ECC11 poll 3: Select your side tournaments!

Who’s really being stubborn here though? Is it the GG community or the organizer? Quite frankly, I don’t see how the community is being stubborn at all. I’ll take it either way it ends up.

look i’m not going to turn this thread into a dumb argument about semantics. i think that both sides are being stubborn or childish about the entire situation.

even tho dsp says “100% not there”, why don’t you guys try working out a compromise and offer to bring tvs, consoles, games, or guaranteed registrations. cause everyone knows that the general tournament scene here is all kinds of healthy.

Lazy bones.

some things never change

in all these years nothing has changed and phil is the same attention whoring forum troll as when i last remember him ;p. to any ggxx players misguided enough to respond to “darksyde”, keep in mind that this guy enjoys your hatred of him. he will get off on any negative attention you feed to him. he probably runs off of psycho power like bison <3

It’ll probably get worked out. Im sure its fine and a natural human reaction for ppl to get upset and unfortunately Phil was the target of that. now I was as upset as everyone else when i read this thread but im sure some kind of resolution will be made seeing as how ECC is like 4 months or so away.
I got it out of my system and hopefully everyone else did too. now that being said its time to work it out because im sure UMK3 is soo much more popular that Slash _|-|O
I will talk to Phil and Josh and get back at ppl with more info. Dont get ur hopes up though generally this is enemy territory we are dealing with when it comes to non-capcom on this site, but ECC has been good lately with responding to the GG community. And even though the organizers have changed im sure that understanding and sentiment will remain as im sure Phil obviously wants to make $ at this goddam tourney so he will have slash which is soo good itll make ur grandma want to learn how to play.

I side with Phil on this one, despite the fact that I know it wasn’t totally the GG community’s fault for such a poor showing in #R. However, I’ve been in enough tournies and meetups to think that the turnout still wouldn’t be enough.
But whatever. If people really want to do it, I’ll have it at my apartment. sure is representing…

You haven’t recently man. I know you were around for the old days when the competition was scarse but recently we have a good number in the tri-state area who play now. And as a matter of fact, the majority of people who played #R at NEC were from the tri-state area who play together all the time.

Who knew the can of worms I was opening when I made this decision…the only people who have even posted in this thread are Guilty Gear heads…sheesh.

Okay, since you’re all flipping out about this, I’ll put it this way:

IF the Guilty Gear community can convince me that

  1. They are 100% agreed on a version of the game;
  2. They will BRING enough copies of the version of that game;
  3. They will bring their own joysticks and such to play on since this was a major problem the last time there was Guilty Gear at an ECC;
    and 4. There will be a decent turnout (16 players isn’t a decent turnout, we had more than that for side tournaments last year) THEN I will seriously consider having Guilty Gear in some form at ECC this year.

However, I need this to be done in a relatively speedy manner, let’s say by the February 18th tournament that we’re going to hold at the Break. Josh and I are going to begin getting resources together for ECC pretty soon so we need to get an idea of what/how many games we’re holding, so this needs to cleared up.

For those of you who are overreacting and performing voodoo rituals to kill my parents right now, you can hold off because obviously you see I’m fair.

And James, Jaime, whatever the fuck your name is now, bite me. That is all!

1.I still havent heard any gg player say that they want #R over Slash(the only people who are talking about this are the people who dont even play gg so I think thats pretty stupid) so I think its pretty obvious what everyone wants

2.Thats not a problem everyone is gonna have a copy we will get them there for sure

3…when was this ever a problem…it wasnt a problem last year…

  1. If I remember correctly that stupid little room was way too packed for all the GG players there had to be atleast 30 40 people in the tourney

From what I see the only problem is #2 and that isnt even a problem since gg players always bring their modded ps2s anyway like we did last year I had mine and they didnt even need it since like 6 players took theirs

I thought #R at ECCX had more than 50 players?

Flash beat me to post =/.

Having Slash at ECC is absolute guaranteed money, registration, and everything else. The community would bring the consoles, televisions, and game. We’d pay for registration PLUS entry fee like we’ve always done for every GG tournament that was ever held at the break.

Shit, the monthly tournaments before Clash 2k5 cost us $15 and it was still at least 14 folks there on average, from CT down to MD for at least a year or so.

Come on now…

I’ll show up one more time if there is slash.

lol they’re going to have Mortal Kombat and not guilty gear.

the name is jamie and i think i will >;o

listen to master clown. its guarnteed money.

last ecc, you guys used both my (ohio’s) ps2’s and GG went fine, there were at least 3 TV’s and 40+ entries, and at least 13 teams of 2 in the team tourney. The only bad stuff was the room we were put in was a bit small, and the matches that were recorded never got put out (poor kyohei) and bathrooms.

You guys make also alot of money from the grill cause all Henaki and Master Clown do is eat while Grywgwn Blood talks about Melty suck. (And wouldn’t let me play because if Master Clown lost, he’d have to hear about it all day long. yeah, I went there :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you could get North Carolina to come, im sure Beast of Farts would do nothing but eat from the grill too.

Plus a bunch of dance happy fgts would be putting money into the Music games while waiting for their match.

Im sure if you have Slash, some prize money, and big Nerd JJ from Rhode Suck Island, GG could easily shape up to be almost as big as a main event

Im sure there are alot of people who want revenge on me and Drew Lokken for doing tag team sol badguy in casual play, and having to hear my annoying shit talk.

but if theres no GG at ECC, I guess I’ll stay home cause i blow at Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. wtf is a block button?

my 2 korean won.

Random question…

Does the break have The Rumble Fish 2? Possible side tourny? (Time pending of course)

Hey jin, long time no ridicule!

How you been?


@ Nick T:

They do not.

IT was supposed to already be out for the PS2, but it AINT~

whatever you have, can you hold it on sunday… or at least have vampire working sunday?..

put xvsf on that list and i might be able to bring an xvsf supergun