Ed Boon getting owned by a blind guy. (MKD)

Old vid, but it’s still pretty awesome.

i don’t even know what to say about this


that’s like doing the impossible, i cant even comprehend that:wasted:

I think it was more impressive when the blind guy owned that group of japanese players. Granted the japanese players weren’t that good… but at least they could complete a combo. It seems like everytime Ed Boon landed a harpoon, he didn’t know what to do afterwards.

It’s all about hearing the game.

It’s interesting he didn’t go for the cheap tactic of far harpoons. Not sure what the hell he was thinking against the pause pause pause sword pause pause pause sword pause pause pause icebeam tactics that were on loop. It’s an interesting match because the guy is blind, but still - looked pretty scrubby. =\

There was a posting about the blind guy a loooong time ago.

He went to japan to compete against their best and one of them being ohnuki. I remember a quote from ohnuki being somethin like, “i’m not losing to that guy”.

might still be floating around.

You’d think that Ed Boon being owned in a manner like this might get him to reconsider just making the game pretty and add in some depth so he doesn’t lose to someone like this.

omg… l lol so much on this

not the same article I was talking about but heres another one i found. Hes pretty known and has a name.

people in japan play mortal kombat? WTF

This guy went to my high school. I was a sophomore when he was a senior.

My friend said he saw him at the gaming-zone-center-thing and said he was very good.


HOLY SHIT!! :rofl: :rofl:

haha the niggas laughing in the background are too funny.

I’m wondering, why the hell I got negged ?

i heard they were letting him win though. like playing really easy and letting the blind guy get hits for free.

I really doubt that Ed Boon’s personal skill level really matters to himself that much. He’s just worried about making a game that people will buy and enjoy.

People play Mortal Kombat in Japan…just like people play Jojo’s in the US. I remember seeing a Japanese fan site on NKI’s blog for MK. MK is popular across the world. It’s just obviously more popular in the US.

Lol, Ed Boon… :rofl: Serves him right.


I’d rather resurrect a thread than make a new one…

Doesn’t look quite like they’re letting him do shit.