ECC8 DVD sales at Evo


Light Circle Productions will be at Evolution selling the ECC8 DVD’s on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday maybe late thursday. A table will be provided along with a TV for you guys to check it out so you know what you’ll be buying.

The ECC8 DVD’s are $30 and we might have a couple of NEC3 DVD’s on hand. However, the package deal of both DVD’s for $50 will still be available for order and we will send you the NEC DVD in the mail.

By the way, once again, on the last day of Evo we will be raffling off 1 free DVD for those who purchase or back order (if supplies run out) at Evolution, and for those who had donated to us during the pre-orders.

Thanks again to Seth and Inkblot for helping us out with this, and allowing LCP to display and sell the DVD’s.


i want the package dvd’s


Me too.

Just to clear some stuff up…

If I buy the “package” at Evo, I will take home that day my ECC8 DVD and then later recieve my NEC3 DVD through mail?

Or do I get both right there once I pay?


It will be first come first serve, once we run out of copies of the NEC DVD you can still order the package, and we will send you the NEC DVD in the mail instead of giving it to you there.

Sorry that we won’t have that many copies, but remember, you still save a good deal when buying the packag - and you’ll just have to wait a few days to get your NEC DVD.


Man…I want dibs on an ECC8 dvd =\


I call dibs on a NEC3 dvd.


hey save a package for me. i’ll get ti as soon as i see your table

Button not working on Hori Fighting stick SS

Pictures of the DVD’s are now available in the ECC8 thread in fighting game discussion.