ECC11 poll 3: Select your side tournaments!

As ECC approaches, more questions keep coming up.

First, it has been established that the “staple Big 4” Capcom games will be at ECC 11 in some capacity. These include Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2 (which WILL be held on the PS2 console), in addition to Third Strike (whose fate will be determined in the other ECC poll) and Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Also, there is a VERY high probability that both Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur 3 will be at ECC on the PS2 console. I see no reason why we should not have these tournaments, since the organizers of Clash were very receptive to the idea of having Capcom games at their tournament. In addition, Tekken has always gotten decent numbers at past ECCs, and Soul Calibur 3 is a game worthy of competitive tournament play as well.

HOWEVER, there still remains the question of what other events will be held at ECC this year. There are many, many candidates, ranging from old-school Capcom to new-school games, to Mortal Kombat! So, without further ado, I present the official “side games” ECC 11 poll!

Hopefully the results of this thread will help us to determine what games YOU, the gamers, want to see as side-events at ECC11!

DISCLAIMER: By no means does the result of this poll mean that we will only select the #1 voted game for tournament play. If you even want a game that’s not on this list, post and let us know!

ADDENDUM: Unfortunately, due to the release of Guity Gear XX Slash, which has a very high chance of NOT being released in the United States in time for ECC…in addition to a hot debate as to which version of Guilty Gear should be used in tournaments from now on…Guilty Gear will NOT be in any tournament capacity at ECC 11. This does not mean that at some point Guilty Gear will not be open for casual play, but DO NOT expect any Guilty Gear tournaments this year.

Let the voting begin!

Slash comes out on the 20th of April Phil.

What’s stopping it from being available ;O?

  1. I have to buy multiple copies. And I’m a poor bastard.

  2. Guilty Gear players have to play it and LEARN it in one month. That’s pretty unreasonable. At EVO, yes, but at ECC? That’s ridiculous.

  3. Needless drama.

A.K.A. Sorry but it’s just not worth it.

Do you really think none of the other Guilty Gear players will have a copy, or 17 at that point. Some of them will probably sell their own mother to get it.

Learn what exactly? A few new moves? It’s not like the entire mechanics of the game are off.

And tournaments equal drama, there’s no way around it.

If you can believe it, I asked the same question last night, and two people on IRC who play GGXX got into an argument about it.

Unfortunately, until there is a 100% accepted standard for Guilty Gear play, I dont’ see the reason to waste ECC resources on it.

On top of that, I guarantee that turnout for any of the tournies I posted will most likely get a higher turnout than the Guilty Gear tournament.

You can call me a hater, and you’ll be right. But I just don’t see the need to devote several hours of the PS2 consoles for these games when your own community can’t commit to what version to play, plus the fact that it will cost ECC a lot of money to have Guilty Gear XX Slash there.

Face the facts, it will not be there, 100%. If you can’t handle it, don’t bother posting. Just vote for what you want at ECC!

phill man that hurts, that hurts alot ;-; maybe next year i guess

phil is gay! …blah.

Why would I vote for what I want, when I now don’t have a reason to go in the first place?

But you will make the call toward your liking of course. Though it would be the first major tournament for the game if it was there I would assume. And that would probably bring people, and people bring money, and well… I have no idea what someone would do with money.

Regardless, if it’s not there that’s fine. 6 of one, half a dozen of another.

English please!

i will look forward to the guilty gear tournament.

i can not wait.

Well goddamn, I didn’t know 2 people comprimised the GG community. Thanks for letting me know man.

anyway. such a fucking dumbshit this is.
why the fuck do we have to play slash, and not #r in the first place.

oh well, this “oh sorry, no ggxx :(” comes up everysingle fucking year when there is an announcement for a big event.
and some dumbshit faggot tries to make up some smart shits about the reason why we shouldnt have a ggxx tournament.

like last time, this noob was like.
"lets not have a ggxx tournament because they cosplay alot"
realize how dumb your reasonings are this time.

That is English. But let’s put this is a language you might do better with.

fvck dat sh!t then man. i’m not gonna go if theres no GG. have it your way and ill have it mine. piece.

phrek and the japanse speaks the TRUTH ( ^ ^ =b

I guess I don’t either, right motherfucker? The hate is strong in you.

WOW nice job guy, way to completely alienate an entire community. I personally volenteered to run GG for you and Josh at ECC. Even so far to ask ppl at the respective Guilty Gear forums what format they would want the tourney to be in…

Firstly: Slash is a completely new game which is already hugely popular in Japan and to not have something that exciting at ECC is ludicrous. Funny how the only other game at ECC featured at this years SBO besides Slash is 3rd strike.:confused:

-Dont worry, the GG community will represent at MWC and FR8
–“The views of Darkside Phil are not necessarily …are in NO WAY the views of the Guilty Gear community.” Dont get it twisted ppl.

let’s keep insulting him because maybe he’ll get so angry that he will go totally crazy and do a 180 and make ecc a guilty gear exclusive tournament

why don’t you guys just pm dsp and try to resolve the situation. look at what happened with last year’s clash (not gg community’s fault) but beef + beef = more beef and it’s not going to get anybody anywhere.

also what does sbo have to do with ecc

Why are you bringing it up then?

i dunno there’s this thing called context

i brought it up to reinforce my point that there is already bad blood between the break and gg community so taking random potshots at the tournament organizer isn’t going to improve the situation. i added that comment so that people wouldn’t take it the wrong way but i guess that’s impossible with you guys

i’m just getting into the game and it’d be nice to see some more high level play on the ec but if everyone is being stubborn about it who gives a fuck.

Besides the random potshots, all of us speak truth.

  1. New game = random people signing up to try it = money
  2. GG community wanting to have a major slash tourney and the chance coming out a month after ( which IS enough time to prepare, btw ) = money
  3. GG community willing to bring PS2s and the goddamn Slash game itself = Phil / ECC saving money

It seems like a win/win situation.