Edmont cvs2 and 3s tournament reults

I posted this in the edmonton thread so um yeah its sorta old but i figured i’d make a thead about it =p

Great tournament didn’t get to play Moe that $100 money match in Xvs

But it was great fun none the less. I did a head count of people for the tournament while every one was playing 25 peeps showed up and… 16 people played in the games more or less.

3s results 16 players:
1st Moe powl
2end Jinrai
3rd Best kind boxer
4th Matt

We did a round rombin thingy for 3erd place and shiz but it was a good tournament. I actually came close ot winning a “match” on Jinrai even though it would have been a shadow victory

Tournament description:
Well there was about 6 or so very good skilled players (you know who you are) the rest were farily new to the game and didnt really know to much. Although they were new it was a whole lot of fun none the less and I’m happy with the Huge amount of people that came for a house tournament. Mini bok actually really suprised alot of people with his skills. (guess he’s been training) Moe beast like a crazy mad man, Dark renagade on the other hand recalled every singal money match he had for EVERY game once he actually got to play the good players. Eating words must have been hard Matt played a very good Elena, (suprised the hell out of me.) He came pretty darn close to up setting Paul in their matchs. Best kind showed what a crazy newfi from Calgery could do. I think he might have been half cut from all the kokanee he was drinking Zack’s Q was pretty nasty and he to almost got past his secound round. (I think it was his secound round or was it first, guys correct me if im worng) rich much love to you for comming out and not complaining when you had to fight moe right off the hop. Zack sorry to you for no extra fights I forgot my ps2. Next time we’ll hype it up even more. Dark renagade you mofo need to never be incharge of recording any thing. You totally missed the finals and the perfect on Jin and all the cool stuff But thanks for doing you best any how

Cvs2 10 peeps
1st Moe
2end Joe

Cvs2 was Some hype ass shit Mini Bok was pretty nasty with only losing to Joe in his pool. Joe for corse was a beast, Not one lose in his pool and he really struted his stuff and had the peeps in Ah as they were watching him. Was sorta strangs to see Joe Jinrai and Mini bok in the same pool but oh well gg’s in that one. Moe donminated his pool. Don’t know if any one caem close ot whooping his but lol.
The finals were totally sick and I’m glade I cought it on tape. 3-4 is pretty dang close. Better keep practicing Moe, Joe might just take you out next time.

Tournament highlights:
Of corse Moes perfect win and his raging demon win (not on tape) was crazy ass. Not to mention the win doing Kongou Kokuretsuzan with Akuma. Best kind Pulled some pretty nuty stuff. But I wasnt there to watch it The sfa3 games were hella nice. Mini bok took back his money matchs when he seen that best kind was just to much in sfa3 witht hat rolento. Damn man you be crazy
Another tournament High light was dark renagade relentlessy annoncing the worng names and the worng bes tof so and so for the match’s.

All in all:
Good tournament To bad we didn’t have mor Ps2’s and a few more games to toss in there. The small ass pot in both cvs2 and 3s was pretty dman funny. But it was good stuff. Big thanks to the Calgery guys for comming down and showing us what they were made out of. Also thanks to Moe for doing up the round robbins for cvs2. And a great big thanks to Mojo for keeping every one laughin and blowing a bunch of money on the junk food. aldo thanks to jeff for bringin hsi ps2. Even though it looks like it seen better days

Finally thanks to every one for comming and showing support for the sf scean in Edmonton and showing that Were from from havign a dead scean.

Hope we can do another tournament around Xmas brake or w/e. I’m going to work on getting a hall for that though. GG’s to all and once again thanks for comming out.