EDIT: Tom Petty dead (RIP)


He had a couple of good songs that I enjoyed


and this



He ain’t dead yet.

Way to jinx it.


Changed title and link to confirm he’s dead. RIP


You definitely jinxed it.

Hope you like the weight of that guilt.




Tbh, I disliked Petty solely because of Free Fallin’. That song has ruined music for me in some ways that may never recover. Even with other pretty solid songs, I will never forget that he wrote the anthem for all the drunk frat kids to sing along to all the goddamn time.

I don’t wish the man ill on his death, but I won’t forgive him for unleashing that trite bullshit onto the world.


Huge part of my childhood is gone. :frowning:


I guess the waiting isn’t the hardest part.


RIP, big fan of his work.


RIP great dude great musician.


You must be really old bitch tits


Damn. R.I.P.



I like that Mary Jane song. That’s about it


ditto about the mary jane song. sang along to that one while packing a bowl when i was 19 or 20.
rip dude.

also, ever noticed he sorta sounds alot like bob dylan? and not just cuz ofthe harmonica. i mean he sounds like dylan.


Something about him not too many people may be aware of…

He did more for musicians to “free” them from record companies than any other musician on earth. He constantly fought against them and changed the music business forever. Every musician who has ever made a penny from a record deal owes a huge ‘thank you’ to Tom Petty.



This news makes me sad. I’m a big fan of Tom Petty. RIP :frowning:


I didn’t know that Tom Petty voiced Lucky in King if the Hill…

Rest in Peace.


Goodnight Sweet Prince


Britney Murphy also being dead means that Lucky and Luanne are gone now…