ECC ST Results


1st - Jason Cole
2nd - Henry Cen
3rd - Pete Talley

Cole never lost a set
Cole beat Cen in Finals 4-1


congrats to cole

yay me for getting 3rd LOL…reason why is b/c art says i look like pete talley when i have a hat on:eek:

to the people who don’t know who got 3rd pete did…but saying yay to ME for being the look alike…you know…joke ha…ha?




Cole strikes again…Unbeatable !


Did apoc enter? if so how did he do?


Apoc didn’t show up. He posted something I believe in the ECC thread in the tourny forum about how he wasn’t showing up. Not sure.


so who did get 3rd?


Anyone know where DSP or the VA players placed?


Jason Cole is SoCal player right? :confused:



Cole winning ST was a pretty good bet to make. Cole owns ST almost as much as Wong owns MVC2. When was the last time Cole actually lost a major ST tourney? 18 months ago?


Way ta rep Cole! Boriqua! Use that money to come visit! Yep, Cole brings ST home for da WC. One man army folks. Recognize.



What characters does Cole Use?


Probly who he always uses of course: Sim.


Nor Cal. San Jose. He has cool afro. :slight_smile:

Cole == numba 1


I believe he got eliminated during the SBO qualifiers tourney.


Yes, he fell victim to the onslaught of Cammy and Honda players. Both which are great Dhalsim killers. Cole is still one of the best! Great win, Cole :smiley:


Characters + other notables:

1st: Jason Cole (Dhalsim)
2nd: Henry Cen (machine gun Balrog :eek: )
3rd: Pete Talley (Solid Gold ™ Bison, O. Sagat)
4th: David Spence (Dhalsim)
5th: Omar Delaney (O. Ken)
5th: another VA player or Seth Killian? can’t remember.

Flash G and most everyone from VA made top 10 some place or another. Full results should get posted soon. DSP got peaced out pretty quickly, for whoever asked about that. Lots of great matches everywhere. Omar’s O. Ken is nuts. Psychic feet and DPs all over the place. Balrog vs Balrog is the best matchup ever. :lol:

Most of the final matches were taped by LCP, so they should be included in the upcoming ECC8 dvd. Stay tuned.

ST team tournament:

1st: Team God (Seth Killian/Guessmaster (Julien) Robinson/Jason Cole)

Don’t know about any other places. Didn’t really matter tho, since nobody stood up to this ridiculous team.


I had to play David Spence second round in ST. I have faced David Spence in every single ST tourney at a major for the past 3 years, and he has beaten me every time. Why we always end up in each other’s bracket, nobody knows. The mystery continues.

After fighting through a few scrubs I had to play Ricky Ortiz, I had a brain fart and lost to his O.Sagat. My fault. Watch me do stupid things and leave myself open to nice dizzy combos…sigh.

But I GOT PAID so I really didn’t care at that point!

Full Team ST results:

1st Team GOD Seth Killian (Balrog/M.Bison), Julian Robinson (Vega), Jason Cole (Dhalsim)
2nd Team PBS Phil Burnell “DSP” (Blanka), Bill Gould (Honda), David Spence (Dhalsim)
3rd Pete Talley (M.Bison), Kei (O.Gief), Mike Turner (New Ken)

I agree Team GOD was ridiculously overpowered. I don’t think anybody ever got past the first member who played. Jason Cole never played a game, and he got paid! Also there were NUMEROUS OCVs, meaning that only one member of a team defeated all three members of the other team in a nice run through. Members of this club: Me, Dave Spence, Seth Killian, Pete Talley? A few others. Not sure exactly who they were. But the tourney was fun as all hell, I think this format should be further explored for US tournaments.


Team NO HOPE!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:


good job Spence :slight_smile:

and Gold Bison is MY trademark! :mad: