Edition Select - Best Honda?



I really love playing the big man, but Ultra is far from fun as many know. I’d like to play him for fun in Edition Select tournaments. So the question is what version of E. Honda is the best and why?


Imo, it’ll be between Super Honda and Vanilla Honda depending on the matchup.


  • 50 less health
  • EX Headbutt hurtbox expanded once active
  • Close HP damage and stun reduced from 120/200 to 100/150 during 3~6F.
  • Far HP damage reduced from 140 to 120.
  • Diagonal Jump HK damage reduced from 130 to 110.
  • Neutral Jump HP damage reduced from 140 to 120.
  • Gains 1 viable Ultra. U2 is an instant throw, but U1 still doesn’t have the full projectile invincibility.
  • Jab headbutt and EX Headbutt gained slightly more projectile invincibility on startup.
  • Can go over low fireballs with Headbutt (vs Dhalsim, **Sagat **and Juri).

With that said, I would only use S.Honda for specific matchups where u absolutely need U2 and the headbutt over low fireball stuff.
In all other cases I would go with V.Honda because the extra dmg and health is quite important for Honda.