Eccxi Final 32 Results Complete!

This was the hardest marvel bracket ever IMO. GOOD shit to all placers. You earned it.

1st- Justin Wong (lost to Sanford)

2nd- Sanford Kelly(lost to Justin)

3rd- Mike Yipes(Lost to Sanford then Justin)

4th- Erik Smooth Viper(Lost to Justin then Yipes)

5th- Chunksta(Lost to Sanford then Yipes)

5th- Mad boo Face(Lost to Justin then Erik)

7th- Jason Hall(Lost to Rick mears then Chunksta)

7th- Magneto-x(Lost to erik 2x)

9th- Josh Wigfall(Lost to Yipes then Jason hall)

9th- Demon Hyo(Lost to Yipes then Chunksta)

9th- Rick mears(Lost to Mad boo face then Mag_X)

9th- Potter(Lost to Mad boo Face then Erik)

13th- Issac Gram(Lost to Erik then D Hyo)

13th- Org(Lost to Chunksta then Jason Hall)

13th- Liston(Lost to Rick mears then Potter)

13th- Bill Wellman(Lost to D hyo thenMag-x)

17th- Nelson(Lost to Julian then D hyo)

17th- Jiggabry( Lost to Josh Wigfall then Issac Gram)

17th- Infinte(lost to Mad boo face then Org)

17th- lincoln(Lost to Sanford Kelly then Jason Hall)

17th- Shaheed(Lost to Sanford then Liston)

17th- Desmond Pinkney(Lost to Chunksta then Potter)

17th-Taiji(Lost to JiggaBry then Mag-x)

17th- Julian Robinson(Lost to Justin Wong then Bill Wellman)

25th- Sergio(Lost to Justin Wong then Nelson)

25th- VDO(Lost to Mag-x then Issac)

25th- Rawbzilla(Lost to Liston then Jason Hall)

25th- Matrix(Lost to Potter then Shaheed)

25th- Power DN(Lost to Org then Desmond)

25th- Commy(Lost to Josh Wigfall then Taiji)

25th- Skisonic(Lost to Yipes then Bill)

25th- Duc Jr(Lost Lincoln then Infinte)

Good shit to all except one. lol. Peace

Good shi’t to everyone in the top 32. They all played well. Props to all, expecially you Josh for running shi’t orderly durring the tourney. All I can say is “wow” everything was wild at the marvel cabinet. Next year I’ll try scoring a little higher myself. Good shi’t east coast/chinatown fair for taking the top four.

damn. not a single whack player in the top 32! Brandon told me this bracket was gonna be hell and he was right. all u see is “lost to justin” “lost to sanford” “lost to yipes” damn! thanx alot Josh. u ran marvel on point which is why ur the mothafukin mayor. Now im waitin for Bryheem to make a name for Yipes and Smoothviper

Josh Wigfall aka “The Mayor of Mvc2” you ran which IMO the best Marvel tournament ever. Man, that top 32 bracket was HELL! Everywhere you looked it was a top player you had to face. I had to play Yipes 2nd round, and that is just a taste of what it was like for other people. Everyone who placed in top 32 have earned my respect in the mvc2 community and I hope you all do well at EVO.

On another note: The 27 man hotel marvel madness was the best ever! It included players who came to our room “158” such as "The mayor, Yipes, President aka Sanford Kelly, Chunksta, Magneto-X, Rawbzilla;… Julian Robinson, Rick mears and many more. We got wasted, had insane money matches for like close to 3 hours and just was laughing our asses off at some of the funniest moments we’ve all had at a tournament. All of you guys really know how to just kick back and chill and that’s what I love about you guys.

Btw, all of that madness at the hotel was recorded, so I hope the guy who was recording can get the vids to preppy, so everyone can see what went down.

Personal shoutouts:

Rawbzilla, you’re one cool dude! You’ve earned the nickname. “Ghost Rider” for your style of dressing. It was very fun hanging out with ya and I’d love to do it again sometime. I still have your number, so I’ll hit ya up sometime.

Magneto-X, you’re one chill ass dude. I loved the matches we had and the fun times back in the hotel room. Great meeting ya as well and good luck on the marrige, bro.

Chunksta, you’re too good, dude. You’re one funny guy to be around and you’re mad chill as well. Good games in the tournament and in the hotel, and I hope we meet again sometime. Good job on swallowing down that Everclear in the hotel room when we had that 27 man hotel bash. Oh, and don’t worry, we all had some form of tears in our eyes after trying that stuff out. I’ll never do it again though, lol!

Jason Hall, nice meeting you and chillen with ya, homie. You have one beast ass msp and keep up the skill.

Potter, we had some awsome grudge matches in thursday’s tournament and fierce shit talk! But hey, it’s all in good fun and competition and I’m glad we were mature enough to keep it that way. Without it, marvel just wouldn’t be fun, lol! You’re one cool dude and sick ass player. I love your team scrub, keep it up!

Bill, nice matches we had in the tournament! Your mss with drones is too beastly, yo! I love the setups you have, but most of all I looooove the way you get HYPE! It’s not Smoothviper hype, but that shyt is good enough.

Duc Jr, “SMART STUFF!” That’s all I can say, lol! Oh yah, I hope your broken fingers heal up because that looked mad brutal! Next time, don’t take your anger out on a tree because nature has a strong force. Good games to ya and don’t let EC hype get to ya, it’s all in good fun.

Hevad aka Mr CASINO aka Marvel AGENT, good shit on the hotel room and everything else, bro. Also, me and Matrix will never let ya live that “SHITTY SOCK” incident in the Chinese store down. LMFAO!

EC playas: As always it was awsome doin the thang with ya at ecc11 and I’m glad we all showed WC how we get down. This was the most personal/contraversial ecc ever!

“EC”: We LOVE drama

Hope to see you all at EVO because this time… Bin Laden and the President WILL be there!

This was the best tourney i have ever experienced in my life. They hype was real, trill, and fuckin CRAZY! Side bets every minute, money match every hour, and marvel crack all day everyday lol!

Sanford- Your style inspires me to learn how you do all of that shit you do lol and that includes your execution + intelligence. It was hella dope meeting you in person, you’re mad trill homie :]

Justin Wong- You’re fuckin ridiculously smart, and i wanna play you more 'cause i can learn more from you and sanford. It was dope taking that pic of everyone in The Break after ECC ended. You’re chill man!

Yipes- “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?” -by Brandon LOL. You’re beyond rediculous at marvel aka fuck your Vortex shit it’s fuckin mind bogglin’ lol. You’re mad trill to talk to and chill with.

Brandon aka Demon Hyo aka Magic Man, you are FUCKIN MAD GOOD IN MARVEL, i’ll never forget your msp and combofiend. Your shit is fuckin scary as fuck lol. GG’s playing you man, and it was hella trill chillin’ with you at the hotel =]

Chris aka Matrix, thanks for the compliment of my weight loss. I was hoping someone would see me different this year hahaha, j/k, others were saying it too, i appreciate that =] It was hella coo playing you in marvel, and your cyclops is fuckin NICE!

Erik aka Smooth Viper- You have mad good strategy and intelligence. The hypest mofo in the EC lol. And i wanted to say thank you for picking me up at the airport and helping me carry my bags to nelson’s house =]

Kevin (Damian) You’re hella dope! Thanks for paying the fees of the taxi driver when i arrived at JFK and shit man, you’re mad trill =].

Desmond aka Executioner aka The Hyphy Movement, you’re hella trill. It was hella nice to play with you in marvel finally (no homo). Also, you’re hella coo person to talk to =]

HAVAHD or however you spell it, i want to thank you for all the rides you gave me back in forth from The Break to the Motel 6 and from Motel 6 to The Break =] I really appreciate that very much. God damn, you’re hella SERIOUS with your side bets LOLOLOL GET THAT FUCKIN MONEY HAHAHA!

Rawbzilla aka Ghost Rida’ haha, good shit with the side bets with isaac, You both WON HELLA MONEY! GET AT THAT SHIT NEXT YEAR! I hella like your santhrax too man, good shit =D And thanks for the work out tips and everything else…YOU ALREADY KNOW! (no homo) lololol.

Isaac GRAHAM! We need to play at evo this year. Stop dodging me dawg lol j/k. You’re hella dope. See you at Evo :] Also Good shit With the side bets, YOU GOT AT THAT FUCKIN MONEY! hahah

Ski-Sonic aka Neecro god at 3s, it wa dope chillin’ with ya man, thanks for the props and you’re mad sick at 3s lol We need to chill at Evo this year no doubt man.

Lincoln, you’re mad random dawg! But it’s hella GOOD! 'cause i use it too =O! lolol. It was hella cool meeting you man and ggs in marvel, you’re pretty beastly!

Julian Robinson, your Cable/Sent/Zangief is motherfuckin SERIOUS! Good shit and it was nice to meet you too =]

Duc Jr. “THE SMART STUFF!!!” that shit was fuckin hilarious hahaha. It was dope seeing you there and you are mad good with team scrub, fuckin WOWOWOW SMART STUFF!

Dip$et, You guys are dope with the “Diplomat” shirts lol. TOO FUCKIN SICK, good shit to Bill for going nutty with mss-drones and winning me side bets and same with potter and Honey jal aka Pigadoken =O!

Magneto-X, you’re hella nice, trill, insane with MSS-A, and im stealing your mss shit in the beginning of the match! Too much hype = too much fun. you’re mad fun to chill with (no homo) lol. We’ll play mirror matches again =D!

Jason Hall, Your magnus is mad good dude and your mag/storm/cap is fuckin nice! Next year i wanna see you playing sentinel. That should be hella sick yo! It was nice meeting you too, you’re fuckin trill as fuck (no karomo)!
Nelson aka REMIX IS TOXIC i greatly thank you for housing me the day i arrived at NYC. Thanks for having the responsibility of taking care of me and that goes a long with the other trills:
-Josh 360
-Arthur aka Chaos Night Wolf
-Andre aka DemiSe
-ORG aka Evil Rahshan (thank you for getting me a ride back to JFK homie =] You’re mad good at marvel too no doubt!)

You guys are hella TRILL as fuck and dope in marvel! It was mad fun chillin’ with you guys and I wanna see ya’ll again next year NO DOUBT (no homo) and hopefully evo this year =]

Ray, i really don’t know you that well, but i thank you very much in regards to driving me back to JFK Airport, all the way from New Jersey! You seem like a trill guy, and your driving is fuckin GOD-LIKE! lololol Hopefully i’ll get to side bet more against you next year :wink:

I also wanted to thank Josh Wigfall for holding ECC tournament this year and GG’s in the hotel room to all the marvel players i played. I will come next year’s ECC if there is one and this time imma bring hella money for BIG money in side bets and money matches! EC is dope. See you all Next year, peace!

If i forgot anyone else to comment on, i apologize for it.

:lovin: EC :lovin: THE HYPE :lovin: THE MONEY :lovin: THE CRACK


Just got home…hella tired.
Can’t get everyone, but will try to hit most.

Wigfall: Good shit for running a great tourney. Entire weekend of non-stop Marvel is crazy.

Rawbzilla: Good times chilling with you again. See ya at Evo where we’ll gamble away all our $$.

Mag-X: My boy went off on people with MSS. Southwest CHAMP!

Isaac: Always mad fun chilling with the nicest player on any coast.

Demon: Mr. 1-Touch Kill, everybody gets hit by Ironman! How do you do it?!

Erik: My vote for CO-most-impressive player at ECC (outside of the top 3 of course). Can play ANY team. Rep that shit at Evo.

Chunksta: My other vote for Most-Impressive player. Mad cool and chill. Come to TS next year!

Matrix: Good shit seeing ya again. Always a good time.

Bill: Crazy bitch! No one bored with this player around.

Lincoln: Guy went nuts on people in the hotel room one night. Good job running the room.

Liston: You have gotten crazy better at Marvel in the last year and a half. Good Shit!

Justin: What can I say? The true king is back. Take that money at Evo.

Mad: Good job in the main tourney. You played crazy good.

ORG: You beat me when you lived down south. Now you are even better. GGPO.

Potter: One of the funniest guys at ECC. See ya at Evo.

Desmond: One of my favorite players on the east coast. Nice seeing ya.

Taiji: Damn top ST player. Never knew, good shit.

Phil: Can’t leave out the main tourney director. Good job holding shit down.

ECC was too hype. Best Marvel comp in the world. Can’t wait to see that shit again when EVERYONE’S FAVORITE MARVEL PLAYER – PREPPY – gets that footage up.

See everyone in Vegas!


Silly rabbits, marvel is for kids!

Good shit to all who placed, I wish i knew the cabinet I lost to Jason Hall on didn’t block low BEFORE Super Turbo started…oh well…good shit anyways, I’ll be sure to rape you all at EVO East when I can play on a stick that works and I don’t have to run 10 other tournaments…good luck trying to squeak by me then!

Good shyt to everyone who came out to ECCXI. The comp was phenomenal and even got to meet cool marvel plyers throughout the country. I’m not gonna type a big ass list but much love to all. Yall all cool to me neways.

Hope to see some of you next year, Newark, or CTF.

True Ghetto Story

Good job to all the ppl in the top 32 i never seen such a beast bracket before, everywhere u look there are killers!

Chunksta - Your as chill as i thought u would be, u need ANYTHING homie i got u. Congrats on getting 5th and repping ur coast!

Rawbzilla - Your a madd cool dude and a beast in marvel. Hope u had a good time at ECC. =]

Mag-X - Your MSS is mad good, i wish we got to play more games, but chillin and talkin to u is cool enough ur a chill dude stay up man. Hope to see u soon.

Josh Wigfall - Goodjob with the brackets and making sure everything ran smoothly.

Duc Jr - Your a funny guy with the “Smart Stuff” talk lol

VDO - Your a beast and a chill dude thanks for being concerned for my well being.

Everybody else - thxs for the concernsand stuff when i came back from the hospital, Im a marvel warrior so u know i had to come back! =p Anyways congrats to everyone, Hope WC peeps had a good time. SEE YOU AT ECCXII

Damn!! So many top players. How the hell did the Break contain all this fucking madness?

Chunksta- Good shit placing 5th, it was hella dope watching you at PSM. Got maybe a few more matches with you that are about to get put up soon on top of the others that are already on Preppy’s site.

Isaac- The People’s Champ! Good shit for your placing too. You’re one of the biggest hustlers I’ve seen in marvel, keep it up! Gotta play a few games next time we meet.

Now all I’ll have to do is wait for Preppy to put up these vids

this is lincoln OHH SHIT ECC WAS DA BOMB!!! chucksta and robzilla omg ur guys rock hella cool mad good mvc2 skillz the hotel room was off da hook. everyone in top 32 is great at marvel. power dn is too good. bill wellmen fucked my shit UP! jason hall did his thing. yipies, sanford, and justin obviously too good. everyone good shit!!! potter is mad cool and too good. DIPSET!! ECC IS DA BEST!!!

Yo EC, just wanted to say thank you so much for everthing this week. Everyone was mad chill, and i’ll never forget the experience. Hands down craziest tourny ever! So fkn hype! You have opened my eyes as to what Marvel really is.

Demon Hyo: Good meeting you, and thanks for letting me chill at “158” I’ll remeber you the most out of everyone man.

Mr. President: What can i say man, you are the reason i play this game. I still can’t comprehend what i just saw this weekend. Despite the results, you are the best in the world. Thanks for all the advice also. When i get some time, i’ll head out to Philly so you and Brandon can teach me. Stay up.

Josh Wigfall: Great event man. Thanks for treating me like part of the EC family.

Yipes: As usual, i’m speechless. You make the game exciting. Thanks for turning me into a combo video. See you at Evo. Peace.

SmoothViper: Too good. So much passion for the game and for EC, love it. The world is not ready for you son.

Isaac Graham: Good seeing you again, Evo for sure dawg. Remember, aight! Bet it!

Chunksta: AKA Chunk- A-Dunk! Good stuff this weekend, you ARE the best on the WC, no doubt about it. And My Homie for life! Peace.

Linkin: Sup man, sorry about that one comment, i had no idea. Stay safe.

Matrix: Funniest dude ever! I’m stealing that Cyke into drones shiet!

Hevad: AKA the Marvel Broker. Good money bets! It could have went either way. We’ll do it again sometime bro. Good luck online with those STT"s. Peace.

Remix: Good MSC battles dawg! Hella cool dude.

X: Still one of the best man, good games. Stay up.

Power Dn: My homie from Texas. Good seeing you again. Can you believe, 3rd in the team tourny? Wtf? See you soon.

Magneto X: Yo man whats up. You are a beast in Marvel! Hope you got home safe. August right?

Ranma: Thanks for the Pictures, lol. You better have more the next time i see you. I’ll be at Showdown for sure. Peace.

Preppy: Whats good? Thank you sooo much for taking care of me this weekend. Get that footage up soon, the world needs to see it. See you soon.

Potter: I’ll never forget, “dude eats dick for breakfast” Too funny. I could only dream of having a Santhrax like yours man. Keep it up.

Bill: You are my favorite person of all the Marvel heads, always got me laughin. No homo, lol. Keep reppin the drones.

Infinite: Cool meeting you, hopefully again at Evo sometime.

Taiji: Good games and good shit in ST.

VDO: I was sure not expecting that, you are a beast man!

Room 158: God damn! 27 heads in one room! Straight Marvel CRACK!

And to anyone else i met along the way, thanks. Wow, and just when i thought i was begining to understand Marvel, I realised, i don’t know shit! If you play this game, and were not at ECC, then you have no idea. EC is on some other type shit. Besides Potter and Chunk, they got Evo on lock! Well, until then, everyone stay safe and keep CRACK alive!. Peace. Zilla.

EC is taking evo this year! A war is coming, and those who were at ECC understand the true power of the EC. We’re bringing the HYPE!


eccXi was one hell of a tourney… thanks to dsp, wigfall and the rest that helped run it…

wigfall: glad to see that you healed up, and it didnt effect your gameplay!

demon hyo: your team combofiend is very entertaining to watch, imma try to start using rp assist more haha

yipes: no doubt, you are magnus… good shit for top 3, and crazy mag/war machine hehe

erik: you’ll do hella good at evo, u beast!! best thrax ever

sanford: omg, that refly shit you were doing was too sick, hope u can goto evo!

justin: good shit for winning all games man, and hella fun matches in st! rog vs. rog = GG

NKI: nice to finally play you in ST, and thanks for the tips!!

FlashG: your a hella funny guy, gg’s in ST!! chun li rc ftw!! LOL

DSP: GG’s in those 500 casual matches and in tourney!

issac: <3!!! dota!!

robzilla: gg’s to u man, hella solid, and crazy defense!

mag-x: your a chill dude, your mss-a is the best ever… fuck msp haha

power-dn: gg’s dude… we always seem to play each other, i bet we’re in same bracket at evo haha

playerunknown: nice to see again, as well as the chicago peeps… your screaming during the matches was hella funny hahahah, also good shit to madbooface for top5

Liston: always nice seeing u man, u got hella better!!

COMMY: nice to meet u man, as well as SBCDyN!

bigazn: your dope as hell, u going to evo?

wc peeps: good shit to albert in 3s, and the rest of the dips!! also to chunk, fucking monster!!

Hope to see ya all at evo!!! peace

Thanks for all of the props guys =DDDD!!

I LOVE YA’LL !!! <33333 NO HOMO

Good shit to all who placed too! Also, i would like to thank my hero aka PREPPY aka “FUCK’EM UP GOOD KIDS!” God i love that shirt Preppy lol. Thank you for filming every fuckin thing the entire weekend, you are fuckin GOD-LIKE! I can’t wait till evo…ITS GONNA BE HYPEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!:looney: :looney: Peace


I just watch the videos on Preppy’s site and Justin vs Julian ends up 2-1 for Julian!!! (part 1 - 28:40 towards 37:00). What am I missing here?

nelson vs julian robinson

Yeah, those uncut/raw clips are advanced sneak previews. Don’t really trust them until I have a chance to go through 'em. :smile: I will try to do one tape a night - we’ll see how it goes.

Ragnafrak: I still love that av. :tup:

Thanks, guys