ecKsniNe's custom arcade sticks and boxes. (BATCH DELTA IS HERE!)

I will maintain an updated quanities and waiting list for wired and empty cases in the first post of this thread.

For all orders, please include your name, phone number, and address in the email. Also please remember to specify what template you want, how many buttons, and whether you want a plexi or wood bottom.

NOTE: If you order a box with the astro city layout please specify whether you want the far or close joystick spacing.

For all questions and inquiries, please email or message my new account name ecKsniNe.

My gallery of finished sticks can be seen on the website, or on my thread located here:

For empty boxes, please visit the boxes section of my website here:

NOTE: If you order a box with the astro city layout please specify whether you want the far or close joystick spacing.

For wired sticks, please visit my website and follow the instructions:

Current boxes available:

Batch Delta, Wave One

The Compact Bocote Box - $155 - SOLD

The Compact Bocote Box is made of Bocote, has a natural stain, and is gloss poly finished. This box is smaller than my normal boxes which generally have a panel that is near 7.5x10.8. The top panel for this box is 9.75x6 and the overall size of the box is 11.75x7.75. The wood is gorgeous and it has a real nice weight for it’s size.

45/35 Octogon


The Light Hybrid Box

The Light Hybrid Box features a combo pattern of African devilwood and Curly Maple. These boxes are very cool looking, and have a dominant light curly wood.

Rounded - $170

Smooth Angle - $170 - SOLD

The Dark Hybrid Box

The Dark Hybrid Box features a combo pattern of African devilwood and Curly Maple. These boxes are very cool looking, and have a dominant dark wood.

Smooth Angle - $170 - SOLD

The Dark Devilwood Box - $160 - SOLD

The Dark Devilwood Box is made from African Devilwood and has a very dark but smooth poly finish. It is fairly dense and has a nice weight to it.

Gem Cut 30’s

The Bubinga Box - $160

The Bubinga Box is made of Bubinga wood and is very dense and hard which gives it a really nice weight. It also has a very elegant and beautiful rose color to it. Poly finish.

Gem Cut

Multiple Box shots of Wave One.

Current Discount Boxes available

1 Standard Chamfer

Current Wait time for wired stick:
1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

Estimated time frame untill new box batch is finished:


If you want to make a down payment to secure a box from the next batch, please email me and I can add you to the list.

Number of boxes and sticks sold to date:

Current List of Downpayees for next batch

Troy H
Tang L
Stephen Ross
Jason S
Simon L
James G

So you and ecKsniNe the same person?

If Kyle knew you were ecKsniNe, then he probably wouldn’t have told you to stop advertise in your Tech Talk Thread. :sad:
Did you just figure out your legomen Password?

But man, you have such beautifulness.
I want to buy a Case in future.

Hi, yeah.

Me and kyle have talked about things on IRC, everything is cool.

Thanks for the cred, I am looking forward to doing business with you!

The new batch has some new, really dope stuff!

Im waiting for the new cases to be released!

I’m seriously seriously contemplating that Zebrawood.

And I shouldn’t be. I have a TE, SE, and a VOLTECH ffs.

…Mmm, Zebrawood…

Ecksnine is a fellow stick builder of mine in Albuquerque. He puts so much effort into every aspect of a box. This includes the art, wiring and finish. He doesn’t cut any corners and I would highly recommend him to anyone asking. I have in fact sent business his way when I was backed up on orders because I know he wont disappoint.

I stopped by his shop yesterday as a matter of fact and I can tell you his latest batch is looking really good. I saw the zebra wood cases in person and they look gorgeous.

PM’d after sending an email lacking information. :wonder:

hehehe! Soon enough my friend!

The zebrawood is sweet! I have a guy who is interested, but if it falls through I will let you know!

Thanks bro!

Deal sealed! Enjoy My friend!

I’ve bought a box from Ecksnine before. He’s a really good seller and easy to communicate with and if anything goes wrong, he’ll be sure to try to fix it. So I can definitely vouch for quality.

Ive posted this before but since this is a new thread ima say it again! Got my Morrigan stick from Ecks and it came out pure sexy!! Good business all around and let me know what was goin on every step! Def gonna get another one from him in the future! Holla at him this guy does it up!!

I’ve posted before as well, but have to say again what nice sticks Craig makes. I have a mahogany and one of the zebrawood cases. Both are look and are put together great.

PM sent for The Mahogany Box basic Chamfer. Thanks!

Discount Zebrawood



Go for it, they’re great cases.

Wow everyone who makes cases here is really talented! ecKsniNe, how much work goes into doing that sort of stuff?

heheh, I just said practically the same thing in Voltech’s thread, xisor. Ecks, I may be going out on a limb here, but I’d say your cases are on par with TMO/Norris. That’s about as good a compliment as I can think of, off the top of my head. If I hadn’t already spent nearly a grand on customs, components to build my own and the two Tekken 6 bundles I reserved so far, I’d most definitely spend my money with you. Artists like you guys here on SRK truly inspire me. Cheers!

cool sticks

Dang might have to pick up that Zebra Wood Case if that’s not sold by Friday then there’s gonna be some local interest for sure.

Lots of work bro. Sometimes I ask myself if its worth it! It is, I think. But, loads of work man.

Hey thanks a lot man. :slight_smile:


Do it man! We can throw down some games while you are up here!!

In for the gem cut zebra wood!