Eddie Lee - The Legend - Needs a stick


So by popular demand, Eddie Lee, the original king of East Coast Street Fighter is willing to make a comeback just in time for SSF4 but he needs a joystick. Right now he plays on PS3 pad and he’s still VERY good. His Seth is about as good as Arturo Sanchez’ Seth ad he’s playing on PS3 pad. He says he can’t really play to his full potential with a pad. I want to commission a nice stick for him to give it to him basically as an offering for returning to the scene.

MAS Stick
Perfect 360 Stick
Convex Happ competition buttons
6 buttons on the face standard american button layout (extra buttons on the top for menu and functionality purposes)
Dual-Modded for X-BOX 360 / PS3 (and if possible maybe even PS2 and DC)

If possible some cool artwork (he says it’s not really important) With ibuki or Seth

in #capcom IRC channel they pointed me here to ask for “Akuma001” since he made a custom stick for John Choi. Akuma001 if you are reading this please reply.

Eddie Lee is a great player to have in the community and a lot of new players can learn from him both on east and west coast. He truly has one of the smartest minds in Street Fighter so let’s make this happen guys.


Ohhhh my god that stick needs to have the Statue of Liberty on it except she’ll have a fat gold Run DMC chain around her neck too.

WTB! MAS Stick w/ Wico P360 Joystick for Eddie Lee - the EC Legend -

I’m not sure if this thread is about looking to buy an arcade stick or asking for a free arcade stick




This seems like a puzzle a grownup should be able to figure out all by himself.


I think Jav1ts is trying to say he wants to pay for someone to build a stick that he is going to give to Eddie as a gift, as it were… I think.


I’ve heard a lot of great things about Eddie Lee. Heard he’s basically a legend, and one of the Original East Coast turtlers and one of the ppl who helped justins game. I would love to sit and have a converssation with this man. Would love even more for him to be back in the scene! Help this man!

Gs jav1ts for what you’re doing. :slight_smile:


Contact Voltech. Especially since you’re looking for an American stick.


This is what I want to do, sorry if I did not make it clear. I will PAY for this stick. Thanks for the help guys. I’ll contact Voltech soon. gotta sleep right now


Very this.


I was moving this to the Trading Outlet but it’s already there. Best of luck with the hunt.