ECC8 MvC2 Results


This is Blaziniflo. Just left the break an hour ago.

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Josh Wigfall
  3. Ricky Ortiz
  4. Mixup
  5. Josh Wong / Desmond
  6. Nestor / Brandon

Mixup vs Justin Wong in losers. Everyone including Justin himself agrees that it was the closest anyone has ever come to eliminating justin from a tournament. Score was 2-1 and Mixup had the game locked in his hands…until the Justin Factor kicked.

I’ll put up those matches in about 24 hrs. Gotta get some sleep and beat Sanford’s ass downstairs. Tournament was the dopest and mad props to Jet Fucking Phi and staff for a job well done.

Sanford didn’t enter because he wanted to watch and let Josh Wigfall forfill his dream of getting top2:( :confused: :smiley:


thanx for results, where are u going to host matches.


I had the best view of the Mixup vs Justin match out of anyone (directly behind them) and it was the closest match I have ever seen Justin involved in. Came down to Justin’s Storm and Cyclops having about 9% life each, and Mixup’s Magneto having about 15% life, in the final match. Justin caught Mixup and Mixup thought the game was over, and took his hands off the controls. Just as he did, Justin fumbled the combo, leaving Mixup alive. Mixup tried to start playing again but it was too late. Basically he defeated himself by taking his hands off the machine. If he had a little more confidence he could have taken that match no problem. Awesome showing by both of them.


Vids within 24 hours?..Coo, Coo. I wanna see this Mixup guy play.


Maybe it’s only because Sanford mistook me for him (we’re both white guys who wear hats – and after all, most white guys look alike anyways) or maybe it’s because I had been using mag/storm/cyc for a while, but I was really satisfied watching Mike play.

His Magneto is probably one of the best practical (i.e. he can rush down successfully almost every time he rushes down) Magnetos I’ve ever seen, in video or in person.

Mike made a few mistakes vs. Justin that probably ended up costing him the two rounds he lost, but hey, isn’t the better player the one that makes less mistakes :slight_smile:

So I hope Mike keeps using magneto, and maybe next time he won’t make those mistakes.

Sheesh, should have un-mashable’d cyclops – snap in sent? you got guardbreak-greedy =p


what were the teams used by the top players???


ahhh fuck man…i wanted mike to win it…ahh well maybe nex time…who put justin and mike in losers? good shit wigfall…justin always got that lil edge tho:mad: Good shit to top 10:D


good job Justin Wong


Mike muthafuckin Magnus Mixup. Congrats, my friend. Wish I could have been there to show some support. Congrats to all the players as well.


Holy shit!!! Mike is a fucking beast. Good job to all of the southernplayalistic playa’s that went to ECC8. Damnmit mike you could have made history if you just kept your hand on the sticks untill your energy is on 0. Good shit dog. Way to rep the south to the fullest.:cool:


Mike M you son of a gun…


Wiggy is a beast! Murphy’s Law sucks too


Great showing Mike :wink:

Thanks Justin for posting the results, WAKE UP ALREADY! :stuck_out_tongue:


man Mike, good shit. Way to rep Florida man. It’s about time we had a good player to come out of this state and give JWong a run fro his money.



Letting go of the stick…damn you.


Des…7th…WTF…i had some bills on you X.

go justin wong!

top 3 magnetos in the south all rep hard at big tournies.


good shit mixup


This is Isaac G, the philly killer from the tourney :smiley: . I was the kid with the beast msp, just wait for the vids to come out.

Good shit everybody, everyone was so good. I think the general level of mvc2 play has increased greatly.


Good stuff mIXUP!!!..
good job to yah to j wong.
…cant wait for the footage :slight_smile:


YEA!!1!!11! dem dirty south boyz reppin hard.:smiley: