Ed piano Input: 5 to 4/3

This is probably a point that will be ignored, but I think Capcom should change the piano input from 5 to 4/3 punches. The decision to increase Chun’s to 5 made sense due to the double tap of c.lk to lightning legs. But for Ed, the extra punch only makes it stupidly harder to input on pad. Combine that with the fact that PP is an actual move and any attempt to piano on Pad (and even stick) raises the chance of the wrong move coming out. On a stick, I know… it’s not as big a problem. But not everyone plays on a stick.

Any Pad players running into this problem with piano punch inputs?

I second this…but i’d still probably rapid mash than piano bc of risk of psycho upper overlap… since there input priority…it would make me doing c.mk to flicker alot easier with 1 less p.


It’s easy. Get better.

What am I looking at? A pad user doing hands? Hit Confirms?

Your inputs look like a pad? You can sneak a hp in between the lk?

So easy that you had a 40% success rate at confirming it. That was 6 out of 14 times you tried. On a CPU dummy no less. :expressionless:

Do you know what a hit confirm is?

If you’re gonna do c.LK to LP to flicker you might as well just start mashing LP as soon as you’ve pushed c.LK. Why would you hitconfirm that though? flicker is safe from that range anyway.

To carry on your offence and not be at disadvantage.

I know what a hit confirm is… this thread was about doing piano input moves on a pad. I’m an SF4 Gen player. I know how to do piano inputs on a stick.

So is that video hit confirming on a pad? How are you doing it? If you got a trick to do it on a pad, I’ll worry about hit confirming :). Otherwise, the original point of the thread is to propose changing the inputs to 4 punches to help pad players do the move. I’m not mad if anyone’s misunderstanding what I’m asking, but I am hoping someone can answer my question… please?

from two lights away you can’t really be offensive anyway. I’d rather take the free chip.

Alright then.

KK connects from point blank on at least some characters, if you could confirm between KK on hit and flicker on block it’d be pretty gross.

but yeah you can just do the sequence and not worry really.

Indeed, but question is how hard it is to confirm whether or not you’re close enough for KK to land.

If you’re point blank it works, you get more leeway if they’re crouching. Anything non-point blank is risky