[Editorial] Vote With Your Quarters! (warning, long)

No. Seriously. That is literally what a corporation does. It is an entity that seeks to improve profits and revenue to directly benefit shareholders. How they might go about this is and how the shareholders might desire levels of benefit might change, but it is totally true.

FWIW, it could be in MLG’s best interests to do exactly what the FGC wanted but with sponsors involved, and that would align with those goals. Not that that statement is true, but fruityryu is arguing that it is worth considering opportunities here which could be entirely mutually beneficial. However, corporations still do that thing where they make as much money as possible. That’s like, their goal man.

Yep, wanting to see the best at fighting games on Television, broadcasted as sport to millions, is F’ing dumb. Be sure to follow me sweetheart! <3

Is Adrian indeed Cute?

Pics or it didn’t happen

It legitimizes what we all do and love, brings in sponsors, which brings in more money for everything to improve at tournaments, brings in fans and new players who go “i want to make a mill playing the game i love. justin bieber!”

Good Night, World. Stay tasty.

That’s awesome… and not what I said. At all.

The post says we are ruining a good thing. Explain this to me, because it makes no sense. Look at what it is you quoted before you respond to avoid being confused again.

Television legitimizes competition like movies legitimize history.

I know what this could mean, and the world should be so lucky.

I dunno know what this means, but it makes you sound like a dolt.

I have to strongly agree with ya right there I play games for fun and I play fighting games for the challenge. The FGC is basically a hardcore group of hobbyist, I don’t mine having a 9-5. At lease I’m not rotting away at home playing the same shit all day ranting about crap on skype thinking I’m a big shot. With the FGC when it comes to a tourny we’re all there to play, learn and hangout. It’s not overly serious like MLG thinking gaming should be. I would mind having a stream where I could make some cash with some friends I know. Yet I have to think about what in the hell I’m gonna do when reality kicks in.
I’m gonna need something more then that stream im 22 now who’s gonna be watching my stream 2 to 5 years down the road hell 10 years. That’s the logic MLG is lacking because most of these guys really have nothing to fall back on. It’s all getting that cash money now fuck what happens later. The gaming scene isn’t gonna be syndicated like TV, movies, music is anytime too soon, you gonna think about what to fall back on.


I couldn’t take you seriously after you tried to take shots at Mike Watson earlier in this thread. Also the fact that you tried to do so without even being part of the matter at hand.

I’m not sure why you are trying to support the MLG, as you clearly don’t have a full take of what’s going on, even at your own camp that you support. The subliminal asskissing of CLEHeavyWeight shows at the minimal that you have blind devotion to their cause without looking at pros and cons.

It saddens me when posts like these go without mention. Wake up people, this is what MLG, IPL, and other gaming leagues is about and what you should be wary about, should they step in and apply their current model to the Fighting Game genre. The individual is cut off, in favor of watching “top players” play. This is exceptionally bad for the FGC, where the individual (aka a “nobody”) is not only allowed to play against the “top players,” but encouraged to play each and every week, regardless of tournament or player.

It’s mentioned a number of times that MLG (or eSports, or what have you) don’t wish to weasel their way into messing up other on-going tournaments. How exactly would this not happen, if propositions of money is thrown around? “Top players” would definitely be enticed by money to go to those events over events with lesser payout. It’s just natural, why shouldn’t they be? This however would in turn would kill off smaller, grassroots communities regardless if MLG was of ill intent or not. You then end up with situations such as Tekken 6, or the SC communities that died off in part to this.

A terrible post, and you should feel bad for posting it. I’m sure you won’t regardless, but that’s neither here nor there. Agreeing with the notion that top players making a good living “legitimizes” what “we all do and love” is a poorly thought out statement at a poor attempt of rebuttal. The simple fact that we all (top players, shitty players, and everything inbetween) can play fighting games on a grand stage such as EVO, SBO, or SCR already “legitimizes” what *“we all do and love” *-- what more reason do we need from the MLG to justify that? Also posts giving anyone the notion that the FGC is somehow harming itself by not joining up with MLG or any other league is the stupidest nonsense anyone could ever post. Unfortunately as the year turns we will hear more and more of these posts.

With or without MLG influence, the Fighting Game Community already brings in more and more fans each year. “i want to make a mill playing the game i love. justin beiber” is a facetious statement that is untrue. Couple of grands maybe, but no one is making millions from MLG like that. That’s including endorsement deals. Even if it was more so a joke than anything, you shouldn’t want to give the masses a false hope that they could possibly do what a very small select few could do.

If MLG really wants to put into the FGC, they would be better off sponsoring community events, working off of their formats, and injecting their own income into that to turn a profit. There are a million of different ways to achieve this outcome, and it benefits everyone involved. People would be open to suggestions in this manner, and quite a number of them have turned up and have been happening in small doses over the years up until today. This “kick in the door, and tell everyone how it’s gonna go down” schtick that we’ve been collectively hearing on these podcasts probably won’t end well for one of the two parties.

Rather than bickering with nobodies in this discussion, like Adrian over here who just wants to spectate our games, I’d like to ask Adam of mlg who wants to make good with the Fgc the right way, how about extending a helpful hand towards final round? A tournament series That next year celebrates 15 years of competition with no sponsorship. Improving what we have is a good way to dispell fear that MLg would cause them to go disappear.

Specifically… who are you talking about. What exactly are you pantomiming? Show me where these players are calling themselves “raw” and “not sellouts”.

I’m willing to bet that you can’t. And that’s because you’re full of shit.

You’ve obviously not read my previous posts in this discussion. Maybe you should go back and read them. You should also read UltraDavid’s article in-depth if you haven’t as well. Most people that play is a business minded people who could opt to make money. Again I’ll say this – there’s nothing wrong with making money doing what you love. Nothing wrong at all. I stated that it’s natural for someone to be enticed to go where money is. However, that can’t be said for everyone, unlike the response you are representing, which you stated to take a weak, bias-laced shot at the community.

And I’m going to have to agree with DeFrank’s post. No one has ever called themselves “raw” and “not sellouts.” Even Arturo Sanchez simply stated that “We are not ready for something like that yet.” (not word for word verbatim, but to this effect). That means that in his opinion we as a community aren’t ready for such a move, but the option is not off the table.

I can’t speak for everyone on the FGC side, but I know from reading a good deal of posts both here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, a number of people have no problem with moving into big time things. Just not on the format that MLG/eSports have currently presented to them. All of the racial/cultural bashing that’s going on (that you are also doing right now no less) doesn’t help to that effect.

Ironically, you also posted about JWong. A few days or so on his Twitter he posted on how he hopes MLG & the FGC can meet somehow on good terms and turn up something good. ShadyK also posts almost daily hoping for a similar outcome, albeit moreso on MLG’s side. Gootecks as well.

If you somehow missed it, the overarching problem that many have is that they don’t want to see MLG (or anyone) come in and destroy what we’ve been continuing to build up on as a community. This can be achieved without having a “takeover strategy” from a league.

(Also, I find it pretty hilarious that you had to stupefy your replies, when I’m having an intelligent discussion with you. Just saying, you could have done better.)

That has very little to do with the argument.

Again, explicitly… who is saying this? I guess I don’t see the correlation between “underground” and “sellouts” with Ultradavid’s article, Inkblot’s article, or the spooky podcast, which to my knowledge is what all the SRK “New Member”'s is presuming what represents the universal opinion of “the FGC”.

Umm… I know you are but what am I?

Check this out: Filipino Champ funded his own trip to Northwest Majors 3 this year. While he was there, he bought ~$300 worth of raffle tickets to support the cause that it was going to at $2 each. Yeah, he’s a sponsored player, and yeah he won a lot of it back (probably came out on top in regards to winnings vs investment), but MadCatz wasn’t sponsoring him for that trip. His entire weekend was spent with us up here in Washington out of pocket. Same with Gootecks. He was there, too.

We don’t care about money. Money is a bonus. It’s a perk. We play the games because we like the games. Top players play the games because they (most of them) like the games. You think DacidBro or Spark stuck with Blazblue because he saw an avenue to a paycheck even though he hates the game? You think Justin Wong or Yipes sticks with Marvel because it’s boring but has huge pots? In our community, players who dislike a game don’t play the game. If they do play the game, they for damned sure don’t reach a level high enough to place in the money at a major.

What the fuck scene are you a part of, bro?

Spark bought his own arcade machine for BB twice and basically enabled the northwest BB scene.

Well Yipes was saying “this game is ass” a lot at NEC…

Everyone says the game is ass. lol. To be fair, Yipes didn’t place in the top 8 at NEC, let alone in the money.

This so unbelievably incorrect. Get out of your FGC bubble. More on this later.

I don’t think you know what “legitimize” means.

reminder for everyone that CLEHeavyWeight joined this website in November 2011 and Xesaie in July 2011

What? When we have no corporate backing yet we can get Evo broadcast through PSN in HD for free, I’d say we’ve legitimized what we do and love. I want to see it bigger with some help, but we don’t need it. The same people who were here at the beginning are still here now. Great players, shitty players, and everyone in between are all part of this community. Not just SRK, or 8WR, or DL, or NG, or any other forum. We are here because we want to be here, and more people are deciding to be here every day. How much more “legitimization” do you think we need? Are MLG (or any corporation) leagues/tournaments/championships on ESPN? Fox? TBS? NBC? CBC? What makes what they have more legitimate than what we have? The numbers?

I think you need to understand that we’ve been here for a while. We’re not “ruining a good thing”. We haven’t spent 20 years “ruining a good thing”. What makes you think that all of a sudden we are?