Edition Select for endless, game breaking or joy?


Edition Select for online seems to be the main topic right now. The feelings for this very mixed, we have some people that are for it and other people against it.

I am starting this thread so we can discuss the pros and cons of having this in online(endless).

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What is the disadvantage of having a playable option online?


Lol, as now i’m the only to have vote the 2nd

To be honest i will not be “against” them allow it for endless, i’m just ok with the things as are now
Basically for 2 reasons: i will not like any split in the community, and i will prefer everyone try to push all new USF4 mechanics instead just cling to highest tier version of theyr main

But to be fair, i play for fun and i’m curious to see new options of characters, i understand that the full competitive player have a different perspective


It’s fine for endless, no points on the line, it’s not a tournament.


It will only split the community. And you just know people will cry over unbalances in it to no end even tho its a “what if” game mode.


…I can think of a much better topic for online.


There’s already too many matchups, adding that many extra to learn isn’t beneficial to the game in my opinion.


translation " I am a huge scrub who cant even do an srk even with the shortcuts…I just want to ruin the fun of others"


don’t quit your day job to become a translator


You know, normally I would say who cares, but then Ultra happened.


Why they went through all the trouble of including the old versions and then basically just tossing them in the trash is beyond me.

One mode, vs offline only.

It’s bullshit. It should be a fully implemented feature like in SF2.


Stay classy FGC, stay classy.


I am personally okay with it being added, just as long as it has its own mode and a “vanilla” version of endless battles are still available.

Personally dont see the big deal about this mode since I assume that people would know what they are in for if they ever decided to play with this mechanic.


Less people would be playing ranked matches, it would be better to enable the option for online after 6+ months after release.


It sounds like a damn fine time to me honestly


Adding Edition selection to endless online matches would be a great addition and literally takes nothing away from the game. This is a case of giving gamers more options.


In theory will takes nothing away from the game, but in reality it probably will


Having Edition Select in Endless mode will mean a small player pool since they’re divided between modes and between those modes, the “balanced” version will have an even smaller player pool.


Combofiend’s statement on why this is only available offline:



bullshit. there’s no reason they can’t filter ES and make it a separate option online for both endless and ranked, so Ultra people play with other Ultra ppl, and ES people play with other ES people.

its complete laziness