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Eder vs Patrick ft10 $500.

Any more bets florida will back it.

Make your bets here.

EDIT: This is Justin postin…

Consider it FUCKING DONE…


will this be at arcade renn 6 or at Evo, if its at ARN6 I will put $20 on EDER…


probably on console since i’m not sure how the sticks are over there…

console. no arcade cause someone will bitch about sticks after they lose.

Pat gets free money?


Your right about that…I sure don’t feel like hearing Eder mouth when i take his money…

I’m not 100% on if i’m going yet but if i do I’ll put $50 on Pat. I’ll know in about 2 weeks if i can make it or not.

when eder wins, I’ll play patrick ft10 for $100. He spots me 2games like he said.

Who’s Eder??? :rofl: :looney:

Number 7 from last year “dumbass” (no hate)

holy shit

you guys have no idea how long i have been waiting to see this match

on one side we have the fuckin LOW TIER MASTER vegita-x who uses ROGUE and WINS (how does he do this??!?!)

and on the other side we have the most exciting player in the marvel community BY FAR eder the cheese (i heard eder taught yipes how to do all of those crazy magneto and storm combos)

fuck, i really don’t know who i would put my money on but i KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that this will be the most exciting match

if this happens in the south and not at evo please inform us A SAP so i can buy tickets to fly out there


thanks again for setting this up, this shit really made me hype

damn. no respect. Eder says he’ll play you for ft10 $100.

Me and Garvin wil play you ft5 for $50 each if you want.

And I’ll make sure I get front row seats at ST when you play NKI, so I can watch you cry over a videogame. You should just wear sunglasses to Evo for ST. Dark oversized ones. That way no one’s the wiser… And blame allergies.

Florida will back NKI $100 ft10 vs you in ST too.

And Will, this is damn exciting. Stop talking smack online. Don’t you have purse catalogues to be going through? Memorial Day sale’s coming up just around the corner.

i’ll mm eder 1st to 10 $100

actually i was being honest, I have no idea who Eder is, I haven’t followed Marvel in years since pretty much nothing of any interest has happened besides Sanford-Duc at Evo last year. I’m only getting back into it b/c I want to close some WC mouths. I’m assuming since Florida is taking offense, that’s where he’s from?

And are you saying 7th at Evo East or Evo worlds? I don’t remember the results for either of them. I left Evo East as soon as CvS2 ended since I had to bring people back to my house so they could drive back to their homes to make work on Monday morning.

and no, I’m not taking any more money matches. I only bet what I have and between the ST stuff @ EVO and the Mike Chaos bet, I have nothing else to wager, unless I hit the lotto.

And you should be happy I’m not taking the NKI bet, because there would be a lot of sad faces for that one :rofl:

i’ll mm anyone 1st to 10 $100

I got $50 on Eder if this is at Arcade Renaissance!

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