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Edited for content.


Nice. We need more fighting game/arcade apparel. What does “fashion fit” mean?


Fashion fit = an American Apparel style fit.

A little bit snugger, a bit longer, a bit lighter weight.


The designs shown on your website look hilariously low-res. Hoping its a lot crisper in person


Agree, its not obvious whether this is a deliberate vintage/distressed look or just low res.


Would you mind uploading what you see?

All designs were created full size at 300 dpi.


If its supposed to be a distress look I guess its okay, as long as the actual design doesn’t fade or peel after washes. Looking at the red shoryuken shirt though with Ryu, I might buy that to support you guys. I love FG merchandise.


We print using “waterbased and discharge printing”, which means that the ink actually dyes the shirt and can never peel or wash off.

It also means that the design has no feel at all.

For more information on waterbased and discharge printing, check out these videos


I got myself a couple of shirts on preorder now. The preorder bundle is a great deal and I couldn’t miss out on that art print. And that “Real Men Wear Pink” shirt is sweet, I had to get myself one of those.

I already placed my order before I watched your videos and I’ve got to say, now that I’ve seen the second video I couldn’t be more excited for a comfortable shirt. That’s hard to find in a 4X size like I need it, thanks for helping out the fat guys.

Obertor, any idea when my preorder will ship?


Thanks Happiest Meal.

The pre-order bundles ship out May 15th


When will the winner for the free pre-order bundle be announced?


The winner of the free preorder bundle on facebook will be announced May 15th as well.


Damn it lol, I wanna wait and see if I win one before buying one xD


I’m happy getting an extra one if I win :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast response Obertor


No problem! Thanks for the order!


Looking forward to ordering some of these shirts once I get a more reliable income :slight_smile:


Checked out the store and ordered a few shirts. I like the selection and look forward to what comes next.


I appreciate it.


yo good stuff! make a sagat shirt and I’ll cop for sure.


A sagat design is in the works.

We plan on having a design for 20 of the most popular characters in SF.