EDF 2025 Discussions


New entry recently came out - I was completely unaware of it’s impending release, I just randomly popped up at Gamestop, saw it and ‘caved’ despite knowing that I shouldn’t get it right now.

So far, it feels like they were listening to me (mostly). For those familiar with the series, its built just like the first 360 game, but with graphics that exceed the second entry, and a weapons system much closer to the second one. It’s no longer like ‘5 levels’ long - as the missions are broken up like they were the first time around, with some new missions doing callbacks to some memorable missions in the first game.

There are at least 4 types of hero units, default ranger, the flying chicks, air raider (support), and fencer (tanker). So far I’ve only logged time as the ranger.

A lot of the same ants/spiders as last time, though there are now new spiders that act more like spiders than kangaroos, they have new attacks to boot as well - ants can (and will) pick you up and shake you around until you die. The only way to stop them is to shoot them while being tossed around. It adds some much needed tenseness. spiders will catch you with webbing and pull you up a building, damaging you the whole way. 'm still going through it - only on level 25ish thus far, so who knows what else is lurking out there.

The one disappointment thus far is a lack of monster/boss battles. No Godzilla rip-off or mechagodzilla (so far) - just hectors.

Weapons so far seem to be a call back to the first entry, starting with the AF14 and working your way up the assualt rifle ladder. Homing weapons still rock, but have to truly ‘lock on’. Gone are the days of just spamming rocket attacks.

Walk speed is actually pretty good now. While its still fastest - at lesat with the ranger class - to roll all over the world literally - you’ll find yourself walking because its good enough.

Drops have been heavily reduced from the first entry, I kill everything and pick up everything and I typically only get 5-10 ‘weapons’ per level, granted as soon as you find a level you can do on a harder difficulty - I favor the hector stages - do it to get some better getter, my AF17 chews through stuff quicker than explosiveor sniping weapon in my inventory.

So far its a great pick up and I highly recommend it for any fan of the series.

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