ECCXI LIVE Results Thread (as they happen)

Thursday, May 25
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament results (25 entrants)

  1. Josh Wigfall
  2. Brandon “Demon Hyo”
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Jason Hall
  5. Bill “Bagnus”
  6. Daniel “Power DN”
  7. DSP
  8. Shaheed
  9. Ed the Head
  10. Hilton
  11. Rawbzilla
  12. Liston
  13. Jason-X
  14. Chris Chou “Ranma whatever”
  15. Lincoln
  16. Magneto-X
  17. Lawrence Carr “The LAW”
  18. Aaron
  19. Rob F.
  20. Jal
  21. Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner”
  22. Tony “Barnage” Barnhill
  23. Aaron
  24. Amir
  25. Herad
  26. Rob Sigley

Why did so many people show up for the Pre-ECC Bash? Phi was running around trying to get cabinets working, a very big THANKS to him for his hard work!

No other tournaments happened because controls blew and I only bought new equipment for cabinets that would be used in tournament at ECC.

Tomorrow, Team MvC2 and open registrations.

Oh yeah, 30 people actually USED the Paypal pre-registration!

Friday, May 26, 2006


It looks like right now, the greatest amount of people have registered for MvC2, followed closely by CvS2 and then 3s!


  1. Team Dead Cell - Josh Wigfall, Smooth Viper, IFCYipes
    2)Team Syndicate - Matrix, Desmond, Justin Wong
    3)Team Houston - Rawbzilla, Magneto-X, PowerDN

There was some ridiculous amount of teams I don’t even want to count.

Nothing else really happened, lots of people registered.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

CvS2 top 16 (60 entries):
Harry Potter
Rob Sigley
Justin Wong
Damian Ecklund
Baltimore Chun
City of Brass
Nagata Lock
Som D.
Tony “Barnage” Barnhill
Arturo Sanchez
Nestor "The Legend Killer"
Nick T.

3s Top 16 (out of 45 entries):
James S. from Rhode Island
Justin Wong
Aaron B.
Jose Garcia
Erik Kim
Nestor "The Legend Killer"
Josh Wigfall
Rey Guibuo? I can’t read it!

MvC2 top 32 (lol, marvel, over 70 entries):
Omega Red Guru
Justin Wong
Mad Boo Face
Josh Wigfall
Julian Robinson
Power DN
Jason Hall
Chris Ellis "Matrix"
Bill "Bagnus"
Nelson "Remix"
Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney
Rick Mears
Duc Jr.

Dead or Alive 4 (15 entries):

  1. Perfect Legend (comes out of the losers to beat Hatred 2 sets, 4-2 and then 4-0!!!)
  2. Hatred
  3. Oscar the Grouch (had to leave so he forfeit :frowning: )
  4. Escaping Jail
  5. Sundown (the best player in MEXICO!)
  6. Sage
  7. Tom Brady
  8. Virtual Pai
  9. DSP
  10. Ace
  11. Kyle S. (gave his spot to Shin Deon because he had to go)
  12. Slaya
  13. Master Chibi
  14. Great Chaos
  15. Shin Deon


Although both City of Brass and SCI gave a valiant effort in CvS2 and both qualified for the reset top 16 on Sunday…

neither of them are able to make it on Sunday to continue.

SO their spots are forfeit, and given to the two people who they eliminated for the spots…aka UCRRollerBlader JESSE and JIGGABRY!


Sunday May 28th
1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Nestor
3rd - Smoothcat
4th- Pigadoken
5th - VDO
5th - Harry Potter
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - Rob Sigley
9th - Tony
9th - Jiggabry
9th - UCRRollerBlader
9th - SOM D
13th - Baltimore Chun
13th - Arturo Sanchez
13th - Nick T.
13th - FecalPenance

Nestor cruises through and sends Justin Wong to losers, Justin cleans up and faces Smoothcat in losers finals, then ends up coming back and beating Nestor two sets.

Vampire Savior (10 Killers)
1st. Jeron Grayson: Rikiou
2nd. GBursine: Rikiou/ Hseien-Ko/Q-Bee
3rd. Saiyd (Zar): L. Raptor
4th. Josh Wong: Sasquatch
5th. DSP: Sasquatch
5th. Trevor: Random Select/ Bishmon/Raptor
7th. Julien Robinson: Tailban
7th. SmoothCat: Morrigan/Jedah
9th. Master Chibi: Felicia
9th. Ralph: Morrigan

Highlights and recaps:

  • GBursine sends Trevor to losers (2-1)
  • Josh Wong sends SmoothCat to losers (2-1)
  • Julien sends Ralph to losers (2-1)
  • Josh Wong sends Julien to losers (2-1)
  • Saiyd sends DSP to losers (2-0)
  • Saiyd sends Josh to losers (2-1)
  • Jeron sends Chibi to losers (2-0)
  • GBursine sends Jeron to losers (2-0)
  • Winners Finals GBursine sends Saiyd to losers Final core (3-2)


  • DSP takes out Smooth
  • DSP takes out Ralph
  • Josh takes out DSP
  • Jeron takes out Trevor
  • Jeron takes out Josh
  • Losers final Jeron takes out Zar Final score (3-2)
  • Grand Finals Jeron comes back to take VS in the finals Final score (4-0), (4-0)

Super Turbo (30 entrants)

  1. Justin Wong (O.Sagat, N. Ryu, Balrog)
  2. NKI (Chun Li_
  3. Taiji (Balrog)
  4. David Spence (Sim)
  5. Flash G
  6. David Doyle
  7. Chris Doyle
  8. Julian Robinson
  9. Pete Talley
  10. Jeron
  11. Arturo
  12. Trevor

Okay, let me explain what happened here so everybody knows the real story.

YES Super Turbo was supposed to be on two switch-stick cabinets. Phi installed ST into a cabinet and replaced it’s non-low blocking 360s with switch sticks. But there were two issues: first, a lot of people said the new switch sticks sucked, because they made you accidentally jump around a lot due to the springs not being broken in. Second, the screen on that cabinet was absolutely horrible, it would randomly shift to the right in certain areas during supers and loading screens, distorting the image.

So, I had Chris Cotty move that ST board to ANOTHER switch stick cabinet on Sunday, and then I had Phi set up another ST cab in a cabinet that had perfect 360s.

Well, all my worries were proven correct when several people got “upset” on the 360 cabinet when they were unable to block low or keep their charges. It seemed like that cabinet definitely favored people who didnt need to charge.

To make matters worse, the switch stick ST cabinet had horribly high gamma/contrast and GHOSTING on the damned screen. So you had great controls but you would randomly get hit by things like fireballs and such, because you sometimes couldn’t see where things were, or even how much life you had!

I APOLOGIZE to all who came for ST and had to suffer these conditions. As much as I love ST, I know this was unacceptable. I’m beginning to truly believe that the days of playing games on arcade cabinets are now behind us…it seemed like no matter what we tried (we tried THREE different cabinets!) there was always something wrong. Putting ST on console could have solved these problems, and I apologize.

NOW, as for my situation and what happened:

First round I had to play Taiji, who incidentally I had played about 100x before on Friday in casuals on that “shitty cabinet” that randomly jumped. We had lots of good Rog-Rog and Rog-Dee Jay matches. So I knew what to expect and I picked Dee Jay, but we ended up playing on the cabinet with the 360s. Well it ended up that pretty much right off I noticed I was constantly losing my charges and unable to block low most of the time…pretty much ANY time Taiji got near me, it was rape, because I couldn’t block his low dashing straight attempts or sweeps. So I tried to play the match keeping him away 100% of the time, but ended up losing because I couldn’t keep my charge.

After that match, losing first round, I knew how hard it was going to be to fight my way through a losers bracket in a 30-man tournament. I would have had to win 9 straight matches while still running CvS2 and 3s at the same time. THIS WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, so rather than keep playing and basically having to spend every ounce of energy I had left to try to come back and win, I forfeit and totally focused my efforts on running CvS2 and 3s. And guess what? Because I was paying attention and not playing ST, I was able to catch a random reset during the Justin Wong-Nestor finals of CvS2 and make the correct call, as well as fly through the entire 3s top 16 in about 3 hours. Not damned bad.

Third Strike (45 entrants)**

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Pigadoken
  3. Kofiend
    Just under Kofiend were people like Exodus, SmoothCat and Josh Wigfall. Sorry, nobody gave me the completed 3s bracket so I don’t have full top 16 results.

Guilty Gear XX Slash (30 entrants)**

  1. Marn (Ed, Ky, ABA)
  2. Jan (Ky, Ed, So)
  3. Steve (Ky)
  4. Paul Wall (Pot)
  5. Japanegro (Bridget, OS)
  6. WonderTonic (Zappa)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (76 Entrants)*****

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Sanford Kelly
  3. Yipes
    I also didn’t receive this bracket so I can’t post full results.

MvC2 WC vs. EC 5 on 5, 100 dollars a head!
…did not happen, there were crazy discrepancies with teams trying to say that certain players couldn’t be included (like Yipes) and it was debated for almost 2 hours on Saturday night. I think at one point even I was considered to be on the team, fucking random. Finally it ended up being something ridiculous like Duc Jr. vs. ORG for a couple hundred and ORG won or something. Whatever.

And now for the really serious shit…


Bet 1: The Price is WRONG, bitch!
The Game: with 25+ gamers from ECC sitting at one long table, bet on what the total bill will be.
The Ante: $5 a head
The Rules: we all write down our guesses on a piece of paper, money is collected, and then both are hidden from everyone at the table. The person who guesses the closest to the actual total of the bill once it is handed to us wins the money. No duplicate bets. In the case of a tie, money is split.
The Catch: nobody knew if the waitress would include gratuity, nobody knew if everybody was going to order/eat, and nobody knew what sales tax was in New Jersey anyway.
The Antics: Desmond literally passes out at the table, and a few people end up not eating. We all write down our guesses on a piece of paper. The paper reads as follows:

Josh - 575
Triforce - 360
Fugee - 430
Ed - 420
Liston - 300
Isaac - 280
Aaron - 250
Bill - 312
Potter - 230
Jesse - 255
NKI - 200
Flash - 450
Jwong - 710
Rawbzilla - 390
Preppy - 460
Jan - 330
Power DN - 335
Ademola - 327
Ranma - 375
DSP - 340

The check comes back…drumroll…$239! Potter is the winner!
I hand Potter the money, but then WHAT IS THIS, the waitress walks to the end of hte table and hands a few people on the very very opposite end a separate check! She screwed up and didn’t include them on ours, so we add the $40 from our check to make the true total $279…
The real winner is ISAAC FUCKING GRAHAM! Potter is humiliated!

Bet 2: Fast Food
The Game: one person takes high, other takes low. A time of 25 minutes is set. The time it takes for all food to be cooked and every person to be served is recorded. Josh Wigfall bets that it will take less than 25 minutes to happen, Pigadoken bets it will be more than that.
The Ante: $10 a head
The Catch: one order has to be fixed because the waitress forgets what the person orders. Also, the waitress mentions after taking the first four plates out at the 12 minute mark, that more than half the food hasn’t even hit the grill yet!

The action is intense, but after only 17 minutes, all food is served, and Wigfall wins the bet!

Final Bet: Iron Stomach
The Game: a disgusting concoction of bleu cheese, caesar salad dressing, pepper, salt, ketchup, sugar, and a french fry are combined into about 1/3 of a glass. Pigadoken must drink the entire glass and then wait 5 minutes to drink water, without throwing up, in order to win the bet.
The Ante: Isaac puts up $20? and so does Pigadoken.
The Catch: Pigadoken has to CHEW the concoction to actually swallow it!

Pigadoken not only chews and swallows, but says YUM and smiles! He then finishes his drink and sits there, UNPHASED! After 3 1/2 minutes of sitting around doing nothing, Isaac says he forfeits and Pigadoken wins!


I hope everyone had a great time at ECCXI, I’ll give recognition and shout-outs in another thread!

Actually I got first at this tournament. And we all know why Dipset!!!

7th? After looking at the brackets the loser of Jason Hall and myself took forth. The only person to play after me was Bill. I prolly overlooked something.

brandon hyo all day forever everyday… shit wigfall shouldn’t u be gimped or something how are u still on top?? edit lazyj grew some balls and ditched his family so i’ll see u bums tonight…

yo lemme know wasup before yall roll out. I may go with you guys, but if not ill need you to register me at least

Good shit petey. GlL to my Dip$.

is this offical tournament or pre-tournament? good shit to all placers

Nah… kidna a “we’ll throw a tournament because everyone’s here on Thursday anyway” tournament

was $5.00 entry, $0.50 pay to play


X be gettin’ that cake regardless…

good shit potter/bill

What place did Duc Do “Ducvader” get???


He didn’t place according to results on first post.

according to him being on irc earlier today i don’t think he’s there

Just so everybody knows, I will be updating my first post as new results happen. I just updated with Friday’s events.

Justin Wong wasn’t there either?

Oh shit yeah i gotta wish luck to all in the tourneys have fun. lol

DSP Keep postin good shit.

Go EC show them how we roll. LMAO

Postman~730 postin’…

That would of been small papah for Justin, regardless…Papah is Papah!!!

Double Post!!! Damn sk IIs!!! That’s why I never post on these things!

i know im missing some crazy shit right now aka bill and erik

good shit dip

good shit to my muthafuckas DarkPrince/Taiji/Chunk for beating mears/hyo/robinson in the team tourney.