Ecksnine/Gamingnow cases need to go~! (+ FREEBIES)

We have left over stock of these cases that sold for 180$ on, and went on clearance on the website for 155$ (Maple,) and 160$ (Walnut.)

They are six button Vewlix arrangements. They house most Seimitsu or Sanwa joysticks.
There is a clear window on the bottom, and a plexiglas(s) cover for artwork included. Also outfitted with large black rubber feet on bottom.

All of the stock is high quality and in new condition.
They need to go so I can move and start law school in exactly one month.

140$ shipped anywhere in the USA.
130 + shipping for international buyers.

These are a really good deal, and I will throw in some nice extras we have left over from the store that everyone can use. (Rainbow cables, wiring harnesses, zip-tie anchors, 15" zip ties, quick disconnects, glue guns, VARIABLE TEMPERATURE SOLDERING STATIONS.) I’m giving all of that stuff away on a first come first serve basis. Let me know if there is a specific item on that list that you want thrown into your order and I will try to get it to you. :karate:

Maple version:

Walnut version:

How many of each case do you have?

I’ll take all the free stuff you are giving away on top of whatever I order.

are the cases painted/coated/stained? Also, what is the side button layout like?

They are lacquer coated. No stain or paint. I might post more pictures soon for those interested in the side layout.

Also, we have 4 of each case - 8 total. Looks like 3 sold this morning.


Edit* Pictures added to the original post.

Hey Nareg, PM’d you. Please get back to me!

It’s too bad you’re closed Nareg, i was going to buy alot if you reduced more stuff to clearance prices. PM me if you’re willing to sell your freebies separately, i should get a soldering station…just because.

Hi Nareg, Just sent you a PM, PLEASE get back to me.

Shotgun! one of those walnuts are mine and its my birthday this Sunday, thought I would spoil myself.

Plus any freebies would be great!


Nareg, I have yet to receive a reply from you… :confused:

I have sent a PM, have you received this yet?

Let me know either via PM back or email:

Thanks :wink:

PM sent

just sent you payment for a walnut case THX.

How many have you got left Nareg? I have a friend thats interested as well…

i’m not sure, depending on whether or not people who have pmed me are actually going to buy something. Some people have said outright that they want to purchase a case but haven’t sent the cash, etc. I’m not holding anything for anyone though, so I have at least 1 walnut available and at least 3 maple.
Let me know :slight_smile:

did you get my payment yet? let me know thx.

yes sir

Hey Nareg,

I sent you payment too, didnt place my nickname on srk on the paypal payment.
Let me know when you send it out, thanks man :slight_smile:

Need more orders asap, btw, above orders have shipped. USA people expect stuff in 2 days, international, 2 weeks.
Still one walnut case left!

Going to have to bump this again, sorry! :slight_smile:

Free bump, can you please PM me my shipment label? cheers :slight_smile:

do you have any remaining techflex sleeves?

All good Nareg, received this morning, I love it.
Thank You