ECCXI Tune Up #1 at ORBIT on 04/15/2006 (CvS2/MvC2/3S/#R)


With ECC about 2 and 1/2 months away, and a growing interest from many players this year, I want to schedule two ORBIT tournaments to keep everyone sharp. As per usual, I’m going to stay out of the actual directing but organizing I wanted to get out of the way now.

DATE: Saturday April 15th

LOCATION: ORBIT Entertainment Center


START TIME: 2:00pm

GAMES: Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear #Reload

FEE: $15 per team for CvS2/MvC2/3S, $10 per team for #R, Pay as you play

These are 3 man teams except for #R, which is 2 man teams. The usual rules apply though if people need clarification I’ll be happy to provide it.


I’d suggest that the people who are attending ECCXI team up with the people they are planning to team with at that tournament.

I’m looking for directors for each game. I can only assume that the usual folks will step up in Marvel, 3S and Reload. I will make the brackets for CvS2 but want no part of it after that.

It’s been obvious for some time that the Marvel scene is on a resurgance in the GTA. It’d be nice to see all the Sauga players show up this time around and bolster what is becoming a regular full 16 man bracket into 24+

The second ECCXI Tune Up will be on Saturday May 13th and will be a singles tournament.

I’ve got finals around that weekend, so someone else has to step up if anyone wants #R to happen.

let hope not everyone will be having exams at this time.

I never played in a team tourny before, can someone explain to me how it works? Is it first to 5 wins or 7 or 9?

its 3 sets of 5 … aka … 6 wins gets u the W… i think

The April tournament always had the risk of exam conflicts but it rarely gets in the way on any large scale. Despite what people love to say, they rarely study on their Saturday afternoon/night and if anything could use a break like video games around that time anyway.

The format for MvC2 will NOT be “King of the Road” as in the past.

Each player on a team will play every player on the opposing team (similar to 5v5 format), with the first team to 5 wins taking the set.

Finally, JS can copy/paste his “Jiggabry will not win this tournament” propaganda and may actually be right.

Nathan and I had a talk about the format change and I fully endorse it. It allows for an actual team setting rather than “one man takes it down” as in the past. The format is slightly longer than previous tournies but Nathan was good enough to run projections and even at 8 teams x 3 people per team it’s only an increase of 35 mintues over the format in King Of The Road.

With that being said, I am looking for a teammate in Marvel. I already want to team with Darren and need one more. Pererick I’m looking in your direction unless you’re teaming with your DTFL buds.

yeA? make sure you guys dont get ur dates mixed up again

sorry justin u gotta look elsewhere. prick’s (perrerick) lock’d with me and quan. PQD ftw :wgrin:

:confused: What is this guy talking about? :confused:

ratio one beat down said that canada didnt go cause they yall got the dates mixed up

he is talking about montreal not showing up to ECC last year because they mixed up the date haha :looney:

oh diffrent part of canada? my bad guess i should know my geografic b4 i talk shit

i predict this tournament will finally be the end of Jiggabry for marvel

I predict Eric will lose at least one bet to me at this tournament.

sorri justin im wit dee and quan may b next time

how come u always pick on me :sad:

winner take all for marvel?:rolleyes:

Stop PRETENDING to be confident. Especially after you’ve been scouting TOSF for your team. That’s basically the ultimate proof that TOSF > Sauga. When Sauga’s best player wants TOSF players for his team. Maybe you should’ve tried that for the 5v5… might’ve not got owned up so bad.

This post, I AM talking shit hehe. Get Poeta aka The Mouf in here and let’s get the shit slinging started.

keyword pretending, why would i need to pretend anything, when god himself wouldnt give u a snowballs chance in hell at remotely making me even think of breaking a sweat