[Editorial] Vote With Your Quarters! (warning, long)

I’m sorry, but I just see bias in that. I’m only putting it that bluntly because it’ll only be frustrating for all of us to try to argue around the point.

Once again, Inkblot, Mr Wizard and co were the ones who built up the FGC from scratch, though the dark years where the community didn’t seem to have much hope of coming out their shell. Do you think it’s fair to accuse them of caring more about their own interest rather than the interest of the FGC?

I appreciate what they’ve done, but I think that everyone is basically getting their needs met. I’m no different and neither are those guys.

Maybe I’m just an incurable cynic.

Let’s put this another way, can you say that those guys at MLG care about fighting games? What history do they have with the FGC?

He should blame the players. After all, “money doesn’t matter to the FGC”…

Lets not get into this circle argument again, read through the pages your answer is in it.

AlphaZealot’s posts are the best pro-MLG things thus far.

All I know about is the incidents mentioned in this thread, which in general weren’t positive. Still its a long time ago and both groups have changed a lot.

I think the MLG guys both honestly think they’d be good for the fighting scene and at the same time want to enhance their events with something really hype, and possibly games they like (my understanding is that the MLG guy wanted SF4 from when it was announced, so its not just that its a popular game).

My impression is that those guys think its a mutually beneficial thing and are a little nonplussed and annoyed at their response (as per Mike Watson’s bizarre roid rage incident in this thread), and that the conflict was further spurred on by the vVv guy to get a controversy and drive views.

Still seems like much ado about nothing to me tho’

THIS FUCKING THIS. Just like Art said “We just want to play.”

Fucking esports constantly mentioning $$$ is just too much for me. And really, after how much disrespect they showed Spooky, SRK and Evo, I fucking don’t want anything to do with them.

You might want to delete the 2nd paragraph on the EVO 2005 thing because only Adam is saying that didn’t happen.

Deleted, But Yea that seems more like a miscommunication among some ppl if Watson confirmed it happened, But Adam didn’t give out the order.

Look at the date of the post. And there you have it, no one can deny now that the MLG guys are a bunch of liars and is trying to ruin the reputation of some guys in the FGC by accusing them of being liars.

MLG guys running the tournament won’t know about every little thing that goes throughout the event, not much can be done if the halo players where being douches(of which they were never said to be perfect angels in all of this). The whole lying business is a circular argument and goes nowhere and frankly isn’t fucking important. Don’t take a misunderstanding as proof of corporate evil, that’s just naive.

Fuck it, just add KOFXIII to the MLG lineup. Atlus will back that shit for sure. This argument is like beating a dead horse, it’s clear both sides won’t see eye to eye on this whole thing. “SRK Illuminati vs. MLG Corporate Scum”. No matter what we say, it’s down to those 2 groups and they’re both too busy trying to one up the other.

If tomorrow, MLG announced a 20k first prize KOFXIII Open Bracket Tournament at the next MLG event, how many players do you think will show up? What about top players? The power of money has enough pull to do it.

I’ve been catching up on this thread and just have to interject here:

Between clearly misunderstanding something as innocent as “seeding points,” in addition to readily admitting that you haven’t listened to and have no intention of listening to the vvv podcast that you’ve basically played devil’s advocate for, I really find your posts grating. It’s not okay to be willfully ignorant of the topic you’re discussing, even if you’re being civil about it.

All I’m going to add to the discussion at large is that people like Adam really do seem to have good intentions and important and valuable things to bring to the table. I’m grateful that he’s stepped in to share his thoughts himself, and it’s pretty obvious that if he has any meaningful beef with anyone, it’s Capcom, not any of us. That said… I really have no idea what this crosstalk between communities is ultimately supposed to accomplish. What exactly does MLG/esports want us to do, anyway?

I’d also like to reiterate a question that’s been brought up occasionally: why can’t MLG just support the existing community events and infrastructure? Why not improve the exposure, venues, and payouts for things like EVO, SCR, Season’s Beatings, Final Round, CEO, UFGT, etc? Or just unify them into a more cohesive “season” that SRK has already laid the groundwork for this past year? Nobody seems to have much of a problem with players getting sponsored or with Complexity lending a little corporate muscle to Gootecks and Mike Ross’s efforts while letting them retain creative control. Why not just roll with that sort of thing? Is it simply an issue of control?

I’ve never been to an MLG event (because, as far as I know, they’ve yet to play host to a game that I’m interested in playing). I’m probably speaking from a position of ignorance and wouldn’t mind being corrected if wrong, but from the pictures and accounts I’ve seen, there’s a looooooot of space for spectators and very little in the way of BYOC. Forget the money, forget the view count, forget the hype; BYOC is roughly 90% of the reason I attend any tournaments in the first place because my only option for local play (even in popular “mainstream” fighters, most of the time) is online and god knows how fucking awful most of us feel online play is for fighters. Tournaments are my only real way to enjoy these games the way they’re meant to be played, and MLG events give me more of a spectator-oriented vibe than a player-oriented one, and that is just a non-starter for me. Not implying this is gospel truth or anything (again: possibly ignorant); just laying a concern out there.

Thats what I and others have been harping on.

It goes against their business model. How the hell is that so hard to see? The MLG is a traveling circus that you can either pay to play in or pay to spectate. If it spends money sponsoring other stuff in a different way, it will be spending money to weaken its own product.

But if they sponsor the established tourney’s already its the same shit they’re doing too. You’re paying to play in a tourney and you also got people that’ll pay to spectate. Only difference is, a person paying to spectate is paying a little bit less and can also partake in the casual games that goes on at the tourney’s as well.

But if they split us up, it would mean smaller foot traffic at the main events. The upside of the investment would be that they would get to call our majors MLG events and use it to promote their brand further and get a bit more fight money from sponsors.