ECC update thread

Hopefully someone in philly will see this thread and post some early results. Any results would be good to see.:slight_smile:

hopefully you’ll put NEC instead of ECC

i think you’re like 6 months too early (at least… :confused: ) hehehe cheers larry!


1.) justin wong
2.) khang trinh
3.) eric lee
4.) june ro
5.) darick perez


1.) justin
2.) sanford
3.) desmond


1-all: noone cares. :smiley:

fucking wong…when is he bout to lose?:confused:

anyone got the top 10 in marvel or anything?

Dooh, I meant NEC. I’m such a retard.:confused: :lol: :lol:

Good job to ATL’s finest June Ro in 3S.

Oh yea what happend in Tekken?:confused:

oh, here it is.

damn larry you confused me. :lol:

good job june and exodus!

exodus, you know if they got any vids of june or darick playing?