ECZangiefs Random Marvel Dump

I put up a blog awhile back with the intent of keeping track of the progress of Magnetro’s project to translate Joo’s Frame Data site that I’ve been helping out with a bit, but it turned into something else since progress on that is coming slowly.

Its just a bunch of engine observations, random sketches for teams, notes on chemistry, and random marvel geekery. Its got links to a lot of the best Jap language marvel sites as well. Its suited to low-tier teams and tactics, as well as oddball stuff with the big 4 in more niche roles within the bumsquads. In the near future I’m hoping to get into quick combo videos that break down some of the lesser knowns so it will be a jump-off point for that particular venture-- I’m picturing it as a digital 'zine for bum-tier and I kinda want to model it after what came out of the Philopia is a BEast-- YEs this is a MArvel Thread because that was too promising not to get down somehow.

I like getting too into lofty concepts and this is just really fun for me so check it out if it sounds good to you.

Edit: its in pseudo-mango palette to honor the fact that the knickery of the NEw York Giants stepped up and made Tom Brady get scared. Somehow that makes sense in my mind.

This was a cool read actually…I’ll be sure to read up on this page whenever it’s updated…some useful info to me anyways…

I have a different opinion on your Team Chemistry idea.

(I’m making my idea short because i don’t feel like writing.)

First the team you listed first, MSS, is what i like calling a 3 man squad. Reason being is that they have a total strategy set up on horizontal/power coverage. There is no diversity of assists in that team(at least if the set up is A/A/A.) The team lacks the vertical options from the assist stand point so match up knowledge/spacing make up for it.

Santhrax on the other is what i would call a 2 man + support squad. Here you have 2 “Good” characters + 1 “ok” character with an assists that cover both horizontal and vertical angles. Both Storm and Sentinel do not have to use their own spacing an normals to cover any angle. This is what i like to call “Perfect Team Chemistry.” Whats the balance here? The “ok” character coming into play. Unless by Character match up (Pixie/Giant/keep way counter system.) Most of the time when the “ok” character comes in the match favor turns around because now your support, along with your vertical coverage went out.

Clockwork to me falls into the 2 man + support team system, however, Doom has an interest thing about his assist. It can serve too functions because it doesn’t do either one Great. It’s a balance between horizontal and vertical control. ( vertical control besides good timing AAA can be looked as forcing opponents to jump…0_0’’)

just my 2 cents.

Edit: Keep in mind that even though Santhrax was used as the 2 man + support squad example, Msp, and Scrubs show the highlights of this system of balance with the other 2 characters types in the game. Msp = Pixie, Scrub = Keep Away, Thrax = Giant.

Also the Fact that we haven’t touch Assist Counter options like Cyc stopping doom, and Tron stopping Cap.

Marvel is deep.


Looks like we still agree, Yeah marvel is too deep for a be-all classification system. Thanks for readin’. :tup:

I likes your Marvel blog! Yay for updates.


imo, its a 1 man team. Yea, sentinel is that god like because he can fight teams solo but the concept of the team is actually designed around strider. Every way the team is played is to aid strider to dominate the game.

I can write pages explaining the team but thats why there’s a strider thread.

you can’t possibly categorize the game all the way because you can have random ugly ass teams that fit no where. What you can do though is categorize the most effective, then effective but unlogical aka s\d and have a seperate category for random teams that are just shit garbage.

^ Ya man, I placed S/S/D as a 1-man squad in my breakdown, but I do recognize that its impossible to cut and dry classify every squad. I just started to try to break down everything Marvel i could when i realized how much better i was getting relative to the more abstract ways i looked at the game. :tup:

imo you’ve got to break it down in terms of gameplan, bc in terms of premeditated approach S/D is DEFINITELY a straight-forward 1-Way team interaction. I break it down like this:

3-Way interaction aka MSS. Every character on point has perfect natural chemistry with the other 2 due to how well they can move and take advantage of god-tier hijinks.

2-Way aka SSCapCom or MSP where 2/3 have the above chemistry. The approach get slightly more defined, but Storm/Sent mobility means you can still change it up.

then Niche Teams like S/S/D where you have to play a very calculated style in order to win. If you can’t manipulate the flow of the match in the direction you want, you will lose.

hybrid of above is like the ‘Babysit’ method of team building where you run say Gief/Tron/Sent and start with your weakest link on the notion that you will outsmart your opponent to exploit some basic maneuvers that a very specific assist selection gives an immobile character.

and then yeah, shit garbage etc aka using budget low-tier enough that you force the chemistry to be there by shear willpower

My Charlie/Ryu/Bison team might fit that bill. Just 3 guys i threw together because i liked them, and they don’t seem to have any natural team dynamics that give them that “complete” strength as a whole.

I’ve learned that many teams made from scratch can be made to work decent with a little creativity though. Each char on mine has a decent projectile assist to mix things up/distractions in battle, as well as melee assists when trying to rush in closer or throw off rushdown attempts.

I have Ryu for projectile/beams, Charlie for speed and close up power, and bison is bit of a mix of both.

Edit: Bison is the weak link on my team btw. Charlie/Ryu can hold their own and work decent enough together, but Bison is still a bit of an awkward character no matter how much i practice him. He usually is the first to die, but does have the most tricks though. more matches uploaded

If you’re having problems with Bison, try Bison Gambit Cyke. Use bison to dash in and out while calling gambit for a free combo, or a empty jump into flight mode while calling cyke + lp lk PSYCHOO CRUSHAAAA . If you want, I can make some vids of me playing at my local arcade like I did with charlie.

Rowtron is three man imo.

I consider msp a 3 man team too as well as matrix. Psylock and cyke are unbelievable on point. Its true that you really don’t want them around mid game but if they have to come in and fight, they can. Pro tip #7 ring a bell?

In some regards, ssd is also a 3 man team but its designed to only work for one.

I’m just gonna throw something out here…I’ve never seen a bunch of people so happy to play marvel before in my life. what the hell are they smoking.

Also, in replying with gouki’s post. with the two man team balance…are you saying it’s better then 3 man team? I don’t get why. you have an extra “character” on your team with a 3 man. sure I guess it’s convenient or something when you look at it, but I’d really happy with cyke or something on my team. I’m saying all this even though I play team scrub, which is the “balanced” team. BTW…how would Cable Sent Cyke do? can he really fill in for mando?

But i don’t like/play gambit & cyke right now :sweat:

Charlie/Ryu are there to stay on my team, and i like Bison, just need to figure out how to use him better.

When i decide to play top-tier, Cable/Sent/Cyclops is my Highest team.

Cyke’s AA assist works GREAT with both cable & sentinel. There are plenty in the game but my favorite assist set-up for Cable’s Hyper-viper is doing it off Cyke assist.

Also a better team overall, since all 3 characters are great on their own. Unlike mid-tier commando.

but what about sent? commando’s AAA is just TOO good with sent. I don’t think that cyke’s can offer the same benefits… what do you think?

Commando AA is harder for the opponent to get around, but i still prefer cyke. Though in some situations Commando is better to use.

Nice avatar MAgnetro


Ya I want to meet these guys pretty bad. Magic mushrooms ARE legal out there so I mean teh possibilities are fairly endless.

Maybe Marvel is just fun?

Cyke doesnt offer the same benifits, just different ones. When you master sent/cyke, there isnt much that can fuck with you.

Edited to say the MSC comment from nobuyuki cracked me up.