--- ECC9 Official Results ---

mvc2 (108 people)
1st - Justin Wong (ny) (empire)
2nd - Sanford Kelly (ny) (empire)
3rd - Rodolfo Castro (wa)
4th - Jason Mar (wa)
5th - ORG (ny)
5th - Rick Mears (pa)
7th - Jason Kuan (wa)
7th - Mixup (fl)
9th - Eddie Lee (ny)
9th - MagnetoX (la)
9th - Sentinaal (fl)
9th - Demon Hyo (pa)
13th - Ricky Ortiz (ca) (empire)
13th - Shawn Morgan (nj… represent!!)
13th - Desmond Pinkney (ny) (empire/$yndicate)
13th - Lincoln Morris (ny)

-sanford (empire) sent justin (empire) to losers 3-0
-rick mears sent rowtron to loser’s, during first round of top 16
-eddie lee sent mixup to loser’s
-sanford (empire) sent kuan to loser’s
-sanford (empire) sent jmar to loser’s
-org peaced out rick-e (empire)
-x is now 0-2 with sentinaal
-org peaced out kuan
-rowtron peaced out mixup
-half a second made the difference with rowtron peacing out jmar

cvs2 (87 people)
1st - Ricky Ortiz (ca) (empire)
2nd - Justin Wong (ny) (empire)
3rd - Veasna (montreal)
4th - JS Master (toronto)
5th - Josh Wong (pa)
5th - Eddie Lee (ny)
7th - Lifetimeboy (wa)
7th - Alex Navarro (fl)
9th - Roger Williams (toronto)
9th - ArcadeKid (montreal)
9th - Jason Cole (ca)
9th - Arturo Sanchez (ny) (empire)
13th - Julian Robinson (pa) (empire)
13th - Floe (il) (empire)
13th - Nestor (ma/ct)
13th - Alex Walbert (fl)

-canada had a very strong showing, as did empire.
-otherwise, the top 16 were very diverse
-veasna and josh wong broke through all of loser’s bracket (after both being sent to loser’s early)

st (30+ people)
1st - David Sirlin (ca)
2nd - Mike Creque (va)
3rd - Eddie Lee (ny)
4th - Pete Talley (nj)
5th - Jason Cole (ca)
5th - Jeron Grayson (ny) (empire)
7th - Julian Robinson (pa) (empire)
7th - David Wright (va)

-pete talley puts cole into loser’s
-cole beats justin in their texas rematch
-eddie lee peaces out cole (who got 5th i think)
-i still have to find the bracket
-the footage of st was lost due to technical issues. if anyone has any footage, namely the cole vs eddie match, there’s some reward :slight_smile:

3s (42 people)
1st - Justin Wong (ny) (empire)
2nd - Ricky Ortiz (ca) (empire)
3rd - Mopreme (tx)
4th - Henry Cen (ny)
5th - Eddie Lee (ny)
5th - Jason Cole (ca)
7th - ArcadeKid (montreal)
7th - Floe (il) (empire)
9th - Veasna (montreal)
9th - FlashG (ny) (empire)
9th - Arturo Sanchez (ny) (empire)
9th - Liang Zhang (nj)
13th - Sayid (ny)
13th - JS Master (toronto)
13th - Crow (tx)
13th - Exodus (md)

-justin (empire) beat rick-e (empire) 3-0 in winners and 4-0 in grand finals
-henry cen made it to top 4 with hugo

ggxx (59+ people)
1st - kbnova (oh) (empire)
2nd - alex garvin (fl)
3rd - charles holman
4th - final showdown (mi)
5th - adrian
5th - chris creecy (la)
7th - andy c
7th - lincoln morris (ny)

-final showdown scares me when he plays with his nipples
-also, he really does look like a new age he-man
-ggxx, for the most part, looked really interesting (from what i watched)

-i disqualified lots-o-people
-stank didn’t really have a huge toll this year (oddly), but when there was, i sprayed axe (ecc9 deodorant) around a bit
-i’ll still be selling ecc9 tshirts ^_^; i just have to set up paypal or something soon
-thanks to 8 on the break, chris li, jae, henry, phianh, van, dave sirlin, empire arcadia, tom cannon, rick, nagata lock, ed, jewbacca, dsp (yeah, him ;)), blaziniflo (outside of the headaches :stuck_out_tongue: ), all the staff i can’t remember to mention (still fried and adjusting my sleep schedule), and everyone who came out. ecc9 wouldn’t have been as big, or go as smoothly without everyone.
-all-in-all, i hope everyone had fun and hope to see everyone at mwc and evo. :smiley:

Thanks 4 the results. (edit) Mad props to D.hyo and everyone from florida who represented good job.:cool:

108 entries. Damn. Looks like you ran one hell of a tourney JetPhi. Congrats to all that placed. And congrats to Justin for fuckin everyone up.

damn everyone sleepin on org n rick mears

rick mears requested rowtron first round and beat him:lol:

are there more detailed money match results? gj to everyone who placed.

I dont think anyone posted the team tourney results, here’s the results for marvel, dont know the other ones

1st: Team Seattle(Jmar, Kuan, Row)
2nd: Team Empire(Chris, Desmond, Justin)
3rd: Team One in the pink, One in the stink(Sentinall, Isaac Graham, Blaziniflo)
4th: Team Philly(Julian, Sporty, Rick Mears)

woah old shgl weeklys drew more people then ecc

DSP was true to his word and played Mixup for $200 in a first to 10 wins. Sadly, I believe Mixup won 10-0 and came up with the rent money he owed me. :stuck_out_tongue:

DSP also played Blazinflo for $200 as well. I heard that DSP was up 6-2, but ended up losing somehow.

Patrick (Vegita-X) was winning money matches for $5 a piece left and right against Infinite, X, and any other takers with his Rogue/Storm/Tronne. Nasty new tricks to confuse and shock all of us…

I fucking choked all weekend, sucked. I would like to say good shit to everyone who placed, and for the people I met it was really cool chillin with you all. LifeTimeBoy you have to be the nicest person I ever met. Canada you are all chill and it was cool playing with you guys at the motel after sunday. Omar keep jding shit up. And Charles House Crew good shit representing in XX, too bad I scrubbed out I wish I could compete against you guys.


It’s team Syndicate sire. =P

Yo I don’t believe how hard I choked in my pool. I lost to team scrub because of that. Oh wellz I had mad fun.

Phi your too much when u DQ people. :lol:

I had tons of fun. Rick Mears and Young Paris are a force to be dealt with. Don’t sleep on these niggas.

Blaziniflo beat DSP 10-8
Vegita-X beats Josh 2-1
Vegita-x beats X 2-0
Sanford beats Vegita-X 2-1
Rick Mears beats Vegita-X 2-0 (I think I know he won it)

oh shit:lol: :lol:

new people are stepping up org, mears, jmar shit is getting crazy

good shit to my boy lincoln…beast on them niggas:D

isaac, my fault for not showing up lol no ride:( , if i had came u know u woulda won that shit…remember our plan lol

big ups to top 16:D

good shit

Could you double check the results Phi? I thought eddie lee got 7th in marvel cause he won his first match. I also think the CvS2 results are a little off, i thought jsmaster got 4th.

Anyways, ECC was great. I only got to enter team tournaments cause i had to leave early on Saturday (all in vain, came back sunday morning).

Day 1 Friday night was hella crowded, and everyone could tell that ECC9 was bigger than 8. I mean, the break was packed and this was just for team tournaments.

3S teams had either 7 or 13 teams, i really don’t know.

1st Team poker: Nibor(Ken)/Eddie Lee(Chun)/Justin(Chun)
2nd Team Texas + Cole: Crow(Ken)/Jason Cole(Urien)/Mopreme(Ken)
3rd Team Empire (black?): Floe(ken [and chun?])/FlashG(ken)/RickyO(Ken)
4th: Team Arturo(Alex)/Lifetimeboy(Ken)/Henry Cen (Hugo - hammer frenzy)

Some highlights include:
-Henry Cen’s Hugo OCVing team canada after henry’s first two team members (arturo and LTB) lost.
-Mopreme VS. Ricky, Ken vs. Ken. I thought these matches were really interesting. Mopreme and ricky have very different playing styles. I think throughout the weekend in tournaments they each won 4 games against each other.
-Eddie Lee was a wall, justin only had to play 2 games the whole team tournament. Eddie’s chun powered up for 3S this weekend.

CvS2 teams no idea how many teams

1st Ricky Ortiz R4-C-Sagat and R4 C-Blanka
2nd Team Empire Black Arturo(C-sakura)/Jeron(C-Blanka)/Sanford(C-Sagat)
3rd Team Sigley… I know Sigley was the R2, but dunno the name of the other two on his team.
4th Team Empire White/Poker Nibor(Chun)/Eddie Lee(Vega)/Justin Wong(Sagat) C groove

highlights were:
-Ricky Ortiz Winning with a R4… i heard he had some trouble in the finals against sanford’s team (arturo, jeron, sanford), but then Ricky switched from R4 C-Sagat to R4 A-Blanka for the win.
-Me getting owned up by RSigley’s team. I got dizzied by K-sagat and killed so justin was left to make the comeback, but gets hit by a lvl 3 k-blanka super… no comeback.
-other stuff i can’t remember

I’ll post more later cause im getting bored.

Oh yea I made like 100$ between poker, Acey Deucey, and money matches all weekend, fun!

Yea that was long time ago when the scene was much bigger, wasn’t there a big regional tournament in Cali this weekend that no one showed up to? What happened there

Mad stuff was stolen pretty messed up

-Sora’s digital camera
-Crow from TX said his room got broken into and his roommates camera stolen + other stuff
-Rugal B. said their dreamcast got stolen from hotel room
-Numerous sticks

Kinda sad

Eddie Lee’s Jacket (or sweater i think) was stolen

why couldnt we watch the matches? i’m sure everybody could have figured out some way to watch the cvs2 matches and still run the tournament smoothly. also JS Master got 4th in CvS2 not Josh Wong.

To go along with everyone else, whoever stole that shit, should die.

ECC9= Best tournament ever

There was so much that happened in this tournament, it was just pure SICKNESS!!.

I can’t talk much right now, but I can speak of a some things.

VegitaX is very tricky and has officially made rouge a feared character on mvc2. (Best Rouge in the world)

Mvc2 team tournament just simply OWNED any other team tournament that was ever done.

Justin Wong is the program of Mvc2.

Josh Wong was a true survivor of Cvs2. (BEAST!) (Also my FAV Cvs2 player)

Justin OWNED ricky in 3S, FREE.

JMar aka (Mr. Impossible) is mad cool and truly does the impossible. Nice meeting you.

Rowtron is mad chill, sick fly infinite with magnus on sentinel. Nice meeting you.

Kuan is mad chill as well, he’s a sick player. Nice meeting you as well.

My boy Rick Mears made his statement clear, because he is a true BEAST. “Rick a Killa”

Mr. Random’s money match team (What it is) - cable, blackheart, captin america OWNED/suprised many people.

Mixup’s HI/LOW with mag/tron are too good.

I will talk about more things that happened at ecc9 when I come back from my friend’s house, cya lataz.:cool:

my comb was stolen too… :lame:

hope the person who stole it is having fun with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, are the match videos gonna be uploaded??

Im pretty sure that I came’n at least 7th fo ggxx.