ECCXI Pre-registration thread! PLEASE READ!

Okay guys, it’s roughly one month until ECC so here’s the deal:

You have two ways to register: either online using Paypal, or you can register at the tournament itself.

If you register either via Paypal or on FRIDAY of the tournament, you will have a $10 cover charge, to help us with the costs of equipment we have had to purchase/rent for ECC. This allows us to get YOU, the gamers, brand new controls for all tournament cabinets, as well as multiple PS2/Xbox 360 stations for the tournament.

HOWEVER, if you do NOT register using Paypal or on Friday (a.k.a. you register at the very last minute on Saturday) you will be charged a $15 cover fee. The only exception to this rule, is if you are coming ONLY to play Dead or Alive 4, in which case there will only be a $5 cover charge; however, if you are playing DOA4 and any other game, you will be required to pay the $10 cover like everyone else.

Why? Because Josh Wigfall and I don’t want to be totally redrawing brackets at the last minute, because 100 people decided to show up at 1pm on Saturday. This will make our jobs HELL and also delay the tournament unnecessarily. If you can register via Paypal or on Friday, PLEASE DO. You are basically delaying everyone else if you wait until the last minute, plus you’ll save yourself 5 bucks!

I have heard a lot of people say they don’t like Paypal, well let me explain how easy it is to use. You DO NOT need to have a bank account linked to paypal to use it…you can send payments using a credit card. Here is how to pre-register using paypal:

  1. Go to and wait for it to load!
  2. If you already have an existing account, log in normally. If you don’t, click on create a paypal account and follow the easy steps. They will probably ask you things like if you want to “upgrade” your account to premium. YOU DO NOT need to upgrade in order to pre-register for ECC, so I would suggest not doing so. If you do, Paypal will take a cut whenever you accept payments.
  3. Once you have created your account and verified through e-mail you are ready to go. Log into the account and click on the “send money” tab in your profile.
  4. In the “Recipients Mail or Phone” box type
  5. In the “Amount” box, put in the total registration amount. Here are the entry fees to refresh everyone’s memory:

Initial registration: $10 (you must include this, it will automatically be deducted from what you send us, and if you did not send enough to enter all the tournaments you wanted to play in, you will be required to pay more money at ECC or else you will not be included. REMEMBER, the fee is $10 PER PERSON, so if you send one payment for multiple people, you must pay $10 per each person).
Marvel vs Capcom 2 singles: $10
Capcom vs SNK 2 singles: $10
Third Strike singles: $10
Super Street Fighter II singles: $10
Guilty Gear Slash singles: $10
Dead or Alive 4 singles: $10

Please do NOT send payment for the MvC2 team tournament, or the 5v5 MvC2 WC vs EC challenge, through Paypal. Those fees will be taken in person on Friday night.

Here’s an example: Let’s say I want to enter CvS2, MvC2, and DOA4. Well then, here is what I would have to pay:

-10 for the cover charge
-10 for mvc2
-10 for cvs2
-10 for DOA4
=$40 total, so I would put 40 in the amount box.

Now, let’s say that I’m sending pre-registration for both myself and my friend, because my friend doesn’t have a credit card. Then I would do as follows:

-10 cover charge for myself
-10 cover for my friend
-20 for both of us to get into mvc2
-20 for both of us to get into cvs2
-20 for both of us to play DOA4
=80 total, so i would type 80 in the amount box.

See how easy it is?

  1. Currency: make sure this says US DOLLARS or else you might end up sending us too much, or not enough money.
  2. Category of purchase: I recommend putting Goods (other) or Service, but it really doesn’t matter. Just be sure you don’t put Ebay or another auction or else it might ask you for Auction #s
    ECC Preregistration
  4. Note: This is where you’re going to put the most important information of all:

-Your FULL Legal Name
-Your nickname on SRK or whatever you want to go by in the tournament
-City, State you are from
-What games you are entering

So let’s say, again, I’m paying for both myself and my friend. This is what I would put in the notes section:

Phil Burnell
New Haven, CT
MvC2, CvS2, DOA4

Tommy Balls
The Ballmaster
Bridgeport, CT
MvC2, CvS2, DOA4

The reason we need this info is so we know 1. what to call you by at the tournament and 2. where you are from, so we don’t accidentally have you fighting your buddies in the first few rounds of any tournament. We want to seed properly so please let us know where you’re from to avoid getting elminated by your friends!

That’s it! It’s that simple, click on continue and it will put you through the steps to select your payment type. Usually I use my credit card/bank card, and there’s NO FEE TO DO SO.

So that’s it, it’s that easy. If anyone has any problems please let me know, as I begin to get pre-registrations in I will begin to compile a list here in this thread to show who is coming for what. See you guys at ECC!


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Isnt Tommy Balls you’re boyfriend?

stop acting like youre in charge bitch

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yes we know

Fuck PayPal.

I don’t understand what the misconception about Paypal is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Ever since Ebay bought it out, it has been exceptional…you can pay through multiple methods, including Credit Card, and they charge you NOTHING and you DO NOT ever have to link a bank account to it. Sounds like you’re pretty uninformed.

As of right now, VERY few people have pre-registered for ECC. This is NOT a good thing because if I have to draw up brackets last minute on Saturday, it WILL delay the tournament and I will NOT accept complaints about things starting late from people who refuse to register ahead of time. Trust me, I don’t want ANYBODY playing a game after midnight at all, but I WILL make you play until the crack of dawn if need be, if everybody registers at the last minute and it takes me 2 extra hours on Saturday to draw up the brackets.


If I pay now and find out last minute I can’t go, will I get a full refund?

lol yah right register at your own risk

well then fudge that. I’ll bring 25 people and we will all register on saturday.

why is everyone being so negative about this… this is to help ecc run smoothly. Show support or dont show anything.

The policy for ECC (and every other tournament that has offered pre-registration) is that there are no refunds. Why? Because let’s say that 100 people, right now, pre-register. Well then on Friday of ECC weekend I’m looking at the pre-registration list and I’m making brackets/pools based off of that, plus adding in people who register on Friday, and using that as the general guide. Then on Saturday, I add in anybody who shows up last minute, who basically just gets thrown into the mix somewhere, WITHOUT seeding.

Now, what would happen if we offered refunds? Out of the 100 people that pre-registered, lets say 30 don’t show up to ECC. We now have a bracket where roughly 30% of the people don’t show up…that’s a LOT of byes and a LOT of hassle, especially if the people that didn’t show were in the same brackets by chance. It would turn into a lot of floating, and a lot of last-minute drawing up of brackets that we don’t want to deal with, because it will take a LOT of time to fix.

Again, Josh Wigfall and I are NOT making a dime off of ECC, I have already spent over $1200 out of my pocket for this tournament, not even including the things I will be donating for use and also the fact I lost my job almost a month ago because of ECC. I do not even imagine that any kind of entry fees will be enough to make up for what I’ve already spent/lost on the organization and running of this tournament. The “no refund” policy and the $15 increased cover charge for Saturday last-minute registration are ways to DETER people from doing just that: either registering with no real intention of showing up (and therefore fucking up the brackets we make ahead of time) or showing up at the very last minute and forcing us to draw totally new brackets.

If you really want to show up on Saturday with 25 people, that’s your choice. But I don’t want to hear anything about the extra $125 you’ll be paying in extra cover charge fees and the extra 2 hours you’ll have to wait for the tournaments to start (and end since we’re playing until top 16 is determined in CvS2/3s and top 32 in MvC2 no matter WHAT on Saturday). If you do complain, we have the right to just disqualify you anyway for misconduct. Not that I want to, but since YOU’RE the cause of the problem, I don’t see how you’d have any grounds of complaining about the consequences of your own actions.

The goal here is to get enough pre-registrations and on-site registrations on Friday to make preliminary brackets, so on Saturday we are just “filling in the blanks” around the seeds, as opposed to drawing up completely new brackets/pools at the last minute, that will delay the tournament significantly. There is nothing else to it. If you don’t get that, I can’t help you! :looney:

I was just kidding in my previous post :slight_smile: So when is the very last minute I can pay thru paypal and still be registered and put into the brackets? Friday 8pm?

No, registration will be closed after midnight on Thursday 5/25. At that time I will compile the list of everyone who’s pre-registered and bring it with me to ECC, where I will be making brackets probably Friday night.

hey darkside did u get my payment and registered me?

I’ll do this the week before ECC ;p.

Yes, I did. Seems like the pre-registration is working perfectly. So far only two people have pre-registered so I won’t post the running list yet, I’ll probably do this at the end of this week.

aight cool then just making sure that’s all.

this is also a great idea because I can pay now, making more payments but less at different times. thanks