ECCXI Tune Up #1 at ORBIT on 04/15/2006 (CvS2/MvC2/3S/#R)

I don’t have the brackets. I can only assume Nathan took them.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (6 teams)
1st - Team Magnum P.I. (EX Matt/Jiggabry/Ratio1beatdown)
2nd - Team STC (Arcade Legend/Flightwing/JS Master)
3rd - Team Best In The West (Nagata Lock II/Noodleman/Gerjay)
4th - Team Stephen’s Basement (Tigerlee/DarkDragon/RPGv2)
5th - Team Hammer (Random Hero/Chr0nic/Veggiebob2002)
5th - Team Didn’t Show Up (DaDesiCanadian/Angel Of Rage/Shumayel)

1st - The Sauga Crew (EX Matt/Gerjay/Jiggabry)
2nd - Team TOSF (JS Master/DarkDragon/G3nn)
3rd - Team Spider Man (Alex/Tigerlee/Angel Of Rage)
4th - Team White Boyz V2 (Crayz Penguin/Mystic God/DM)
5th - Team DTFL (Joker/BillyDee/Quan)
5th - Team Howard Is A Fag (Green/DaDesiCanadian/Nagata Lock II)
7th - Team Little R (Cito/Little R/Psychochronic)

1st - JS Master / Tek / Louie
2nd - Don / Hugo Anthony / Ack
3rd - Antoine / Burton / Chris
4th - King / Melvin / Roy
5th - NechNeb / Coveguy / DarkDragon
5th - YellowS4 / Chun / g3nn
7th - Frank / Steve / Dave
7th - Shu / Gerjay / Jiggabry
9th - Mike / GajinBlaze / Alfred
9th - AdamB / Paul / Ocean
9th - Jack / Tom / Yang
9th - Angel of Rage / Chr0nic / Dice

1st - K2/Pui ( May, Zappa)
2nd - Sinclair/JS Master
3rd - DarkDragon/Tigerlee
4th - KY-ANT/John
5th - Dickson/YellowS4

something about “im making cvs2 brackets, and thats as far as i go with that game” and “Team Best in the West featuring nagata”…it just doesnt look right.
too bad i couldnt make it. but sounds like people had some fun
lol jigga took 1st in both games. eric wont sleep easy tonight

after this team tournment.
im now known as “tha beast” or "tha team carrier"
and ian is “tha free character”

General Tao’s Chicken

Tourny was pretty fun for the most part. I really expected to get 3rd but spiderman is too tough it seems =P.

Anyways, good games for the most part guys. I’m happy “Saugas B team” went 5-4 against Toronto. It really couldn’t have got much closer than that. Good games that set was pretty nuts. Dark Dragon you’re too clutch man good stuff.

General Tao’s chicken is too good…

Happy Birthday CQ :smiley:

Thanks dude thats good to hear for the first time from anyone other than Sauga guys. Really good games man you raped it up nicely.

Probably the best tourny I’ve been to at Orbit… actually had a good time and wasn’t all pissed when I left. Team tournaments are pretty fun. We should do them more.

fun tourney
props to darkdragon for holding it down once again @_@
happy birthday cq
gordon’s a fucking beast!
general tao chicken rapes

Fun tourney. Yeah… that’s about it.

Good shit. Now I’ll just wait for Slash.

And SvC / T7.

Me and Cito’s brother teamed up with Cito. I hate JS’ Chun-Li and Makoto’s, go Spidey go.

wut was up with everyone playin scrub in marvel this tourney?

and big respects to bry for finishing off JS with that pro handshake… lol

quan u talk way too much for someone who can’t play nothing but scrub and … can’t do any sent combos that werent thought up a month after the game came out

u ask’d howard the other day at orbit … “why are u losing to this newbie?” … and the guy was playing scrub let alone doing fly combos that ARENT quan’s tactical LK HK rocket punch and burning meter ftw

Sorry who won more games yesterday?

I’ll shit talk to your face for fun but it’s not like i’m claiming i’m better then anyone who i know that are better then me.

Howard is pro, he shouldn’t be lsoing to a newbie… he can do alot in the game, and add to the fact that the guy was a newbie, i see nothing wrong with my question. I’m relatively new to the game anyway. It’s not like i run around running my mouth about how i can beat everyone (ie. Lord Magnus) or anything like that, i know whos better then me, and who i can beat. I can’t do Rom, i can’t do Sent fastfly combos, i can’t do a lot of stuff. Sorry for not being pro :frowning: . But sometimes being pro isn’t good enough, your pro, you can do all of that, but seeing your standings in all the tournies speak for themself i guess (and you don’t even have the Jap stick excuse to fall back on).

Heh i had a few good games that today but generally i lost a few games that i shouldn’t of. Unfortunately winning with lk, hk and burning meter isn’t good enough.

You guys really held your own, going up 4-2 on TOSF was pretty insane, but DarkDragon held that shit down haha.

Sleep is good…

  • First off I wanted to apologize to Jason and Gerjay for my play yesterday. Simply put, I’ve grown so used to C Groove and being able to air block when I get rushed that I couldn’t deal with A Groove. This was the first team tournament where I couldn’t actually make a real contribution to the team and it pissed me off a lot. Either way, I am sorry for not being able to hold it down.

  • I had a bad day in Marvel. I’m better than I played yesterday. Sorry to Howard and Anant.

  • Wing carried his team the whole way. I don’t know how many giant leads I watched Ian and Eric blow yesterday after Wing’s Nako crushed people.

  • Team White Boyz v2 vs TOSF was the best set the entire day.

  • Random Rey doesn’t play N Groove and then goes nuts.

  • As much as it pains me to day it, Matt did a pretty fucking good job yesterday in Marvel.

  • How did AdamB come last in 3S?

  • How did Eric come first in 3S?

GG’s to everyone yesterday. I wish I got to play Marvin’s P Groove more (never play C Groove again, that was stupid) and CvS2 in general with my actual team.

Next tourney is on the 15th…

Sorry about the delay in this result posting. I had to celebrate a friend’s going farewell party.


  • I wasn’t around at the end, and it isn’t labeled who came in 3rd
  • My apologies for fucking up the brackets in the begining. Hopefully everyones happy eith the results though

1st - JS / Tek / Louie
2nd - Don / Hugo Anthony / Ack
3rd - Joey / Burton / Chris &
4th - King / Melvin / Roy
5th - NechNeb / coveguy / DarkDragon
5th - YellowS4 / Chun / g3nn
7th - Frank / Steve / Dave
7th - Shu / Gerjay / Jiggabry
9th - Mike / GajinBlaze / Alfred
9th - AdamB / Paul / Ocean
9th - Jack / Tom / Yang
9th - Angel of Rage / Chr0nic / Dice

CQ lost to somebody who couldn’t even pick their team. :smiley:

cause i wasnt on his team!!! mannnn this tourny was messed up… i wish i was feelin better, and smart enough to actually get a team before the tourny date -_-, but in the end i guess it was better that i ddnt cause i was so fuckin sick outta my mind… i couldnt even yell or shit talk cause my throat was so sore and my head was cold.

wish i coulda stayed to watch some mvc2, but i left even before 3s finished cause i couldnt stay in there any longer… it was so fucking COLD in there (for once).

Is next tourny singles or team again? and GJ on HAVING FUN out there yesterday mystic god… it is the main reason we still play these stupid games =p

I still don’t know how I beat gordon, then alex and then got OCVd by spiderman. I still don’t believe it. I couldn’t sleep last night for a while… seriously lol. I was just laying there thinking. What the fuck is wrong with you? How did you lose to spiderman (even tho i ran into capcom 785728354 times as usual).

Ugh I’m so disapointed :frowning:

Yuhin its pure scams. Its all because I bitched at you that one day in dota and I got owned… thats the story I’m sticking with lol.

lol yea man thanks…

Sorry about that bullshit in the other thread dude… its kinda easy to get heated up on srk especially when you don’t know the person. Kinda odd that I met you in the parking lot though. Everyone in my car was like “omg is that Cruxay?!” lol… then they were like “omg is he going to take our spot?!” lol. I dunno it was kinda funny considering the shit talk that went on.

sorry i might be wrong here because i dont fully understand how brackets work, but i beat jack’s team first round then we lost twice after that (to louie’s and frank’s teams) so wouldnt that make us 7th? and burton’s team is 3rd

Jack’s team got a bye in losers and then lost to us, so they place the same as you do.