EDIT: New safe jump setup AE 2012

since FTK is 3 frames shorter i was playing around with it…

throw -> FTK -> neutral jump mk or mp

this works on all 4 frame anti airs (strict timing for 4 framers, way easier with 5 framers), should work on the entire cast (excluding 3 frame shoryus) too lazy to check if other characters wake up times affect it ;p

heres the vid


Kens MP srk starts at 4 frames so your able to safe jump it, unless ken player does a jab or heavy shoryu since those start at 3 frames…

HAVING SAID THAT… the timing for a 4 frame safe jump is more strict so it’ll be a lil risky, but you’ll have a way easier time trying to safe jump a 5 frame anti air IE: seths srk starts at 5 frames.

Which 4 frame anit airs does it beat?

ahh sorry guess its only 5 framers.

That’s still good. Which reversals have u tested it on

anti airs for seth, adon, deejay, so its safe to say it’ll work on any 5 frame anti air any other character will have

Does it work on Seth’s st.HP? That’s a 4 framer.

normal moves dont have have invincibility frames tho, so unless its a 4 framer with invincibility IE: blankas up ball, it will get stuffed

ugh sorry guys im a mess here…

seems like it works against 4 framers too its just a tad bit tougher to time it right… ill post a vid in a few mins

k edited first post with video and explanation

If you empty jump, does it work against 3 frame moves?

I’m assuming it should…

Can you also confirm that you’re doing the FTK on the first possible frame after the animation of the throw has finished?

Seems like quite a nice timing method…


Nice, now start mixing it up with neutral jump crossup tatsu.

ya if u empty jump it’ll work against 3 frame moves.

i dont really have a way to confirm that im doing the FTK on the first possible frame after the throw has finished, all i can do is plink it for more consistency.

So I did some testing and it does work on the entire cast except 3 framers. Good shit

[media=youtube]W9vWakAH3PA[/media] itsshowtime using this setup