A LITTLE RAIN NEVER HURT ANYONE!!!”


-still no ice at The Break ???
damn !

-The Break had a UMK3 mahine ???
Bobsmack got laughed at back in '99 when he asked if anyone played UMK3 around there !


Bawls are the bomb roger, and I don’t think that’s what fucked u up. I think it was from the footlong blunt u smoked.

Don’t forget LEX graciously informing us all that “homosexuals are gay”…


hahaha not even close…its not like i haven’t smoked a footlong blunts before…or two…or three…trust me it was the damn bawls…well yeah, bawls aren’t bad for you…i think its like drinking 4 bawls…

p.s.Sanford doesn’t know how to use a key…:frowning: