Ecc8 3s results

  1. ricky 2. flash 3. arcadekid 4. ed ma

24 people left in CVS2 16 winner 8 loser

lex won UMK3, julien won EX2 i think

word the fuck up

julian won ex

get the facts mr. sigley hahaha i got your dvd in the car

good stuff Alex, hold that shit :slight_smile:

do you guys know who did he lose to ?

who’s still in cvs2 ? anybody from Montreal ?

NIce. Canada represetn! :smiley:

Props to Ricky and Flash from the ATL E.M.S. crew. Goin’ for that platter, I see.

Why did they switched 3S down to 1 machine at 12pm? Did they want to torture the finalists or was something broken?

i think those lcp people wanted to get all the matches on tape and they only had 1 camera so that’s why

so there will be a tape? :smiley:

not tape. get into 2k3. we talk dvds now.

dam u flash. 2nd? i wish he’d stop sayin “I suck” and just train me already!

2 ricky: i dont like u, but u play 3s damb good so i respect u

what char did these ppl place w/? probably nuthin but chuns and kens.:bluu:

2 toshin: cool-ass phuckin avatar. “NINJA VANISH!”


Ok…DVD then…sheesh I still got a vcr next to my dvd player , ahh no matter footage is footage:)

To the guy who liked my avatar, umm thanks! :lol:
BurningFist does good work credit goes to his skills there working with what I wanted:cool:


Does anyone knows roughly how many times a character is used? And who did the top players used?

arcadekid lost to flash in losers finals. inexperience vs akuma [learn to ex fireball against air fireballs you scrub! :lol:]

they removed the other 3S cabinet because the board belonged to kikin, who was leaving after an upsetted loss.

props to ed ma, who is a great player and actually got 4th [justin lost to ed ma in winners].

props to arcadekid, who is down parry low forward xx shippu trigger happy.

props to flash, who showed beating after beating, only losing when i pulled out the randomness :slight_smile:

props to jason cole, who doesn’t know how to red-parry hurricane kicks, but is great anyway cuz he aegis-ed me out of winners.

no props to ECC, for their lack of 3S support. :mad:

ricky [ken]
flash [ken - akuma - chun li]
arcadekid [ken]
ed ma [ken]
justin [yun - chun li]

How many ppl entered?


there were 3 16 man brackets. barring any byes, which i don’t think were given, max was 48 players.

i missed the biggest EC tourny ever, i think i’ll go hang myself

                                                   zar, why didnt u go? u bum.... oh and flash wont train u, u just gotta freaking      play lol your so good

                               short term goal: become good enough that when i enter ecc9 i'm going to place.. in something... top 6 at LEAST

yes, i am a bum. i wuz 2 poor to go ecc, but i coulda went had i harrased the right people. at the time i didnt give a phuk bout ecc, but when i heard the results and the amount of ppl that showed up, i stabbed myself ( but im a NDW so i quickly regenerated:rolleyes: )

“im so good”, thats a gottdam lie! im still losing 2 the random shoto-ness:mad:

but next yr, i dont care who i haveta kill im goin’. im practicin charge parts NOW so that i can bring either a sick remy or a sick alex ( 12 too) next yr.

btw, M.Remy/everdread, your character lies to the game w/ charge parts. get ready 4 him:D

dam you ECC, why’d u havta b so good this year!!!