ECT4 Representation



Didn’t want to put “Guy Representation at ECT4” because at first glance, it could look like “Gay Representation at ECT4.” To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with anybody’s choice of sexual orientation.

I’ll be there representing Guy at ECT4, and I’ve entered as “Real Life Bonus Stage.” I’m in Pool 1/Pool 23. If I don’t get to play you in the tournament, let’s get some casual games! Post in this thread, and I’ll see if I can find you. I’m going to be rocking color 7 (light blue and white) as much as I can.

Here’s an old picture of my stick if you want to find me:


Wish you best of luck, sadly I won’t be able to go to ECT, but maybe we’ll meet one day… If i ever bring myself to NY.


Evildante aka Dante on Srk is in AE as Guy and said he’s in top 32 so far…wish him luck.


Good luck, Str[e]ak! Hopefully you’ll inspire more Guy players along the way.


Good stuff Dante!, Where’s Streak’s placement?


I was in Pool 1 and lost to Gridman (C. Viper) in Winners’ Bracket. I made my way through Losers’ and lost to Combofiend in Losers’ Finals.


Saddened :l


yea Dante said he’s in Losers of top 32 and he’s really focusing on getting top 16 or better.


Disappointed to hear that both you and combo lost to a Viper. I was watching one of my old viper matches just the other night. This is February of this year. I didn’t see your match streak, but Combo wasn’t using cr.MK against her burn kicks at all, which is vital if they keep spamming:


or Cr mp, wait Combo went back to Guy?


Yeah after losing with oni, which I thought was a good idea. But he wasn’t using or cr. mp much. He did a good job blocking a lot of the burn kicks but you need to do more against Viper, and Guy has the tools to do a lot more in this match.


he could have just done mk tatsu if the chance was there I do that alot to get Vipers to not do that on my wake up.


Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed that I lost to Gridman, and it’s my fault that I lost to him. I’m pretty sure he (Gridman) would agree. I just ate everything he threw at me, I constantly lost momentum, and I just lost control of the match whenever I really needed it. I did use cr.MK a lot, but it didn’t really help.

When I played Combofiend (Oni) in Losers’ Finals, I actually beat him the first game. Then, I lost two very close games afterwards. Once the outcome of our match was set, he had the biggest smile on his face and said, “Damn, your Guy is sick.” I later mentioned that I was sad that he dropped Guy, and his response was, “I just felt like I wasn’t playing Guy correctly and cleanly, like you do.” Looks like ECT4 won’t be my last major.

I met two Guy players at ECT, but I didn’t run into Dante. Next time, I suppose.

Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread

Dude I tried so HARD to find you man I’m sad that we didn’t meet but oh my god this was the best tournament I have been too it was so much hype and the matches were amazing I had so much fun. But they got my placing wrong I actually got 33rd place and I lost to DMG Lug I think that’s how you spell it he was a Chun Li player. I was mad at first but I got over it very quickly and just had fun the rest of the time.

I am really excited and ready to go to another tourney and I’m saving up my money right now so I can go to New York and get some matches in this Summer :slight_smile:


You both were one match away from top 32. I’m proud of that even though I’m sure you both feel that you could have done better.

Unfortunately I was not able to make it to ECT once again. Last minute emergencies always seem to get the best of me. No CEO or EVO for me this year either.


Kreymore is actually alive again, >> you never added me on Xbox I am upset by this.

Also Dante stop by CT as well :smiley:


Oh, well I don’t really have my own xbl account. Add me again so we can play soon.


In all honesty, I was about to quit. And, I was pretty satisfied with how things turned out. But, the more I thought about it, the more disappointed I got. I really believe that I had a legitimate shot at winning my pool. That feeling of disappointment and Combofiend’s comments make me want to keep going (at least for a little while longer).

Are you going to try to make Summer Jam? I’m about 50/50 right now, but I know Dante is going.


o.o wait then who’s acct is EMP GODS ARC?


I should be going. I just have to plan far ahead from now on.

That’s the one I play on when I’m at the ARC, but I play on Dieminions (Dai Minh Yon) account sometimes also.