ECC9: True Stories


ECC9: True Hollywood…er…New Jersey Stories
Crazy, but true stories from ECC 9.

Id like to hear from other gamers from ECC9. Reply to this story with comments or your own crazy story. The only rule is: its gotta be true. Cant make this stuff up. Read on.

Sunday afternoon into evening, Id secured a front row seat at the Marvel matches on the big MVC2 machine. Highlights included a PERFECT delivered by a guy with the sickest MSP Ive ever seen, Isaac. Shortly after the 8th pool of MVC2 starts, Ive gotta go to the bathroom. Im pretty sure all of the guys know that the bootleg door of the mens bathroom of 8 on the Break wouldnt close all the way and was reinforced with tape. I was skeptical about going in, but Id been watching matches all day and had to go. I knock on the door and no one answers. Gave it a test poke just to make sure, then proceeded. Again, the door wasnt secure. I had to hold one foot up against the door just in case anyone else came to the bathroom while I took a wizz. About 15 seconds in, a guy starts pushing on the door. HOLD ON!! He pushes again. HOLD ON MAN! The third push slides my foot about 2 feet and fucks up my aim. IM PISSING!!! A black dude was standing over my shoulder (WTF? crosses my mind). I immediately stop peeing.
The guy replies, Oh Im sorry man. I cant even see. He spits over the to right corner of the bathroom, then closes the door. Im thinking to myself, Why is someone who cant see at a video gaming tournament??? Then I think, damn, he missed the sink by a long shot. He must be blind for real. I then go back to finishing my bathroom business. But before I can shake off and flush, someone bursts into the bathroom. He somehow hits the light switch off on his way in, trying to find the sink. I stabilize myself and turn the light back on only to find the same guyspewing hits guts into the sink. What the hell? I think. I look down and find that he didnt quite make it to the sink in time. Theres barf all along the floor leading to the sink, inches from my shoe.
I was pissed at first, but then I felt kinda sorry for the guy. Are you alright? He didnt reply, cuz his mouth was too busy filling up the sink with chunky ass vomit. ($3.98 Steak & Cheese Special anyone?) So I let the door close and went on my way. What was I supposed to do??? I went around to the bar stool area and told the guys at the register about the dude in the bathroom. I look over to the bunch of keys, hoping to find my own keys Id lost on Saturday night. (Nestor kicked my ass so bad in CVS2, I misplaced them.) And what do you know? My keys were on the very top. I could easily ID them by my KROGER savings card. Just my luck, someone was nice enough to turn them in at the register.
ECC9 was my first ECC and it will definitely be remembered. It was great to put faces to some of the names Id seen on tournament results. I got my butt kicked by Nestor, Josh Wong, Alex Navarro, Julian (mean ass Zangeif) and others. But I learned a lot from the high level game play. At ECC10/ECCX (yeah, thats a good name), I plan on upping my game and handing out cansno, kegs of whoopass. My opponents will wish theyd been DISQUALIFIED!!–> (Phi) Everything was great though. I wont forget ECC9. I wont forget all of you cool players, lots of class act guys. And Id like to thank the person that found my 3 keys. Youre a true lifesaver!!

Well thats my story. Comment on it and tell us about your own. I know there have to be other crazy, but true ECC9 stories out there.


p.s. Does anyone know what happened to that guy in the bathroom? Was he ok?


raging demon

As i said in another post nolan. When the lights went out he must have given u a hella good raging demon@!@!@!..only you now know what akuma does during that grab lol.


i heard something about the girls in the Empire almost getting fucked up by some girls from over there but then they had left before getting into a fight.I thought that NYC was tougher than that.also my boy was telling me how he got some from one of the girls there,damn im sorry i missed all the fun.oh well theres always next year


:lol: :lol: :lol:
Yeah right! See, this is how rumors get started. Let me clear this up. Outside of the break, some local fat bitches were talking shit to one of the girls. The rest of the Valkyries girls wanted to fuck them up(and they would have, we roll deep). Under orders from TFGM they were told to chill since we didn’t want anything to go wrong with ECC. They left after like an hour and a half later. How is that NY being soft? I suggest you find out the facts first b4 running your mouth!


here is a true story someone stole my boy Joshs’ mass stick. thats fuckin wrong. ill pay $50 just for the name of this asshole


~Born to Play~

Fact be told about the bitches, that wanted to fuck up my wife are this. I don’t give a fuck if it was a girl or not, my wife is not getting into anything. I have to kiss and fuck her at night. I sent her back to the hotel with Bchun. All the guys stayed though, because I heard that “Dem Dunellen Boys” were out there waiting for us instead. I spoke to Phi about it and told him that we would try to keep it to a minimal. Phi just wanted us to not fuck up ECC9. I hope you can see the logic in his worry. Why would I let the girls get into shit with those bitches and fuck up ECC9. I just said, I’ll wait until after the tournament. We waited. Nothing was said. Dem Dunellen bitches were jealous and calling Luna racial remarks, because they were mad that the guys at the break was giving them more attention. I was laughing at them.

I’ll smack the shit out of them if they touched my wife, simply put. Fuck that fight fair shit, that is my wife, there is no fair in it. When the whole tournamnet was over, they were looking at me and we looked back. They knew what to do. Empire was there like 40 deep, the fuck are we running for. All I know is that I didn’t want the girls hurt. That is why I sent them back to the hotel. I wanted to make sure that when we got back that we would be able to celebrate without incident, and you know how that goes, getting pussy after a fight. Which leaves me to wonder Shankar! :cool:

But on the real…why would you want to talk about that of all things? Don’t you guys get enough of the shit talking. All this bullshit beef. Mad people calling me gay and all that shit, but when I went down to the break it was a very cool and socialable atmosphere. There was no real beef. Just the way I liked it. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and had a good time. Isn’t that what it is all about anyway? I guess not, people like drama and bullshit, I was there wearing the glove, but where were the SRK comments and the dumb ass people that talk shit? At least fucking Blaziniflo kept it real and said fuck empire, and repped team llama. That was the most consistant thing there. Just to find out Blaziniflo was in the holiday Inn chilling with his boys, florida, seattle and empire all playing marvel and getting hammered. What was up with Jon, he was done!:smiley:

Finally in closing, point was everyone had a good time, stop looking for bullshit to talk about. Find something more constructive please. Until then.


true stories…

ace duecy is a gambling game not to be fucked with… i lost ALL my money it but thank god those guys were cool enough to give it back…

the burger king across from motel 6 sux

funnel cakes make u shit weird

and i never knew rod stewart played ggxx :lol:


Alot of people didnt make it to their matches on time and as a result they were DISQUALIFIED!! by Phi. Also it was funny as hell when he made the threat if anyone touches his camera, he will “shoot them with a real gun.” That had us dying :lol: :lol: Vegita-x was beasting on everybody with his classic team. Sanford was so focussed it was scary. Him versus shawn was a good match. Damn, how the big cabinet got messed up in the middle of the tourney?!? Shoutout to Rick Mears. His toruney name should be “The underdog” from now on. Good shit playa. D Hyo is a f*&^ing monster! Shoutout to Bryheem for being so Random(beasting in those money matches) I never seen Isaac Grahm play like that before. (getting perfects in a toruney?!? That guy should have never made you have to fight your way out of the losers bracket.) I cant wait to see the videos of Mixup vs DSP aka Mixup’s mix-up exhibition. I give DSP props tho: he got balls. Shoutout to Rowtron. I never seen a Sentinel or Magneto move so damn fast. That shit was crazy.

I kno theres alot of stuff I left out but thats all I could think of. Oh yeah, shoutout to me for that dope ass Magneto shirt. :cool: :cool: ImPerfectCell coming soon.


Thanks TFGM for the updates.:cool: All that marvel was crazy. I never seen so much good marvel matches like that before. I got to play that game more often.




No problem.


i made 55$ on acey deucey (sorry arcade kid), its a fun game


saw a dude rub another dude’s lower back in circular motions.

girl said she had a train ran on her

random thug outside the break had his shirt tucked into his boxers, pants sagged so his boxers showed, and wore a fanny pack.

rick mears is a problem

true stories


What are you saying b?:confused: :cool:

btw- I’ve been watching the footage. All I got to say is UG needs his own tv show. Just the shitt on sun morning with the whole geek talk is mad funny.




I heard the same thing about some girl that was at ecc9, but I don’t know if it was true or not.:confused:


i’m coming next year. shit. i missed out on everything. hopefully i’ll be at magfest though.




Good chillin wit you pimpin…

sorry for stealing yall complimentary lotion…but me an bmore was feelin ashy:lol: :cool: :lol:

respect given to u an the misses mayne!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Phi was the man. Idle threats are useless, but I believed Phi when he said he’d pull out his piece and shoot!!! He said it like he meant that shit!! :mad:


i stole it; where’s my $50?

send money to my paypal


whats your address ill deliver it personally:mad:


ECC9 Perspectives…

  • TFGM is cool, sorry if I didn’t get the politics of whatever went down, but I got to know the guy

  • Finding out Ricky Ortiz REAL NAME…too good. Also, chillin with the little guy…pretty damn cool

-Nagata Lock, good ass kim. Looked over some of the footage i got…nice and very cool person

-BREAKSTEAKS = what we call back in the hood “steak-umms” just with BBQ sauce…good price though

  • Someone keeps fuccin farting at a tournament…

  • ST and A3 I need to stick with, bump CvS 2

  • Certain people need to step up on the soap an water

  • Ottawa crew is SOOOO laid back.

  • Chris Li looks more n more like a club bouncer

  • That beatmania game is too much

  • Those cats playing UMK, too damn good!!!

  • I swear to god trying to get out of the break was a job in itself

  • is it me, or did it seem like the Dunellen gangstas were so happy to see some “people” on there strip

  • I saw a 14yr old buy liquor from the liquor store

  • Don’t get Bmore chun mad…or you will get smacked

  • Sparatik is paranoid of IHOP containers now:lol:

  • Joe O need to take them glasses (shades) off

  • Lifetimeboy an never experiencing White Castles was too good “oh wow…the burger…good and small”

  • Roger (ratio1beatdown) stays looking high

  • Nagata Lock face would look like heavy D when he would get hit in his game :lol:

  • Some random guy: Hey honzo…can i get $5? my name isn’t hanzo and hot damn they moved up from just asking a quarter

  • Motel 6 was the spot to be really

  • Shamy needs to go shopping with me.

  • Dunellen is Done.

  • Blazinflo is tall an looks like a damn model for GQ

  • Canadians get hyped when they hear WEED

  • Cole is random when buzzed up

  • The miami crew look like bonified drug dealers an smugglers…too good.

  • The pizza parlor is too good an cheap!

  • sleeping was not a priority that weekend

  • was is memorial day weekend, cause normally cities have something going on

  • One Dunellen gangsta had spongebob box on with a pouch…a fuccin pouch…the pouch your great grandma wears on vacations or that bingo tournment…

Koop out:lol: