Ed Tech Thread - Train Hard or Wind Up D(Ed)



Post any tech found here guys, much easier to sift through everything this way.


the optimal dp punish is not a crush counter, but charged st hp, st mp, cr hp xx kkp for around 340~ damage, 375 if you use ex kkp into upchain club


It doesn’t build meter for VT though.


st.mp, cr.mk xx KK, PP(EX), V-Trigger immediately on landing, 1 bounce on V-Trigger, dash, down V-Skill

Should leave enough of the ball to be able to create set ups on any wake up.


St.mp, cr.hp, kk-pp(ex), v-trigger, charged hp, PP(ex)


Desk has some filthy shit out already.



So any meaty set ups or anything ?





walk under reset


CC sweep xx V-trigger safe jump

CC cr.HP xx V-trigger high/low + left/right setups


4f safe jump after st.MP, cr.HP xx Spark > EX Shot (specific to this combo AFAIK)

Pushback w/ Upper or Flicker to make combo after Ibuki’s EX Kunai 50/50 whiff


more ed 50/50s




Found some weird interactions in juggles, the one at 1:40 might be useful?