ECZangiefs Random Marvel Dump


i think duc’s team deserves a HUGE mention when it comes to team chemistry, that team is the epitome of chemistry. You have 3 very capable point me (spiral/cable/sent), you have one of the best battery characters in the game (spiral), you have one of the most BAR guzzling characters in the game (cable), you have an anti-air (SUPER IMPORTANT, kinda like why commando even exists in the game), you have a chip damage trap, you have a triple dhc that can wipe out any character.

-3 pointmen
-Amazing bar building and Bar guzzling
-Anti air!

I personally dont play duc’s team but this team’s chemistry is second to none imo.

good read Ecz

I’m there, man.

lol. now all i have to do is update. i kinda fell out of this when work fell into full swing for me, fell kinda like a bastard leaving my contribution for the translation project at next to nothing, but it is what it is. the blog’s especially geared towards breaking down top tier gameplay trends and tactics and imposing those ideas on low(er) tier and mixed tier teams.