ECCX Footage: CvS2 and Tekken 5

I made this new thread just in case some people don’t check the ECCX results thread.

For CvS2 and Tekken 5 footage go to:

Check: for some more footage also.

great vids, thanks.

you guys ever think of just hosting torrents for this kind of thing?

don’t exactly know how to do torrents. but the download speed is fine right?

i usually DL files, with good connections, at 100kb or more. i’m at 25kb right now. not bad, but not the greatest. could be on my end, but probs not

thanks for putting them vids up. it just helps me remember how much i loved low parrying and sitting on my ass. hahaha

MY NIGGA ! thankies :tup: :tup:

anyone know when the evo dvd is coming out? cuz i wanna put these cvs2 semi finals (which are TOO GOOD) up and the other Final 8 up too.

It’s gonna take forever to download these, and too many i want to watch! ahhh!! =/

Thanks for hosting the vids.

Got around to watching those vids:

Good shit. I was truely impressed by Combo and ricky, mostly combo.
Albert did amazing parrys, and i think he shouldve won atleast 1 match.

Edit: i just watched Ratio1beatdown vs Sanford

MAN, the end was totally sanfords. You should totally just block against RC electricity man =(. Or alpha counter!!! Dont be afraid to waste a meter to kill his momentum and get out of taht anoyying ass trap. That was a close and tense match. Crazy shit.

is something wrong with the t5 quals vid? or is it something on my end. its extremely choppy for me, i can barely tell whats going on. do i need a new codec or something?