ECCXI Experience/Recognition/Shout-Outs/Thank Yous Thread!

First, thank you to each and EVERY one of you for making it out to ECC this year. I know it took a lot of faith to come out and trust in Josh Wigfall and I, especially with all the added drama of the Jinmaster/Tekken and James Austin/Ohio/Guilty Gear situations. But you DID show, IN DROVES, more than we ever expected, and the tournament completely fucking ruled.

This was due, in part, mostly to the two factors listed below:

  1. People actually listening and being in the right place at the right time, instead of wandering off and not listening
  2. People stepping up and doing whatever it took to help us make ECC work, including players helping to run things, find people for their matches, update us on when people were standing in front of the break in groups (stupid cops), the counter staff for feeding us/giving us liquid to stay hydrated, to all the players who DONATED the crucial needed equipment, and just plain being entertaining and making this weeknd ENJOYABLE instead of a major pain in the ass.

Ultra-recognition goes to:
-Phi, who not only showed up to play at ECC, but basically installed/fixed all the controls, made the MvC2/ST brackets, and was the liason between Chris Cotty and Josh Wigfall/myself. AND IT WASN’T EVEN HIS TOURNAMENT THIS YEAR! Phi, I want to let you know that you are fucking awesome and we will be forever greatful to you, bro. THANK YOU!
-Flash G, who not only helped with creating/Running 3s Pools/top 16 but also ran ST!
-NKI for helping to run ST!
-GAVIN and MARNETO and MASTER CHIBI for running Guilty Gear XX Slash!
-ZACH aka Preppy for donating his MvC2 boards and recording all the hotness that is MvC2 at ECC!
-Nagata Lock who helped me run CvS2 top 16 when I couldnt stand up anymore!
-Justin Wong for running CvS2 pools in the back while I ran them in the front…I can’t be two places at once!
-The Break staff for being ridiculously accomodating and giving us free drinks/food all weekend so we didn’t have to leave…and not only that but offering free stuff every time an order was mixed up…nice!
-ALL the gamers who came from all over…whether it be locally, or pretty damned far away (Canada, Texas, and Cali come to mind!).


In closing, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ATTENDING ECCXI AND HELPING MAKE IT THE HUGE SUCCESS IT WAS! I freaking love you guys and I had one hell of a time. Hopefully I will be at EVO East, so hope to see some of you there!

Good shit! Wish I could have gone, man.

Sad I missed this. I wanted to try you out in Tetris DS, too. Some other time, I guess (maybe Evo). :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a crazy tournament, can’t wait to read a couple of logs


are you guys making DVDs?

ECC11 sounds like it was another great event. Congrat’s to phil, josh, and phi for keeping the (PREMIER EC TOURNAMENT) alive and well. From all that I read I see it was a great tournament. NOW GET SOME REST YOU GUY’S!!! You earned it. :wink:

P.S.-what is this “EVO EAST” your talking about sir? :confused:

ecc was overall probably the single worst tournament i have been too just because of the sticks
them shits was hurt

overall the tourney ran smoothly and was fun as long as i was playing on console
it was sad how the vampire savior sticks were the best ones in the place and those were still pretty bad

thanks to jeron for organizing the vampire savior tourney and to dsp, wigfall, phi and the rest for keeping things running as smooth as possible

one of the things i couldnt understand was the older guy trying to fit in with the younger crowd
i mean i understand him trying to get his fotage for the show but he was taping but he was just saying the most random shit and trying to high five people like every 2 seconds

mad heads were looking at him like he was retarded
then he shows up with the haohmaru shirt on the next day i was like wtf

i dont know if he realized that alot of people kept laughing at him
but i hope his show works out for him

i had fun playing bomberman with zee tee bee and crew
it was nice to put names from kaillera to faces
nice to finnaly meat u guys ,nagata lock, zee tee bee and g bursine

im pretty sure ill never attend another ecc again just cause of the stick issue

oh and on a final not wtf is up with cali?
they show up then dont want to do the bet if yipes is on the team then they dont want brandon on the team cause a couple of their people didnt show
way to make a 5 on 5 and then not follow thru or even try to compromise when ec tries to give u different situations or players to play for the cash

the 5 on 5 and 3rd strike was my main reason for showing up
thanks for a 1 on 1 match cali

ps… i got robbed in vampire savior good shit dsp…god damn sticks i want my ex dp’s

justin wong is like, damn, seeing the top of things

phi is pimp.

ALL the tga crew, congrats to nestor and smooth, always glad to be around.
gavin, for letting me have 2 of his sanwa buttons after i KO’d my button inwards lol good shit thanks. glad to finally meet CB. paul wall not qualifying is probably the biggest upset cause he was EASILY top 5 there IMHO.


flash g is the man, josh wong is the man, whats his face, damn justin is smart, phi is too…pimp, no other words…arturo is chill~~~

exo is beastly as all hell, he s like, smooth. no eric again, missing him(no homo), MD crew getting scary, good shit green ken, grant + eric kim.

always glad to see everyone, smoke weed everyday, peace

I’m going to have to agree wtih the guy complaining about the sticks. While I wasn’t there for any tourney play I did play some casual 3S and CvS2 and those sticks were pretty awful. I guess most people just got used to it.

Another thing is that CvS2 took a lot of space. I was surprised that the entire left side of the front of the Break was dedicated solely to CvS2 matches. I wouldn’t have cared if thye had to sit closer to the television sets but they sat almost all the way near the other arcade machines clogging up traffic. It became almost impossible to move at the other side because people were crowding the MvC2 machine and others just for a turn.

kofiend is my demise. his yang is too crazy for me >_<

albert wanted that cake much more than i did. i didn’t mind…but for god’s sake…his entourage was annoying as all hell. please don’t antagonize the players with yells at the top of your lungs, it’s really disrespectful.

justin is justin, but i really feel bad for nestor. you #1 in my book son! no one will deny that you’re a BEAST.

disappointing 3S turnout…-_-

nice to have seen everyone again/meet new people –

ghaleon: good stuff with denjin – keep up the good work, and play with ski and get both of you two even better

smoothcat: get back to ken. chun is too gay. you dont turtle enough to play chun…

ucrjesse: good games man…it’s nice to meet #capcom peeps. 3S is the hype, play it more :smiley: see you in irc

flashg: you ain’t taking my monies son! even if it was console, you should still play…i mean, i play arcade with shitty sticks, what’s keeping you from console?

kofiend: stick with yang. he’s so much better and you know him soooooo well :slight_smile:

albert: taking off the shoes wasn’t the deciding factor…it was the socks man. you beasted on me with them stylish threads…my Hanes couldn’t handle it. looks like you got revenge for last year’s ECC :slight_smile:

Good shit to Smooth, Exodus and all my other XBL peepz that represented at ECC XI. I hear there was only like 45 people for 3S which is kinda surprising. I guess with the shit load of tourneys happening at once not everyone could come down. Exodus, I’m coming for you on the 10th so bring your A game and I’ll try not to lose to Ken/Makoto so I can wreck you in the finals. :tup:

ah good games to everyone i played!

guilty gear ran fairly well, though took awhile for people’s matches to come up.

thanks DSP for helping out with the game, even though you dont like it.

though could show a lil more respect toward the community.

What a fun ECC this turned out to be. Thanks DSP and gang for running this and keeping everything smooth. Was also glad to see Phi could still make it out there.

Was nice to meet all the ST players…NKI, Decoy, Taiji, Spence, Shag…Nice meeting you all. Congrats to all ST placers.

CVS2 tourney was nuts. It captivated the Break.

And what was up with that old guy? (referring to RushedDown’s post)


I made it back alright, but I left my stuff (including my phone) in the room. PM me if you read this. Thanks.


In regards to the 3s tournament only having 45 entries…

The fact is that 3s has never been an East Coast game, and when you have primarily East Coast gamers at a tournament, thats what you have to expect. I mean, I can probably literally count on one hand the number of gamers on the EC who’s primary game is 3s. Most of the 3s entries were gamers like myself who play the game casually and just wanted to throw themselves in there.

I knew from the getgo that MvC2 and CvS2 would have the largest turnouts, I was just really surprised that CvS2 got 60 people, I thought it would be less. I’m REALLY glad I chose to get CvS2 done before 3s because trying to finish that game last, when everybody is leaving and tired, would have been a nightmare. I took a gamble and it paid off!

True…3S is still kind of a west coast/Japanese thing. We play it over here but…we just don’t have as many serious players on the east as they do on the west. I’m sure that’ll change as more people get competitive with the game. People will definitely make a showing for it at Evo though (it will surely be the biggest game there this year as well).

:lol: :rofl:
vids of this?

Jal Get That Money Nigga



dip dip dip come fuck with the set petey 5th in cvs2 :wtf: jal 2nd in 3s double :wtf::wtf:

Sounded good… I shoulda came then but oh well…

Amir here. My first ECC and it was a blast. I’d like to thank all of the staff and the players. You guys really tried ard to make it a great event. Expecially you DSP, You worked har to get shi’t done. Mad props to you and everyone else. It was exciting meetign players from across the country and exchanging ideas as well as being able to chill. Everyone was mad cool. Good shi’t to my people at chinatown, the top five at marvel were from the CTF crew. Good shi’t to allthe cali players and west coast players that came out and made things fun. Good shi’t to potter for eliminating me at Rock, Paper, scissor, haha. See all you guys next year. To everyone who didn’t make it, try next year.