ECC11 poll 1: Third Strike: choose your venue!

This year we’re going to do things a little different.

It seems that EVERY year, no matter what, some people are unhappy at the controls at 8 on the Break. This weekend at CLASH! was no exception either: some people just outright hated the controls. I had a long discussion with Phi, the former ECC organizer, and he said that he would prefer doing 3s on cabinets but there are definitely issues with that selection. One thing that ALL players seem to have agreed on is that having Capcom vs SNK 2 on the Playstation 2 is a GREAT idea, so that WILL be what we will use at ECC this year. But, we still have the question of 3s up in the air.

SO for this ECC, we are going to give YOU, the players, the option to decide what venue you want to play Third Strike on!

Option 1: We do Street Fighter 3: Third Strike as it usually is: on multiple arcade cabinets with Perfect 360 joystick controls.

Option 2: We have Third Strike on arcade cabinets, but instead of Perfect 360s, we use traditional switch joysticks. This dramatically cuts down on the problems we have with 360s, because switch sticks actually have physical buttons inside of them that are easily replaceable if a problem arises…UNLIKE the laser-eye of an optical Perfect 360 joystick. It’s also a lot easier to “find your corners” so to speak. The issue here is, unless you’ve been playing on switch sticks before, you might not be used to them.

Option 3: We take Third Strike completely off of the arcade cabinets and put it on the Playstation 2 console, just like we’re doing for Capcom vs SNK 2. This totally eliminates the issue of having faulty controls because everyone gets to play on the joystick of their choice, and should be used to the controls already. However, this does create issues with seating (usually there aren’t enough stools for multiple stations and people have to sit on the floor) and also creates issues for gamers who don’t own their own joysticks; they will have to borrow from others who are willing to donate.

Please vote, what you say will determine the fate of 3s at ECC11!

I voted #1… P360 on the Arcade cabinet.

I might regret this later because having it on the Playstation 2 is just THAT much more efficient if there’s a minimum of 4 setups (cuz people adjusting controls and shit takes time too).


Number 2. I’ve experienced too many problems with P360s.

#4, its gotta be a segal movie.

Toronto has the best 3S players in North America and those guys play on Jap sticks.

ehhh…doesn’t matter which sticks… as long as they work. the 4th option should be: “doesn’t matter”

it DOES sound like a seagal movie.

As much as i would much prefer to have 3S on cabinets, there’s soo much less frustration for both sides if it’s held on PS2. The tournament would be easier to run, and there won’t be any complaints about joysticks. However the feel of a cabinet is still much more preferred. From what I remember, the biggest issue from the cabinets joysticks was that each cabinet had one good joystick, and the other players joystick was bad. So the 1st player would have an advantage on the 2nd player or vice versa. In my opinion you could have a “good” player test out the joysticks on the cabinets that are going to be used a couple of days before the tourney. And if anything needs to replaced then you do so. I vote ultimately for 360’s on the cabinets, but I wouldn’t mind at all if it’s on the PS2

I’m a WC player, but I wanted to note that PS2 does have some gameplay differences from the arcade. For example, Urien is slightly stronger because his Aegis doesn’t take nearly as long to ‘solidify’ after activation. Normally, characters like Yang can EX-Mantis Slash through one when it’s just activated, but the PS2 Aegis stops him cold.

True forgot about that, keep it on 360’s then imo, but have someone test the sticks that are going to be used before the tourney

what if segal came out and tested the sticks

3+4. Why can’t I vote for both?

im perfectly accustomed to those sticks but i still say put it on console
i have yet to witness a 3S tourney at the break where someone didnt have a problem w/ the sticks…

am i right?

arlieth- woot

DSP- number 2 sounds good

are you going to have a ps2 qualifier for an arcade tourney?

This seems to be a general consensus, which is the big problem with having 3s on cabinet at ECC. I know that the 3s scene is getting bigger and bigger and the last thing I want is people to be saying that 3s at ECC does not count this year because the controls sucked. So I’m trying to figure out “the lesser of two evils” if you will.

Right now the votes are pretty close, so I hope more people will see this thread in the next month or so…

i can’t believe that many people actually voted for #1. great poll DSP

soooo ummmm… any word on Segal coming out to test the sticks?

There’s more votes for arcade cabinets in total if you add them up. Just put it on 360s and be done with it. :tup:

Lol that’s some backwards logic, having 360s/switch sticks are two TOTALLY different choices, there’s no reason to add them together just because they’re both on arcade cab.

IT HAS BEEN DECIDED BY THE GAMERS: This year at ECC11, both CvS2 and 3s will be held on the PS2 console!

DSP- good man, i ll help out too come ECC, holla