[Editorial] Vote With Your Quarters! (warning, long)

Sometimes I feel like a lot of concern and animosity would magically disappear if people would just turn “would” into “could.” Everything people are saying would happen is not set in stone, and often is far from the case.

I think people are being too hotheaded about the whole debate in general. Guys like the ones in the vVv podcast were not very helpful and inflammatory, and after his podcast even spooky himself admitted he could have kept his cool. LIkewise, people like Arturo/Sabin have been spreading everywhere on twitter/TS stream his disapproval on how esports groups only talk about money, pre-emptively stereotyping groups falling under the label “esports” (or call it pro gaming, competitive gaming, whatever)

I don’t understand why the top players making a good living is one of the central points of the debate. (not necessarily right now in this thread but in general)

Ever hear of the NCAA?

That’s more of less the main point used because it’s the ONLY difference between the fgc and the rest. Other players can live off gaming for however long they can sustain viability, us fighting games are a hobby first not a job. We do this ultimately for fun, a point lost on to esports folk. Aside money there is literally nothing they do better, not a single fucking thing. It’s no surprise that money is their main argument. They don’t realize that the fgc(as in those involved in the actual community, not simply a spectator) really don’t give a dam if Justin Wong has to work a 9-5. I also think that them saying things such as our players have not reached their potential because they need to work is some bullshit and insulting.

Because no one from ““eSports”” interested in ordinary FGC members. They need only top players to form leagues. Everyone else should shut up, buy a shirt, MLP stick and pay spectator fees to watch 720p streams (& tickets to come and watch).

If you caught the vVv Gaming podcast a few days ago, you’ll remember them accusing inkblot of misrepresenting the truth EVO 2005. If you didn’t catch the podcast, here’s a link:


Here’s Tom’s original statement:

Adam Apicella of MLG disagreed with Tom’s summary and gave his own recollection of events. The vVv hosts took this as ammunition to accuse Tom (and to a lesser extent ultradavid) of making up facts to support their positions. It was extremely vitriolic and painted Tom and the FGC in a very negative light, unjustifiably so IMO.

The Evolution Tournament Series forum archives go all the way back to 2003. For the record, here’s what people who went to EVO 2005 posted about the event after returning home:

This perspective on the events of 2005 is obviously much different from the one presented by Adam on vVv Gaming’s show. This is to be expected. Seven years is a long time to remember events clearly, and I expect Adam was obviously much more engrossed in the MLG events happening over the weekend than EVO. It is not suprising that his recollection of the event are different than Tom’s and the other community members who posted on our forums. However, from my own recollection and the postings above, I’d rate Tom’s statement as spot on. vVv Gaming, IMO your treatment of this issue has been extremely irresponsible.

Now that I’m on my computer, I can reply to this.

No. Absolutely not. What I personally want is for the tournament built for us, by us to be the thing that is the epitome of skill in our community. For a long time, people talked about how Evo is the US Open and SBO is Wimbledon. Fuck that. We don’t need SBO. After this year, I don’t see why we would even want SBO. But I’m not here for the discussion about their practices or rules or anything like that. People in this community held up SBO to be the premier fighting game tournament thanks to the level of competition involved and the structure and location, while making Evo out to be the second big thing. Why? Granted, this is not the opinion of the majority of the community, but it shouldn’t even be something worth mentioning.

Including the name change, how many years has Evo been around? How many years has SBO been around? Why is SBO on some sort of pedestal as being the pinnacle of talent in our community? Why has a corporate-sponsored, much smaller, closed tournament gathered enough steam with our community that it could even be mentioned next to Evo in talk of scale or importance? That’s like comparing a minor league baseball championship to the World Series. It shouldn’t happen.

What I’m saying is that if we have a way to make sure the entire world understands that Evo is the biggest and best tournament available, we should at least consider it from every angle and with no bias. We already know that Evo is #1, so why do we have to send players to Japan to fight in a smaller, closed tournament with a format counter-intuitive to tournament play? I personally believe that having a corporate backing, no matter how little backing they provide, can only help things, as long as things are done right.

Why so nice Ponder. Don’t be the better man, what they said doesn’t deserve a measured response I think.

Ponder, always a gentleman and a scholar

And Adam wasn’t

They sponsor Smash events already, so they could do the same, but why would you sponsor tournaments for a game you can’t run?

Well from what they’ve said, their primary concern is for the players and getting them paid so assuming they were not lying about that, I see no reason why they wouldn’t sponsor tournaments. Sponsorship obviously promotes their brand as well, so it’s not like they wouldn’t get anything out of it.

A lot of people don’t believe MLG is evil. Just unnecessary.

And, I’m sorry but this: http://twitter.com/#!/AdrianIsCute/status/145803675921690624 is fucking dumb.

I think we can agree that all the mudslinging has very little to do with the actual subject at hand, and we’re just as opinionated on the FGC side.

Cross-posting from that vvv podcast:

This is actually what a lot of people see MLG as. In fact, a lot of people have their own unique impression of what MLG and eSports is.

More importantly, if MLG is so unnecessary, what’s the reasoning behind this? I can see where people are coming from when they say “fighting games have been blowing up, we don’t need them!”, but my concern is that it’s based on prejudice against “esports stuff” and not entertaining the idea further to see if it can be a beneficial thing for both sides.

A corporation is a sociopathic entity that exists only to make money. The post that you quoted is 100% correct.

Oh, I agree completely. I was just failing at being succinct. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I am saying is, either way, I don’t care. FGC will be fine regardless, and sure as shit aren’t “ruining a good thing”. I know for a fact that plenty of people within the community feel the exact same way.

Obviously it’s not going to be as apparent, because they aren’t really part of the discussion… because again, they don’t care.

That’s what I mean by unnecessary.

^lol troll

thats mind games

I think mindgames said the exact same thing on page 2, or 3 almost word for word :smiley:

I still think, when you get down to it neither Evo nor MLG are heroes or villains in this thing, and its wrong to let a few people with conflicting interests (vVv guy) or axes to grind (Watson, I’m still wtf’ing at his rageboner) poison the discussion.

Especially since it’s not happening for the games folks care about either way :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all, if SOPA passes I believe we’re all boned.