Ecc8 cvs2 results


my friend nick gave me these i think they’re right

  1. ricky
  2. justin wong
  3. sanford
  4. arturo

i dunno where cole is maybe 5th


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thanks cool stuff

what about MvC2?


What about Alex Navarro??


And Trent Van Deven, I’m sure they’ll post full results later tonight.


I heard that Alex Navarro and Trent tied for 9th.


I think I could have told you that much :lol: Ricky is a freaking beast!


since im not sure on Apex I have a question

the tournament is Northeast but Arturo is from Georgia … Southeast. Will the points for ECC be added to his Southeast points or will he be in both Northeast and Southeast?


Arturo is from NYC sir. He just comes to some of the southern tournaments also. He will get his points for ECC8 in the ATL north.:slight_smile:


anyone got the full results?


i had the pleasure of playing him 1st round even though we play at the same arcade i guess phi didnt know…oh well. anyway that god damn RC electricty cannot be beatin, i swear. i have never gotten so mad. :bluu:. i couldnt do anything but block. i tried to throw him out of it but that didnt work. so ive decided that cvs2 sucks and i should learn RC electricty and be cheese. sorry for complaing so much. :sweat: .


Ricky beat Justin in finals 4-1

Ricky used K groove Cammy/Sagat/Blanka
Justin used a couple teams. First was N groove chun/blanka/sagat? i forget
Second was A groove Vega/Bison/Sakura

Sanford beat Arturo in losers…then Justin beat Sanford…
not sure where Cole placed.

oh, and guess you couldn’t make it Rob?
This is Steve.


oh i was there but i left after i lost, almost JD’ed the entire sakura custom tho against ricky but got greedy and tried to do a super in the middle of the JD’ing oh well :smiley:


Sho, JD, Sho, JD, Sho, JD
“What the Fu** was that”


… results

it was a good tournament…

I think Cole placed 5th, and I placed 7th


Re: Re: ecc8 cvs2 results

that sux. what team was he playing against you? it obviously wasn’t his K-cammy/blanka/sagat because K can’t roll…

and did anybody who was playing A-groove make it high up besides jwong? if so, post the player and the team please (A-groove is my favorite groove, just wanting to know if anybody represented:cool:)



… results

could somebody post a more full results list (perhaps up to 10 people). thanks in advance


I know this much

5th - JS Master (Toronto), Jason Cole (??)
7th - Ratio1BeatDown (Toronto), ArcadeKid (Montreal)
9th - Alex Navarro (Miami), ???


Oh man, I guess I got there a bit late…would’ve been fun to see that…i didn’t get to see it wekk but i swear ricky was getting out of A groove guard crush combos somehow with K…maybe i’ll find out some other time.

Oh yeah…random MVC2, but in casual, Justin stopped looking at the screen against some poor guy for his last tri-jump combo and started staring at the kid’s face…poor kid.


LOL :lol:

what a hardass. i would probably just stop playing mvc2 if that ever happened.